24th August 1988 5.15

Alec Chamberlain, who was transferred from Everton reserves to Luton for £150,000, phoned to ask if he could have a paid contract. I said that he could continue to have free goods but not a paid contract. He said that both Reusch and Sondico had written to him, so I asked what they were offering. He replied that he did not know but had assumed a money contract. I confirmed that he could have a free goods contract but no money. He did not ask for any gloves and said that he would let me know later if he wished to continue with uhlsport.

26th August 1988 1.15

Vince O'Keefe, Blackburn, phoned to ask for 2 pairs 015 size 9, and they were sent to him (No.66).

26th August 1988 8.20

Phil Parkes, West Ham, phoned me to check on the glove situation regarding the Scoreline agreement. Eddie Gillam at the club had asked Phil for some free gloves, which he had been told about by Scoreline. I told Phil that under the agreement West Ham's first choice goalkeeper could have 15 pairs of gloves free of charge. However the 3 senior keepers at the club all had personal contracts Tom McAlister (Sondico), Allen McKnight (Reusch) and himself (uhlsport) so they were all taken care of and therefore the club could not get any additional gloves. I asked him about jerseys, and he said that some uhlsport jerseys were brought for them to wear for the team photographs, but they did not fit, and they ended up wearing last season's Scoreline jerseys. He did not know what had happened regarding jerseys since then, but he was attending their first league match at Southampton, Tom McAlister was playing, and would see then what was being worn.

Various new season team photos have appeared with Fulham not wearing uhlsport jerseys and Grimsby wearing uhlsport jerseys, also John Lukic (Arsenal) and Jim Leighton (Manchester United) not showing gloves in their photos.

1st September 1988 3.55

Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, phoned to request some gloves and 1 pair 015 size 10, 2 pairs 019 size 10 were sent to him (No.70). He also asked if there was anything larger than Extra Large in shorts, and I said no.

1st September 1988 4.05

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to say that he had been with Peter Shilton today and would like a pair of 025 size 9 like Peter had and was going to wear. I said that I could send him 1 pair and they were sent to him (No.71), but these were not part of the promotional goods as the distributors were not selling this style in the U.K., and therefore did not want the professionals to use it. He said that he had resolved him wearing a Himmel/uhlsport jersey, with him wearing a uhlsport jersey in matches but for the team photo etc., he wore Hummel.

2nd September 1988 2.05

Terry Gennoe, Blackburn, phoned to see if I could help with a Biomed knee bandage. I said that I did not keep in stock any bandages, neither did the U.K. distributors, so could not help quickly. I offered to try Germany for him, but he said not to worry he would try to get something else.

2nd September 1988 4.50

Jim Leighton, Manchester United, phoned to request some more publicity photos.

He is moving into a house next week and will then send me a pair of 015 which he was sent about 12 months ago from Germany. They are the original thinner foam, I think, and he would prefer the newer harder, thicker foam, so we are going to try and exchange them for him. I mentioned that the new team photo did not show the gloves, and he said that he could not wear them because of the way the photograph was taken, i.e. goalkepers in the middle row with hands behind their back. I reminded him that he should wear gloves on all possible occasions.

5th September 1988

Wrote to Quality Colour Processing Laboratories to order 200 colour prints of Jim Leighton.

7th September 1988

Neville Southall, Everton, phoned to request some goods urgently, and as there is a postal strike he said Red Star. I said that he would have to wait a short time while I looked into the possibilities. My thought was that Line 7 could send the goods, or get their representative to sort something out with shops in the Liverpool area, to help Neville overcome his problem. The goods requested 040 size 8.5, training gloves (did not mind what) 2 jerseys, 2 glove bags, 2 caps, shinguards. He also asked about 1 piece suits and I said that they were not available. His phone number xxx .

7th September 1988 9.30-9.32

I phoned Line 7 to speak to Claude and try and sort something out, I was told that he was on the premises and an urgent message would be passed to him.

7th September 1988 10.30-10.32

Having not heard from Line 7 I again phoned. I was told that Claude was busy in the warehouse and could not yet speak to me. I again repeated that it was urgent that I spoke to him, and was told that it was expected that he would be available in about 10 minutes.

7th September 1988 10.35

Axel Stokinger phoned to say that Neville Southall would be contacting me for some goods. I informed him that I had already spoken to him, and of how I intended to ask Claude to send the goods because of the postal strike. I also said that Claude was too busy to speak to me and Axel said that he had just spoken to him. Axel then went on to say that he was leaving uhlsport and the sports trade from the end of September, and that his replacement from 1st October would be Reinhard Hahn, and in the meantime Gudrun and Margaret would still be in the office. I asked him about the article in "Kicker" which said that Dieter Burdenski was the uhlsport promotional manager for Europe, he said that he was really the promotional manager for Germany only, but it helped his image if he was called responsible for all of Europe. Nobody from uhlsport was expected at the British Sports Trade Fair.

7th September 1988 11.10-11.14

Having still not heard from Claude I asked Line 7 to arrange to send goods to Neville Southall by Red Star. I asked for 4 pairs 040 size 8.5, 2 pairs 034 size 8.5, 1 544 Green Large, 1 544 Silver Large, 2 glove bags, 2 caps, 1 pair good shinpads. I asked to be notified as to how the goods were to be sent as I was already 1 hour overdue in getting back to Neville Southall.

7th September 1988 11.40

Jill from Line 7 phoned to say that they were missing a couple of items could Claude bring them to me tomorrow when he comes, they were especting a delivery from uhlsport tonight. I said that me having the stock was not a problem, I have all the goods here, my problem was getting them to Neville Southall in Liverpool quickly, which is why I asked Line 7 to send the goods to him by Red Star. She asked if I could send them Red Star and I said that being a 1 man business, some distance from the railway station and without transport, it was not that easy and also I assumed it would be quite expensive and as I was still awaiting repayment from Line 7 of my work in June I was reluctant to spend more of my money. My reason for wanting to speak to Claude 2 hours or so ago was to sort this all out, so perhaps the rep or a Liverpool shop could help. She said that she would go back to Claude with these points.

7th September 1988 1.52-1.54

I phoned Line 7 as I had still not heard. Apparently one of their reps is in London at the moment and he will deliver the goods to Everton F.C. tomorrow 8th September, and Claude will take back the goods from me when he calls on me tomorrow, so that the promotional stock is used.

7th September 1988 2.03

Neville Soputhall phoned to ask about the goods and I informed him that somebody would drop a parcel in to Goodison Park tomorrow. He asked if a pair of trousers could also be sent with the other items, I said I would see what I could do if the person had not yet left London.

7th September 1988 2.06-2.09

Phoned Line 7 to ask for a pair of 554 trousers XL to be sent to Neville Southall with the other goods, and I was told that they did have some.

Saw an advert for Reusch in "Match" and noticed that they listed amongst their contracted players Vince O'Keefe and Alec Chamberlain. I therefore checked with Reusch and Vince O'Keefe has signed a contract with them from the end of July, although he had a large amount of free of charge uhlsport goods on 1 st July plus more gloves on 26th August. Alec Chamberlain has also signed and therefore my offer of free gloves on 24th August was not acceptable.