18th October 1991 9.10-9.16

I phoned Jochen to tell him that I had made up my mind to stop doing the promotional work for Line 7 because of the continuing frustration and me feeling that they did not want my ideas or help, but only wanted me to act as a packer for them, but were not prepared to be very helpful in getting me the goods to pack. I explained that this was a frustration that I have had for many years and it was now getting too much, because now Line 7 are starting to do more promotional work that they are doing it themselves or through a PR agency, not through me or asking my opinion. I said that I would be phoning David Spensley to tell him later today and would keep everyone informed.

18th October 1991 9.32-9.47

I phoned David Spensley to tell him of my decision to stop the promotional work because of my feeling that they did not wish my involvement, except as a packer, but even then they were not very helpful in supplying goods for me to pack. He said that he would like a little time to think about the best way of me handing over to Line 7 the promotional stock etc., and to give him a chance to discuss it with others, and this I readily agreed to. I told him that I had already informed Jochen of my intentions.

18th October 1991

I bought and sent to Jochen this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

22nd October 1991 10.45

David Spensley phoned regarding our conversation of last week and my resignation. He asked how the current system works and he said that he would prefer to get stock in from Germany before he took over and I agreed to carry on until he was ready. He asked the most popular models and I said 036 then 040 for training, only Gerry Peyton liked the APG gloves. He asked for a size breakdown on the 036 and I guessed at size 8.5 - 10 pairs, size 9 - 30 pairs, size 9.5 - 20 pairs, size 10 - 20 pairs, size 10.5 - 15 pairs, size 11 - 5 pairs. I also said that there was a demand for 578 trousers XL, plus Large for Peter Shilton, and to a lesser extent 566 shorts XL. I also mentioned other things that I get asked for but did not supply like holdalls, tracksuits, in addition to what I could supply like glove bags and caps. I asked about my system of selling to League goalkeepers at special prices, buying direct from Germany, no Line 7 involvement, and he agreed that this could continue.

23rd October 1991 1.10

David Spensley phoned to ask me to send a pair of 036 size 9.5 to David James, Watford, c/o Andrew Pagden. xxx , and this was done (No.70). I said that I already knew Andrew Pagden, who is himself a goalkeeper, and has been a customer of Sukan Sports for about 10 years. I also said that my information was that David James had signed either a 2 or 3 year contract with Puma, David said that he had been told that David James could be available next March. I ended by saying that since yesterday I had thought of the SHOOT/uhlsport Goalkeeper of the Year award, which I had not mentioned, which I was waiting for the new trophy before sending the up to date details to "Shoot". He said that the PR company through Chris Jones had arranged for a monthly award with small replica trophies. I said that I was not aware of this, but this being the case I would not get involved with this competition anymore as last year it was me who had arranged it and done all the tabulation and working out for "Shoot".

24th October 1991 9.10

David Spensley phoned and asked me to send to Alex McGrouther 1 pair 036 size 9.5 for Lindsay Hamilton, St. Johnstone, and this I did (No.71).

24th October

I bought and sent to Jochen this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

24th October 1991 2.20

Jochen phoned to ask if I would send him the latest catalogues/price lists from Reusch, Umbro, Sondico. I said that I would either get further copies from the suppliers or get photocopies done. He asked if I had spoken to David Spensley and I said yes, and that I would carry on until Line 7 had got themselves organised. I said that it had been agreed that I would continue to offer the special prices for Football League and Scottish League goalkeepers. He asked if I would continue to send him "Shoot", "Match" and help him if required and I agreed.

24th October 1991 2.40-2.42

I phoned Reusch U.K. to ask them to send me a copy of their catalogue/price list so that I could send them to uhlsport.

24th October 1991 2.55

Bobby Geddes, Kilmarnock, phoned to order 2 pairs 036 size 8.5 and they were sent to him (No.72).

25th October 1991

Having received the catalogue/price list from Reusch U.K. I sent them to Jochen along with those from Sondico and Umbro (No.73).

25th October 1991 4.45

David Spensley phoned and asked me to send to Jerome Anderson Management for Ian Walker, Tottenham, 2 pairs 036 size 9, 2 pairs 040 size 9 (No.74). He said that he had just completed the signing of Ian Walker on a joint uhlsport glove/ Line 7 boot contract. He also said that he would be signing Paul Mathers (Dundee reserves and Scotland Under 21 reserve), Ian Westwater (Falkirk), Lindsay Hamilton (St.Johnstone). We then discussed other goalkeepers supplied in Scotland, and I said that any contracts that I had been involved with had been sent on to Germany, but there were other players who I had not been involved with signing.

28th October 1991 9.25

David Spensley phoned to ask me for John Burridge's phone number. I said that I would have to take a little time to find it as I never phoned him but he phones me and then I send goods to the club. He said that he should have it himself as he had spoken to him a couple of times recently.

28th October 1991 9.41-9.42

I phoned David Spensley back with John Burridge's phone number, xxx .

28th October 1991 10.25

Eric Engstrom phoned to ask for some goods for Ludek Miklosko, West Ham, and 2 pairs 036 size 10.5 were sent to him (No.75). He said that the last gloves sent to him did not last very long at all, they were made in Yugoslavia. I said that I had not received any other complaints but if possible I would send German made gloves, although I did not keep many of this size in stock anyway so it is really a case of sending what is available. He also wanted some knee and elbow pads and I said these would have to be ordered from Germany.

28th October 1991 1.29-1.34

I phoned Jochen to order knee and elbow pads for Ludek Miklosko. I asked if there was any delivery date for the gloves I ordered in September. He could not give me a date and Margret was away sick, but said he would let me know when he could, also the address of their Malaysian agent. I also asked if he could get for me the latest leaflet/brochure that Gartners produce in Italy, about their company and the products they sell. I said that David Spensley had told me that they were going to sign Lindsay Hamilton along with perhaps 2 other Scottish goalkeepers. I asked if uhlsport were going to do a calendar for 1992, and he was certainly not aware of them producing one.