17th August 1987

Sent letter to Mel Rees, Watford, introducing myself and requesting his home address.

19th August 1987

Phone call from P.Wiggins, Maidenhead F.C., referred from Readers. Told cannot help and letter sent with Sukan catalogue.

19th August 1987 2.20

Tony Godden, Birmingham City, phoned to see if interested in the team using uhlsport jerseys in matches, last season they used Reusch. He asked for Large Mens 2 Green, 2 Grey and club will look after printing. Could Fred Davies, ex keeper and now kit man, have an XL leisure suit. Asked him about reserve keeper Roger Hansbury, who is not under contract and tends to wear what he is given. Offered uhlsport gloves, and he will come back with an answer. Phone: xx or club no: 021 772 0101. Request passed to Mark same afternoon.

19th August 1987 4.00

Peter Simmons phoned regarding uhlsport jerseys for West Ham v Norwich match on 29th August which Scoreline are sponsoring. Must have Sperrin fabric jerseys at clubs by Tuesday/Wednesday for printing etc. Told need to check with uhlsport as to which are Sperrin fabric jerseys. (Found answer from Germany 585, 527, 533, 529).

20th August 1987 9.33-9.45

Phoned Peter Simmons to pass on information about jersey, he accepts styles, and leaves us to check and get clearance from clubs involved.

20th August 1987 9.50-10.05

Phoned Ken Brown at Norwich. Bryan Gunn has been wearing Grey uhlsport jersey, but does like Green/Black 585. After explaining situation requested that he now wears Green/Black 585 for future, and we will arrange for other jerseys to be sent on. He confirmed that they have never had problems with Green jerseys.

20th August 1987 6.30-6.40

Phoned Phil Parkes to explain the situation regarding the uhlsport jerseys being delivered to the club.

23rd August 1987

Spent the day at Bob Wilson goalkeeping school. Interesting to see what the 110 students were wearing. Bob said that he was meeting uhlsport during the week to discuss sponsorship for 1988. Ian Andrews was there and in passing he said that he had no padded trousers. He is under contract to Reusch but I said that I would send him a pair of trousers.

25th August 1987 1.30

John Burridge phoned to say that he wants jerseys as Southampton Hummel jerseys are not to his liking. He wants 518 Grey and Blue XL, and wants to get sponsors name "DRAPERS TOOLS" attached. He expects to soon replace Tim Flowers in the first team. Currently in hotel, Wessex Hotel. Southampton Tel:631744 Room 32.

25th August 1987 4.50

Nigel Spink phoned to request 6 pairs of 096 (or 034) gloves size 10 for himself. Also asked if we could supply gloves for Alan Hodgkinson, size 8, who gives him specialist training, and on other days goes to Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday, Watford. Also asked for a pair of shinpads for himself. His home address is xx , Tel: xx. Had received contract cheque made out to himself, but wanted it for Nigel Spink Sports Ltd. He had just had some photographs done off showing gloves and with Aston Villa Hummel jersey.

26th August 1987 10.00

Phil Parkes phoned from West Ham training ground. Only 1 jersey had arrived, 585 Grey, and Mick McGiven was starting to panic. I checked with Danielle at Readers and was told that no other Sperrin fabric jerseys were in stock.

26th August 1987 12.30

Peter Simmons phoned regarding jerseys for West Ham and Norwich. Mick McGiven had told him that they had received only 1 Green jersey and they wanted Grey. I told him that it was my understanding that a Grey had been sent from uhlsport, and the Green must have been Scoreline's own jersey. I told him that other Sperrin fabric jerseys were proving difficult as I had just been informed by Danielle that 3 of the 4 had been discontinued. Peter was not too happy with the situation and asked for Readers phone number.

26th August 1987 1.10-1.20

I phoned Phil Parkes at West Ham to keep him informed of the situation, as he was being dragged into it by Mick McGiven, who was worrying about lack of jerseys, getting sponsors printing etc.

26th August 1987 5.30

Peter Simmons phoned, having spoken to Danielle. He said that he was not impressed with the lack of urgency being shown, as he was informed that Readers had no Sperrin fabric jerseys in stock, and none on order with uhlsport.

28th August 1987 9.15

Bryan Gunn phoned to say that he had got his 585 Green jersey printed with sponsors name, and he would now like the other jerseys asked for, 2 only 585 Grey XL and 1 only 585 Green XL, so that the club has spare jerseys. I said I would look into it, and these were of course instead of the 518 originally required. His new phone number is xx

28th August 1987 1.05

Mel Rees, Watford, phoned to say that he had received my letter. He was okay for goods at the moment and was staying at a hotel at the moment. Until further notice can be contacted at the club.

28th August 1987 1.10

Nigel Spink phoned to say that he had received a parcel of gloves, but they were the wrong ones. He received 5 pairs of 098 gloves, size 10 - 2prs, size 8 - 3prs. I apologised and asked him to return them, while I arranged for the correct ones to be sent. He confirmed that the gloves were for himself. Kevin Poole was now at Middlesborough and he did not know what his new deputy, Lee Butler, used. Lee Butler is a customer of Sukan, and last season wore Sondico.

28th August 1987 2.02-2.30

Phoned Jim Leighton to enquire how things were going. He said that his contract was direct with Germany, rather than Readers, and they had sent him a years supply of gloves etc. However, he was still awaiting leisure suit and holdall, and I said that I would chase on his behalf. He used to work in an Aberdeen sports shop, and knows all the others, and would be willing to visit with your agent to try and increase sales. We talked about many things, and I asked him to get a photograph taken of him in uhlsport gloves and jersey, send bill and negatives to me, and I will get some prints made up for him to use for publicity purposes.

28th August 1987 9.20-9.28

Phoned Phil Parkes to ask him to check on who wears what at West Ham v Norwich game, and if he gets the chance to speak to Peter Simmons, and defuse any potential problems or misunderstandings. He would not be playing, but was going to watch.

28th August 1987

This weeks issue of "Match", had full page colour photo of Peter Shilton clearly showing uhlsport jersey, but he has bare hands, no gloves. It was a posed photo.

29th August 1987

Received cheque back from Nigel Spink, and forwarded on to Readers with note, requesting name change.

4th September 1987 3.50

Nigel Spink phoned to ask if 2 Aston Villa outfield players, Simon Stainrod and Steve Sims, could have shinpads the same as he was recently sent. I said that I would have to check as give away supplies were limited and no publicity could be obtained, as they would not be visible. We spoke about new reserve keeper Lee Butler, who presently purchases gloves at cost price from a shop. Are you interested in supplying him, as apparently the previous Villa reserve keeper Kevin Poole was given free gloves? I asked him if he had now received the correct gloves, he said he had received 092 size 10. The requested gloves were 096 or 034!!

7th September 1987 12.40

Joan of Notts County phoned, regarding jerseys for Mick Leonard. About a month ago it was arranged with Readers that he was to be sent 3 XL jerseys, W000P Shilton Green, Shilton 518 Blue, Shilton 518 Silver. Had not received them or heard anything. I said that I would investigate and phone back.

7th September 1987 1.15-1.24

Having spoken to Danielle, I phoned Notts County back to say that the jerseys would be posted on, except that Shilton would be shadow not plain.

7th September 1987 2.00

Graham Benstead phoned to request gloves, 2 pairs 015 size 8.5. 2 pairs 040 size 8.5. He wanted them sent to him c/o Norwich City. He is currently on loan to Colchester and using uhlsport jersey in matches (Colchester wear New Olympic). He would like a change jersey in Silver Grey 518, he has picked it from uhlsport catalogue. He said he wanted XL. If it is decided to send UK jersey, would suggest that Large should be big enough. He also said that Colchester would like uhlsport jerseys for their reserve and youth teams, Green Large. Apparently uhlsport sponsor Colchester with footballs.

8th September 1987 9.40

Terry Gennoe, Blackburn, phoned to request 3 pairs 096 size 9 and a blue/yellow glove bag. He is now in the first team, as the other senior keeper, Vince O'Keefe broke a leg last week.

8th September 1987 1.15

Kevin Poole, Middlesborough, phoned to request 2 pairs 034 size 8.5 and a pair of trousers 5' 11" approx. 32" waist. He used to be at Aston Villa where he got gloves, and he is on the "Non Contract" list sent to me.