8th July 1988 12.50

Glenn Bullock, Line 7 rep, phoned to ask about the promotional situation with the goalkeepers. He asked about David Felgate at Bolton and I said that in the past he has received free gloves, but no written contract, and in future he can buy at special prices as I had told him earlier in the year. We talked generally about the situation and I got the impression he would favour more generous sponsorship as obviously this would make his life easier. He asked which gloves Neville Southall would wear, I said that I was not certain as this was being handled by Axel but thought that the 025 was probably favourite, which is a style Line 7 have not chosen for their British range!

8th July 1988 4.25

Graham Benstead phoned to see what the situation is for next season. He is presently the Norwich reserve goalkeeper and I said that this will depend on current discussions between Scoreline and uhlsport. He says that he might be moving to Sheffield United as first choice, and I said that for 3rd Division clubs like Sheffield United the system will be buying at special prices. He was not very keen on this idea and said that he would think about it.

9th July 1988 1.10

Top Sport of Edinburgh phoned to request gloves urgently for Henry Smith of Hearts, who are leaving for Germany on Tuesday. On Saturday the last post is 12.30 so the earliest I could send will be Monday. As they are a retail sports shop, do they not have any good uhlsport gloves in size 9 in stock? I sent him 2 pairs 096 size 9, 1 pair 083 size 9 as requested along with a pair of 019 size 9 (No.34), asking him to change to the 019 if possible.

11th July 1988 11.50

Jonathon Sheffield, Norwich reserves, phoned to request 1 pair 554 trousers Large, 1 pair 034 size 9.5, 1 pair 015 size 9.5 and they were sent to him (No.35). He also asked about a jersey, but I said that I could not help as his club's kit supplier, Scoreline, were entering into a seperate agreement with uhlsport.

11th July 1988 1.55

Axel phoned to check on various players and their contracts. I said that as far as I knew Alan Rough, Hibernian, was now in the U.S.A., as this is what is in the papers and I had been unable to get in touch by phone. Bryan Gunn, Norwich, to be offered a new contract up to maximum £xx as previously discussed. Hans Segers, Nottingham Forest, had previously asked about a contract renewal, but I had told him that we must wait until it is known where he is playing next season, England or Holland. He has never made it in England and would suggest goods only contract. I got Don Howe's address xxxx and told Axel about his illness. Also found out for Alan Knight the prices of 3 053 coach's jacket £35, 3 052 coach's trousers £26.

12th July 1988

Sent to Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, 1 pair 559 undershorts XL (No.36) in response to his request for padded shorts.

12th July 1988 9.40

Peter Simmons of Scoreline phoned regarding the proposed agreements. He said that because of normal business problems they had experienced a few difficulties in dealing with Germany, as when they are available Axel is away and vice versa, and wondered if I could help. They stressed that there were no real problems and no complaints about uhlsport or individuals. I said that I would help if I could. The query was on shinguards and footballs. I said that obviously I knew nothing about any correspondence or agreements, so I was informed that 1st Division clubs were to get 15-20 pairs of gloves, 6 jerseys, 40 match balls, 60 training balls, shinguards. 2nd Division clubs 10-15 pairs of gloves, 4 jerseys, 10 match balls, 20 training balls, shinguards. 3rd and 4th Division clubs 5 pairs gloves, 2 jerseys, 5 match balls. They asked whether they could have the discretion of deciding the distribution of the balls for instance giving a 3rd Division club 20 match balls and 3 other 3rd Division clubs no match balls. I said that I would pass on their comments to Axel and come back with an answer.

12th July 1988 9.53-10.01

Phoned Axel about Scoreline and he said that they could not change the quotas. If a club did not want the football agreement then the balls offered to that club were rejected and not available to anyone else. He also said that a club could only get free balls if they agreed to use uhlsport balls exclusively, so if they were given 5 match balls they then had to buy at trade price the other 20 or so they required. Likewise with gloves the clubs would be expected to buy at special prices once free quota used up. Basically the footballs offered as a gesture of goodwill not as a viable commercial proposition,as past experience shows the great difficulty in breaking into the U.K. market with footballs.

12th July 1988 10.13-10.23

Phoned Peter Simmons and Ian Jamieson of Scoreline back with the information, and Mr.Jamieson said that he was not aware of the buying conditions that Axel had said to me. I informed him that Axel expected to be in the office all day if Scoreline wished to phone him and resolve any outstanding difficulties. Mr.Jamieson said he would consider the information before taking any action.

12th July 1988

Sent to Don Howe the parcel of leisure wear now that I had his address (No.37)

Newspaper reports state that Aberdeen are signing Theo Snelders from F.C.Twente in Holland, to replace Jim Leighton. I notice that he is featured on the leaflet enclosed with the gloves. Should I contact him, how long is his existing contract etc.? He was born 7th December 1963 therefore 24 years old.

13th July 1988

Roger Freestone, Chelses, called to collect some goods for the start of the season. 2 pairs 019 size 9.5, 2 pairs 034 size 9.5, 1 pair 554 trousers XL, 1 glove bag, 1 cap (No.38).

13th July 1988 12.30

Bryan Gunn, Norwich, phoned to request some goods for the start of the season and 1 pair 019 size 10, 1 pair 015 size 10, 2 pairs 034 size 10, 1 glove bag, 1 cap were sent to him (No.39). He asked for 585 jerseys, but I informed him that the jerseys were being sorted out between uhlsport and Scoreline, with Scoreline supplying the club. He told me that the kit man at the club, Jock Robertson, had said the opposite and that he would have to get the jerseys himself. I said that I would check again, but was confident that my version was correct. He asked about the 1 piece training suit and I said that there had been difficulties with the original garments, with uhlsport trying to correct these with the manufacturers before sending out more supplies. He asked about tracksuits and I told him that there were none available. (He had one from me about 2 months ago). I asked him to wear the gloves in team photo and he said that when he tried last year the club were not happy about it and persuaded him not to. I told him that as he was under a paid contract uhlsport would expect him to wear the gloves at such times, as they need all the publicity to help pay for their costs in paying him plus the costs of the free goods given to him. With reference to his contract, expires in November 1988, I said that uhlsport could increase his present £xx to £xx which is higher than the cost of living increase so was a better offer, but could not match the £xx he said that Sondico had offered. He said that he would think about it.