28th November 1991 10.20

Marie phoned me to request that I send to Lindsay Hamilton, St.Johnstone, 1 pair 036 size 9 and they were sent (No.97).

28th November 1991 10.20

Marie also asked me to send to Nicky Hammond, Swindon, 1 pair 036 size 7.5, and they were sent (No.98).

28th November 1991 11.45

Marie phoned to say that she had forgotten to ask if the 2 pairs of gloves ordered earlier today could be sent today. I told her that they had already been packed.

28th November 1991 2.50

John Burridge, Hibernian, phoned to order some goods and 2 pairs 036 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.99) along with an uhlsport catalogue. He wanted the phone number in Germany which I gave him and he also asked what was new. I told him that Line 7 had seen the new range but that I had not yet seen any of it. I asked him what had happened about the signed gloves and newspaper competitions to win them, and he told me that he had sent off the gloves but had not seen or heard anymore about the competitions. I said that I would try to find out more information.

2nd December 1991 10.25

Marie phoned and asked me to send to Gerry Gallagher of Eurone Management 1 pair 036 size 8.5, 1 pair 040 size 8.5 for Paul Mathers, Dundee, and 1 pair 036 size 8.5, 1 pair 040 size 8.5 for Andy Murdoch. Partick, and they were sent (No.1). I asked Marie if David Spensley was yet available as I had left a message on Thursday, again on Friday, for him to phone me, but had not yet heard from him. She said he was on the phone but would ask him to phone me.

2nd December 1991 4.45

David Spensley called and I asked him about the competitions with John Burridge gloves. He said that he did not think anything had happened yet but Chris Jones was dealing with it. He suggested that if John Burridge really wanted to know he should contact Chris Jones. I asked if he was ready yet to take over promotion goods and he said no, although goods had been ordered from Germany. We then discussed matters in general.

3rd December 1991

Having received a delivery I sent to Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, 1 pair 566 XL (No.2).

3rd December 1991

Having received a delivery I sent to Ludek Miklosko, West Ham, 2 pairs 636 elbow pads Large, 2 pairs 638 knee pads Large (No.3).

3rd December 1991 11.35

John Lukic, Leeds, phoned to see if I could do him a favour. Theo Foley, the manager at Northampton, had asked John for some gloves as Northampton have no money and cannot afford to buy them. I said that this time I would send 2 pairs 073 size 9.5, 1 pair 040 size 9.5 to Theo Foley (No.4) along with details of the special prices scheme. John Lukic was grateful as it enabled him to help his old Arsenal coach Theo Foley.

5th December 1991

I bought and sent to Jochen this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

6th December 1991 1.30

Gerry Peyton, Everton, phoned to request some goods and 1 pair 061 size 10, 1 pair 060 size 10, 1 only 012 glove bag, 1 only 010 glove bag were sent to him (No.5).

7th December 1991 6.00

I saw Phil Parkes, coach at QPR, and asked him why Tony Roberts, who had been given uhlsport gloves, wore Reusch in the Zenith Cup match v Crystal Palace. He told me that it was because he had had the uhlsport gloves stolen from the kit room at the ground and only had old Reusch gloves. I said that if he wanted more gloves I needed back the signed 2 year goods only contract, and Phil told me that he would pass it on to Tony Roberts.

10th December 1991 10.15

Pat Jennings, ex Northern Ireland goalkeeper, who still wears uhlsport in the charity matches he plays arouind the world, phoned to ask about gloves for his son. He said that he would pay but I said that I would send them free of charge, and 1 pair 019 size 8, 1 only 010 glove bag were sent to him (No.6).

11th December 1991 4.00

Jochen phoned to ask me what "SHUT OUTS" mean as he had rceived a contract offer from Line 7 regarding Andy Goram, Rangers. I said that it was when he did not concede a goal in a game. He then asked me in general about Andy Goram and I said that he was very much the first choice for Scotland and he had played in every qualifying game for the European Championships in Sweden, and seemed likely to be first choice for Scotland in Sweden. However, I pointed out that he had previously been under contract with uhlsport, arranged by Readers, and there was a problem about the length of his contract. The contract he signed was dated 5th November 1986 and valid for 3 years meaning that it expired in November 1989, was later claimed by Goram to have been signed over a year earlier than it was dated, and in 1988 he changed to Sondico although the written evidence showed he was still under contract to uhlsport. The contract was for £xx , paid in full when the contract was dated and signed. Jochen said that the contract offer was complicated and I warned him to be very careful as playing for Glasgow Rangers, Scotland's most successfull club, they were likely to win most competitions they entered, meaning that uhlsport may have to pay out a lot in bonus's the way the contract is set out. I said that I would do some research and let him know the details.

12th December 1991 9.00-9.05

I phoned Jochen to give him details on Andy Goram including that at the half way stage of this season, 22 League games, he had conceeded 18 goals and had kept 11 "SHUT OUTS". I said that I would put down the information in writing and send it to him with the magazines.

12th December 1991

I bought and sent to Jochen this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

12th December 1991 1.00

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned for some goods and 2 pairs 036 size 9.5, 2 pairs 040 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.7)