17th May 1988 2.35

Axel phoned back regarding a Mr.K.S.Imber xx . He has exchanged letters with this person regarding a complaint from another retailer and Readers. I agreed to contact Mr.Imber and supply him with a pair of free of charge gloves from my promotional stock. I wrote to Mr.Imber today.

18th May 1988

Received a parcel from Germany and sent 1 only 007 holdall to Tony Norman of Hull City (No.7) as per his request of 12th March.

20th May 1988 2.45

Jim Leighton, Manchester United, phoned to request, as a favour, a pair of gloves and a jersey for the 9 year old son of a Scottish and Manchester United team mate. I sent him a pair of 099 size 5 and a Shilton Grey 28/30" jersey from Sukan's stock (No.8), and will take a pair of gloves from promotional stock in exchange. I congratulated him on his transfer and reminded him to wear gloves for any photos in his new kit and for pre-season team photos etc. He asked about new styles of gloves, although he is happy with the 015, and I sent him the glove page from the new catalogue. I also said that I would send him a pair of 019 size 9.5 as soon as they became available.

23rd May 1988

Received a letter from Paul Malcolm, Barnsley, requesting a lot of goods as he says he is going to play in Finland. He is not a contracted goalkeeper, although in the past he has received free goods from Readers. I wrote back saying that he was not under contract and therefore could not have free goods, but offered him to buy at the special prices. As I say he is not contracted or even well known, having not played in the Football League at all this 1987-88 season, and in his career only 3 games for Barnsley in Division 2 and 24 games for Rochdale in Division 4 a few years ago.

23rd May 1988 4.45

Sammy Chung, Stoke, phoned to say that he had received the trousers sent to him on 17th May, and that he would now like to buy 3 more pairs 554 Large. They were sent to him, along with 4 pairs 040 size 8.5 to be paid for, and 8 pairs 040 size 9 free of charge (No.10).

24th May 1988

Received from Mr.Imber, see 17th May, that the gloves in question were 021 size 7.5. A pair were sent to him free of charge (No.9).

24th May 1988 2.10

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to give details of the hotels for the Ireland team while they are in Germany. From June 2nd Wald Hotel Degerloch. Guths-Muths-Weg 18, 7000 Stuttgart 70, then on to Sportschule Barsinghausen. Fuchsbachtal, 3013 Barsinghausen, then to Hotel Restaurant Loemuhle. Loemuhlen Weg 221, 4370 Marl. He said that he wore a pair of 019 for the international against Poland (he normally wears 093), and got on well with them. He is almost out of gloves so please could he be sent some gloves size 10 to the hotel in Stuttgart. I said that I would pass this on to Germany, and informed him that the uhlsport headquarters were not far from Stuttgart so there should be no problem. He also said that Pat Bonner had a leg injury so there was even a chance that he would get a game.

Both this weeks issues of "Match" and "Shoot" have a photo of Mark Kendall, Wolves, wearing Sondico gloves. It must be a recent photo because of the glove style, so will certainly not be supplying him with free goods in the future. Wolves have just won promotion to Division 3 and I think were one of the teams that you said were going to wear Scoreline kit. See also my note of 19th April which stated that I had seen him wearing Reusch gloves.

25th May 1988 11.35

Tony Godden, Birmingham, phoned to request a couple of tracksuits and tee shirts as he is doing 3 weeks coaching in Denmark during June. I told him that no stocks of these items were kept in England but I would see what I could do for him. His new home address is xx , Tel: xx .

Axel phoned and amongst other things asked about supplies from France. I informed him that I had received another delivery but this was on May 24th and ordered April 13th, An order sent to Claude on April 29th had still not been delivered or any news of it. I told him about Gerry Peyton and gave him the Stuttgart hotel address. I also told him about Tony Godden, and suggested that he give me the Danish agent's name and number, which I would pass on to Tony Godden in the hope they could help him. He said that he would notify the agent of what was happening. Knud Christensen. S Sport. Herftedvong 2E, 2620 Alberlslund near Copenhagen. Tel: 01045 (2) 632023. I told him about the British made jersey and the sizes, but Axel said that this was Claude's decision not his, so I said that Claude has said that it was Axel's not his. Some casual wear was on its way to me for Pat Bonner, but as he had not signed, I should send it to Neville Southall instead.

25th May 1988 2.30

Mike Richardson. c/o Romida Sports. 8 Curzon Street, Oldham. Tel: XX , phoned regarding Andy Goram's contract. Andy Goram, now at Hibernian, and usually in Scotland's squad along with other uhlsport contracted players Jim Leighton, Henry Smith, Bryan Gunn. Mr. Richardson said that the existing contract ends in July 1988, but I informed him that the information given to me by Readers stated that the contract expired 5th November 1989. I said that I would ask Germany for a copy of the contract to clarify the point. If it ends in July 1988 he is looking for a new contract. We agreed that the existing contract was for 3 years at £xx a year. I would suggest that the amount is about right compared to what other goalkeepers are paid so with inflation would suggest £xx or maximum £xx a year (about 30%-40% increase).

26th May 1988 10.10-10.17

Phoned Tony Godden to give him the address of the Danish agent for uhlsport and suggest that he contacts him for help, as Germany will have already notified him.

31st May 1988

Received a letter from Axel along with a copy of Andy Goram's contract. The contract is dated 5th November 1986, as stated on Readers list. A photocopy of the contract was sent to Mr.Richardson at Romida.

Claude gave me Peter Shilton's home number xx , and says he stays at Crest Hotel High Wycombe xx .

Axel phoned and said that Sperrin jerseys were 527, 529, 533, 585 and that at Scoreline he spoke to Mr.Jamieson. He did not at the moment have a list of Scoreline clubs.

3rd June 1988 11.40

Bryan Gunn, Norwich, phoned regarding next season. He asked about new jerseys and I informed him that uhlsport had signed an agreement with Scoreline to supply jerseys so it should be taken care of. I said that although there were new uhlsport styles he was limited to jerseys made with fabric from Sperrin, so he said carry on with 585 Green XL 2 only and 2 only Grey XL. He also asked about a 1 piece suit and would like some 015 gloves size 10. He did ask for a jersey as he was coaching in Sweden later this month, but I said that there were none in stock so he agreed that he could use last seasons Norwich jerseys. Would also like an uhlsport catalogue sent to his home, but goods to Norwich City.

6th June 1988 10.15

John Lukic, Arsenal, phoned regarding his new contract. The payment terms are every 6 months but he was asking if he could have the first years payment in one go on 1st July. I said that I would ask for him. At the moment he is at parents address xx .