How do Goalkeepers deal with Mistakes?

  • How do goalkeepers deal with mistakes? It is a question I am often asked by young goalkeepers and my response is “When you make a mistake, Hold your hand up and acknowledge it, briefly think about how it happened and what you should have done and then let it go. Make sure you don’t sulk or mope about because that will continue to have a negative effect on you and it will also impact on the rest of the team as well”


    It sounds simple but when a goalkeeper makes a mistake, it usually results in a goal being conceded and the one thing we cannot do is turn the clock back! That is our lot as goalkeepers, we can be the hero’s when we make the saves but on the flip side we could make ten great saves and then let a howler in and we are then the villains!! 


    Look at how well Liverpool goalkeeper, Pepe Reina played in tonight’s first leg semi-final of the Carling cup against Manchester City. It was only a week after his bad mistake against Manchester City in the Premier League, People will talk about his mental strength but Reina will have analysed what happened, worked hard in training and prepared to the best of his ability to be ready for the next game.


    As a goalkeeper, you have accept that you will make mistakes, even the top goalkeepers make them but if you have covered all the aspects of goalkeeping in training and prepared well for the game then that is all you can do.