The story begins in July 1987, I will assume that you will know who all the goalkeepers are, but Peter Stewart was the editor of "Shoot" and Keir Radnedge the editor of "World Soccer". Alfred Reader's were based in Teston. Kent, and their general manager was Mark Wellbelove.

27th July 1987

Full day off work to visit Teston. The visit was useful to give an insight into the present system of working, but in other ways wasted as there was no real information available. The contracts and sponsorship appears to be rather haphazard. There appears to be no set budget,or any totalling up of what is given away, either to individuals or collectively. On the basis that promotional work is done to increase sales and profitability it would appear to be fairly esential information as to whether £1,000, £3,000, £5,000 or £10,000 is given away each year. This information is presumably also required by uhlsport.

29th July 1987

Message received to find out about Rinat Dassayev and move to Manchester United.

29th July 1987 2.30

Phoned Peter Stewart in London to see if any truth in newspaper reports. He said there was, and that the company handling travel for the Rest of the World team visiting London was C.S.S. Promotions, Tel: 01 379 7989, Chris Callaghan.

29th July 1987 4.00

Phoned Keir Radnedge, and Dassayev will be staying at Bell House in Beaconsfield. This information passed on same day to Mark Wellbelove.

30th July 1987

Having decided, and arranged for, a letter to be translated into Russian for Dassayev, and the letter to be handed into the hotel by Steven Caldwell last season's England Boys goalkeeper, who lives about half a mile from hotel. Waited news from Peter Stewart.

2nd August 1987

Saw Phil Parkes and handed over from Reader's stock, 2 x 535 Green XL jerseys for photography he was having done. Also gave from Sukan stock 1 x 015 size 9.5 for Phil, 2 x 095 size 9 for Tom McAlister, 1 x 095 size 8.5 for Lee Bracey. Discussed chances of wearing uhlsport jerseys for West Ham as they were changing from adidas to Sperrin Textiles. Phil was going to discuss with Mick McGiven. Problem of 535 XL not being big enough for Phil.
5th August 1987 2.20

Alan Knight of Portsmouth phoned to request 2 match jerseys, Potsmouth have changed to Admiral, 1 Green, 1 Grey. Cap, Glove bag, 1 x 015 size 9.5, 1 x 021 size 9.5. Request for goods passed on to Readers. Spoke to Alan Knight about his testimonial year, and looking into possibility of Readers supplying him with photographs for autographs etc. Asked him to wear gloves for any publicity photos etc. He asked about uhlsport tee shirts.

6th August 1987 1.30

Peter Stewart phoned to say that because of "red tape" it was virtually impossible for Dassayev to join Manchester United, so I decided not to go ahead with Russian letter as the cost would be wasted. Should circumstances change and he signs, can then contact him in Russian or through the club.

12th Augst 1987

Received message to contact Norwich reserve goalkeeper Jonathan Sheffield, Tel: xx .

12th Augst 1987

Visited Phil Parkes to get some news on goalkeepers jerseys. Club wanted to honour their contract in full and use jerseys supplied by Sperrin Textiles. Obtained from him later the name of contact at Sperrin. Peter Simmons on 01 878 1144.

14th August 1987 2.50

Steve Sherwood phoned to request 1 x 015 size 10 and 1 x 013 size 10. Now at Grimsby although his home address will remain the Watford one. Passed on gloves request same afternoon to Readers.

17th August 1987 1.30

Ken Brown, Norwich manager, phoned to request gloves for his reserve keepers, Jonathan Sheffield size 9.5 and Mark Hemmings size 8.5, as well as Bryan Gunn. I agreed to supply with gloves and passed on the information to Readers (Linda). He wanted same gloves as those supplied to Bryan Gunn, but I did not know which gloves they were. Suggested that they were each sent a pair of 015 and 034. We spoke about jerseys, and in recent team photos they wore uhlsport rather than Sperrin. I said we would supply all Norwich teams with jerseys if they used them in matches. He was going to check with Sperrin about it.

17th August 1987 2.40

Bryan Gunn, Norwich, phoned to enquire as to where the 518 Green XL jerseys x 2 he ordered were. Had received Grey but wanted Green as well, also wanted a XL Leisure suit for himself. In team photo he and Graham Benstead (now on loan to Colchester) wore 585 Green/Black jerseys. Spoke to him about things in general, and asked him to send on a copy of team photograph if it appears in club programme etc. Mentioned if he can obtain negative/transparency of him in kit we will then get prints made up to give him for giving out as autographed photos.

17th August 1987 4.45

Peter Simmons of Scoreline ( Sperrins) Tel: xx phoned regarding my converstaion earlier with Ken Brown at Norwich. They are not really interested in goalkeepers jerseys, and would allow uhlsport jerseys to be used PROVIDING the jerseys are Sperrin textile fabric. Apparently some of the uhlsport jerseys, German company Gesel, are made with Sperrin textiles. Have to check with Axel at uhlsport as to which ones they are. They might wish the Scoreline logo to also be on the jersey, and for the clubs involved to request that they use uhlsport rather than Scoreline jerseys. This would mean jerseys for all teams, plus change colours. They would arrange sponsorship printing but would invoice the cost involved. At present they have deals with 4 clubs, Norwich, West Ham, Bournemouth, Fulham. Subject to above conditions all 4 teams could use uhlsport. Next season they are looking to supply up to 20 teams. I believe well worth agreeing to, but again only worthwhile if promotional effort is backed up by sales, or Readers having stocks of jerseys. Need to act quickly.


As very busy with Sukan work, have not really got under way, but already some problem areas have arisen. Not having free issue stocks or details of free issue stocks held at Teston. Duplication of effort by Don Howe and myself, and John Cozens. Was sent copy letter regarding "Shoot" competition for Air-Safe pads. If only Air-Safe pads are mentioned, may be harmfull as players might think that all uhlsport shinpads are £20.Do not know sales of Air-Safe, but suspect very small and out of proportion when compared to number given away. Would also like guidance on budget for goalkeepers, as I suspect that far too much is given away. Letter that was sent out to goalkeepers to introduce me did not give my phone number or any way of contacting me. Is there any advertising budget? Can I offer the photographs to all contracted players? Need to see Mark at trade show and get firm answers, so that some sense can be brought in to the very confused situation. List that was supplied of contracted and other players, had not been updated where errors like John Shaw and Bristol City had been pointed out. What is policy with products like leisure suits, where sales presumably are virtually nil?