23rd February 1988 1.05

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request 1 pair 015 size 9, 1 pair 021 size 9. These were sent to him (No.37). He also asked about jerseys, and I said that I would check again on the situation. He went on to say (I have known him for years) that he has been sent a letter by Sondico to offer him a contract. The letter was from Pauline Worsley, who is not known to me. Apparently they would offer him money, he told me £xx , but he said that he was happy with the way that uhlsport had supplied him over the years, and was happy to stay with uhlsport. His contract expires on 3rd March 1988, and I suggested that he should come to the Bournemouth exhibition to see next season's range and discuss new contracts. He agreed to this and I will send him full details when invitations are received from Claude. He also told me that he expects to be playing for Aberdeen next season, as it is virtually certain that he will go there when Jim Leighton leaves for Manchester United.

24th February 1988 11.20

Gerry Webster phoned regarding Chris Turner, he handles his financial side, Tel: xx . He said that he had no contract or details for Chris, so I informed him that I had been informed by Readers that he was under contract until 10th July 1989, but I had no copy contracts etc. Apparently he had earlier phoned Readers who said that they had nothing on file. Just before Mr.Webster's phone call Danielle had phoned me to ask about Chris Turner's contract, and I had told her the same thing, that I had been given a list stating under contract until 10th July 1989. I told Mr.Webster that I would try and find out fuller details, and then contact him.

24th February 1988

Wrote to Bobby Mimms, Tottenham, to ask if he would like to wear uhlsport gloves, as requested by Axel.

25th February 1988 1.15

Received a request for Tom McAlister, West Ham, to have a pair of 021 size 9. Gloves to be given to him via Phil Parkes.

26th February 1988 9.10

Sammy Chung, Stoke City, phoned to request 2 pairs 040 size 8.5 gloves, and they were sent to him (No.39).

26th February 1988 12.05

Paul Maycock, Football Association, phoned to see if uhlsport wished to advertise in the Cup Final publication. He was given my name and number by Mark Wellbelove. He was aware of the change of agency on April 1st., and I informed him that he should contact Ligne 7 regarding any advertising etc.

26th February 1988 4.27-4.41

Phoned Chris Turner, Manchester United, to inform him that some goods had arrived and to check if he wanted a different colour 585 jersey, Orange instead of Silver, and for his children there was 1 26" and 1 30/32" instead of the 2 x 28". I also said that uhlsport were reluctant to supply him with 099 gloves as they are not good enough for professionals, so he said that he would try a pair of 015 instead.

The goods were sent to him (No.40). I asked him about his contract, because of the phone call on 24th February from Gerry Webster. He said that he had signed a 2 year goods only contract, as he was told that the budget had been spent, but Eric Howes had said that he would review the situation before the second season started, and as Chris will have played in about half of the first team games he was wondering what the situation was regarding payment for next season. I said that I would pass his comments on to uhlsport.

29th February 1988

Received copy letter from Readers, regarding Kevin Rose, Hereford, being given 3 pairs 040 size 9 and 3 pairs 034 size 9 through Sportsgear & Wear of Hereford. Gloves taken from uhlsport stock to give to Readers as replacements.

29th February 1988 11.10

Notts County phoned to request 2 pairs red foam palmed gloves for Mick Leonard. 2 pairs 034 size 9.5 sent to him (No.41).

1st March 1988 2.05

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to tell me that Keith Granger, the Southampton 3rd choice goalkeeper had now signed for Darlington, having been there on loan previously. He was asking whether he could still get gloves and I informed him that he should contact me if he wants them, but with the change of distributorship on April 1st, I did not know what the new agents planned for contracts and free issue of gloves.

1st March 1988 2.15

John Lukic, Arsenal, phoned to say that he accepted the contract, apart from clause 6 where it says that "it will automatically be prolonged for a period of 12 months in case none of the parties involved is terminating the contract by registered mail 6 months prior to the end of the concluded contract life". I said to cross out this part and sign it, to make clear that he does not accept this part only, and then return it to me. Therefore he accepts a 3 year contract. He asked about special Cup bonus's, but I said there would not be any, as the offer was based on the team that he was playing for probably being amongst the honours. Therefore if he was playing for another team, like his old club Leeds, he would not have been offered as much as £ xx a year. I asked him about carrying a glove bag, he never does, and he said that he doesn't use one but he agreed to try and remember to do so in the future, as he could see the publicity value of him doing so. So far he has not received, neither have I, the one piece suit or other promotional material.

1st March 1988 2.35

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to request 2 pairs 093 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.42). I also confirmed the date of the Bournemouth show for him to visit on the Sunday.

1st March 1988 2.45

Ron Pavey, Brighton, phoned to request 2 pairs 040 size 9 for Trevor Wood. Sent to him (No.43).

1st March 1988 2.50

Received a phone call from Readers requesting a pair of 034 size 9.5 for Perry Digweed of Brighton, presently on loan to Chelsea. Sent to him (No.44) at his home address xx .

1st March 1988 3.00

Received a phone call from Notts County requesting a pair of 573 trousers Large for Mick Leonard, required for a game the next evening. Sent to him (No.45).

2nd March 1988 11.00

Received a phone call from Readers requesting 2 pairs 084 size 9 for Chris Pearce of Burnley. Apparently there is an agreement involving Cocker & Co of Burnley, but no other details are available. Sent to him (No.46).

2nd Marcgh 1988 2.30

Keith Granger, Darlington, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 9 and he would return 1 pair 021 size 9, sent to him on 4th February. I informed him that I could not tell him what the situation would be after 1st April yet. Gloves sent to him (No.47)

2nd March 1988 3.10

Bobby Geddes, Dundee, phoned to request 2 pairs 040 size 9, they were sent to him (No.48).

2nd March 1988 4.55

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to see if I could help with gloves for Jim Stannard of Fulham. Gerry used to be a team mate of his at Fulham. 2 pairs 034 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.49).

3rd March 1988 10.30

Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, phoned to see if I had a copy of his contract as he did not appear to have one. I said that I didn't, but would look into it for him, and informed him that the only information I had was that he was under contract until June 1989.

3rd March 1988 3.50

Received a phone call from Jack Lees Sports of Halifax requesting gloves for a Halifax goalkeeper, urgently required for the following day. She had been given my number by Readers, and I informed her that I was not aware of any uhlsport contracts with Halifax. I asked her if they were for Paddy Roche, the normal first team goalkeeper, and she said no but she did not know the name of who they were for. I suspect that it was for the reserve Phil Whitehead, but did not tell her this. As they are a sports shop I suggested they supply from their stock if gloves were needed for the following day.

4th March 1988 10.40

Christine Lawson, Top Sport, phoned to request for Henry Smith of Hearts, 2 pairs 083 size 9, 2 pairs 096 size 9. They were sent to him (No.50).