Goalkeeping Problem Solving

  • A goalkeepers positioning and that of their defending team mates is critical when dealing with crosses, especially from corner kicks. One important attacking player who can have a direct influence on whether the goalkeeper can come and catch or punch the corner kick is the centre forward who literally stands on the keepers toes!

    This centre forward is usually marked by a defender who stands in front of or to the side of the centre forward, so you have the attacking player in between the goalkeeper and the defender, all of which means that if the ball is whipped into a dangerous area of the six yard box and the goalkeeper decides to move to catch or punch the ball, then the GK has to first try and get around the attacking player to get to the cross, the result is the GK is often blocked or prevented from getting to the cross by the attacking player, which can result in a goal being conceded. The goalkeeper also seems to be stood on the goal line which restricts their options in moving to deal with the cross.

    So how can the goalkeeper help themselves? First, look at where you position yourself from defending corner kicks, are you stood on your line? You should stand 2-3 steps of your line and, as I have long talked about, get your defending player to stand between the goalkeeper and the attacker, which means the attacker, has to first get around the defender to get to the GK and with the attacker wrestling with the defending player, this means the goalkeeper is free to move in any direction to deal with the cross.

    The counter argument is the attacking player could get a free header by moving away from the defender and goalkeeper but with the goalkeeper having the freedom to move and with the correct positioning of your defenders it will give your team a great chance of defending the set piece corner.

    Communication from the goalkeeper is also vital in making sure the defenders are in the right positions from set plays.

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    Brett Great Stuff Alan. I have conceded too many from Corners this year so this helps. A combination of lack of confidence, close corner flags which make the ball come in quicker and a small defence haven't helped me. I got beat by an in swinger in one game wh...  more
    January 1, 2012