The word is "Change"

  • There is one word that sticks out for me after this weekend - change.

    The first element of change is the old argument surrounding goal line technology that we have had here on countless occasions after the incident at the Bolton and QPR games.

    There was a major call to be made when Clint Hill's header clearly crossed the line for a goal that would have given QPR a vital 1-0 lead in what was always going to be a major game. It was one of those decisions that could have a huge say on how the season finishes at the bottom of the table and perhaps cost millions of pounds in revenue. An opening goal for QPR could have changed the game beyond all recognition. Bolton's fans may have got on their backs and made the home team nervous and QPR could have gone from strength to strength and gone on to win the game comfortably.

    It's funny how these decisions never have to be made when a side is winning 5-0 but it does serve to show that we need goal line technology as soon as possible. We have a multi million pound business and there are on excuses and the news that FIFA say they may delay its introduction for another season is a depressing one. Even if we don't get the specific goal line technology we could use the Sky TV monitors that are present at every game. For me the game could continue and the fourth official could use the monitors for a closer look. If he sees a goal he could tell the referee and the goal could be given because at the end of the day a goal is a goal.

    I had a lot of sympathy for the referee in this incident because it all happened so quickly and the fact that the goalkeeper performed a minor miracle to get such a strong hand to the ball certainly confused everyone. The officials need our help as well.

    The other change this weekend saw Manchester United move to the top of the Premiership after Man City's defeat at Swansea.

    It wasn't so long ago that City were five points clear and everybody thought it was their time. But you should never write United off and they always seem to come strong at this time of year and that is why Sir Alex is the best manager in the world. He has a team full of experienced players who have been there, seen it and done it and won't be fazed by what is going on. The return of Paul Scholes has proved to be something of a master stroke and he is showing real class and experience in midfield and defying all the doubters as well. There is still a while to go of course and I am sure it will go to the wire but United will no doubt be tough to beat.

    THE growing number of clubs facing administration has to be something of a worry in the game. When a club as big as Rangers gets into such deep trouble I think people in the game should start to take not of what is going on. Portsmouth and Port Vale have joined them recently and I am sure there will be other clubs not far behind. You have to give the Rangers players credit for agreeing to take 75% pay cuts to help keep the club afloat but this needs to be a warning sign. There was a time when most people thought a club going out of business could not happen but I think that tide has turned now as well and I think most people are thinking it is a matter of when, not if.