Goalkeeping Highlights - Joe Hart

  • Today I saw Manchester City and Arsenal take part in a game of football that highlights the reason why the Premier League is considered the best league in the World. Both, City and Arsenal went hammer and tongs at each other in a pulsating encounter that was separated by a single goal victory for Manchester City.


    The goalkeeper who has impressed me this season is Manchester City’s, Joe Hart. He made a couple of important saves today that where vital in protecting City’s one goal lead and he has dealt with the pressure of playing for the top team in the Premiership with quiet assurance and unfussy goalkeeping.


    That is an important attribute of being a top goalkeeper where you might not have anything to do for long periods of the game then you have to make a vital save at an important time. Joe has all the attributes of a good goalkeeper, He has presence, bravery, distribution and, of course, his shot stopping ability and If City are to continue their pursuit of the Premier League title, then the form and fitness of their No.1 will be a major factor in their success.