9th September 1987 11.20

Kevin Shoemake, Peterborough, phoned to request the following goods,584 XL jersey, 013 size 9, 093 size 9, 096 size 9, 573 XL trousers, 4/008 German glove bag. He wants the goods sent to him at his home address xx Tel: xx . He does not appear on any of the lists sent to me, but said that he was on the second year of a 2 year contract. Although he played for Peterborough first team last year, is a 4th Division reserve player (new signing Joe Neenan is currently in the first team) worth £100 + of goods?

9th September 1987 1.50

Keith Granger, Southampton 3rd team goalkeeper, phoned to request 2 pairs of 021 size 9 to be sent to his home address xx . As he does not appear on any of my lists, I asked if he was under contract and the answer was no. He started getting gloves with Peter Shilton being at Southampton and was told by Murray Nissen of Readers to phone up if he required anything.

9th September 1987 8.45-8.55

Phoned Phil Parkes to find out latest on jersey situation. He did not see Peter Simmons at the West Ham v Norwich game, and Mick McGiven has said nothing to him. At this match Tom McAlister wore Scoreline jersey and Bryan Gunn wore uhlsport. Green jersey was used despite West Ham's fears.

10th September 1987 4.40

Mike Walker, Colchester manager, phoned regarding a query on uhlsport footballs they are supplied with. I have known Mike for many years, and I offered to pass on a message as I could not really help myself, but he said that he would contact Readers again himself, as he did really need a quick answer. The problem is that the balls appear to be on the light side.

10th September 1987 5.00

John Lukic, Arsenal, phoned to request a few pairs of 015 size 9 gloves for himself, and some 096 gloves for the other Arsenal goalkeepers. Rhys Wilmot size 9.5, Andrew Marriott size 9, Alan Miller size 9. I asked him what he does about photographs, and he has to buy from club shop. He said that Readers should have some negatives of him, if there are any suitable ones available, can we get some prints made up for him? He also said that his contract (which was a verbal agreement with Murray!!) finishes at the end of this season, and are uhlsport interested in renewing it or discussing it?

11th September 1987 11.00

Roger Hansbury, Birmingham reserves, phoned to say that he would be interested in using uhlsport gloves, re: previous phone converstaion on 19/8/87 with Tony Godden. He is not really fussy which style, but would like a catalogue and I suggested a pair of 034 and 096 size 9.

Saw advert in "Sports Retailing" 3rd September page 69, shows Peter Shilton wearing German 518 jersey, but you offer for sale British 518, which is different. Photo shows German 573 trousers, but your text states that they are the British WT001B. Small points, but does not reflect well on the company if retailers spot it.

11th September 1987 1.55

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to say that he had just ordered 2 pairs 093 size 10 direct from Readers. I have dealt with Gerry for several years now, and I asked him if he would be able to visit the Bournemouth trade show. He will try if possible to call in on the Sunday morning, but will probably not be able to, as he is expecting to be in Eire squad for game in Bulgaria which will mean travelling on that Sunday.

11th September 1987 2.50

Dale Belford, Notts County reserve, phonmed to request free issue of gloves. He is not under contract, but had previously obtained gloves when at Aston Villa through Murray Nissen. He played 1 League game at the start of the season, and I told him that there were no spare gloves available, once the players under contract had been catered for. He did not know which style he wanted but a smooth foam size 9 would do. His home phone number is xx .

15th September 1987 4.55

Graham Benstead, Norwich, phoned to say that he had received a parcel, but there were no match gloves in it. I pointed out that I had not sent the parcel so did not know what it contained without checking. Assuming that they were not sent because of no stocks being available, he would accept 093 size 8.5.

Dundee team photo appeared in "Shoot" dated 26th September 1987, with both Tom Carson and Bobby Geddes in uhlsport jerseys.

17th September 1987

Wrote to Dale Belford, Notts County, to confirm that unable to help with any free gloves. I did not mention it to him, but I would have thought that there is room for selling gloves at trade prices to professionals like him, who do not warrant free issue. Any comments for or against such a sceme.

17th September 1987 2.12-2.26

Phoned John Burridge to say that 2 jerseys were now available German 518 Blue XL, U.k. 518 Grey XL. I asked him if he could get sponsors name put on, but he said not really, so I will try and get the printing done in Reading.

17th September 1987 4.15

Lee Butler, Aston Villa reserves phoned, and I said that he could not be offered a contract at the present time but he could have a couple of pairs of gloves F.O.C. at the moment, and perhaps some more later on. He requested 015 size 9.5, 034 size 9.5 to be sent c/o Aston Villa.

18th September 1987 2.00

Roger Hansbury, Birmingham, phoned to thank me for the gloves that arrived safely. As Tony Godden is ill he has been playing in the first team this week and I asked him which jersey he has been wearing. He said that Reusch, which he used last season was put out for him, but I said that Tony Godden had asked for uhlsport jerseys in August, and could he use uhlsport instead. He said he would look into it. Were uhlsport jerseys sent to Birmingham?

21st September 1987 9.50

Steve Sherwood, Grimsby, phoned to request 2 pairs of 015 size 10 and a Shilton glove bag, As Grimsby are using En-Kay kit I asked him if he thought he could use an uhlsport jersey in matches. He said he would give it a try if a jersey was sent, and in anycase he could use it when he does some coaching at local schools. He would need XL in Green, 500 if available?

21st September 1987 10.40

Sammy Chung, Stoke, phoned regarding jerseys, Peter Fox has been supplied with 585 jerseys, and has 2 others on order with you, 1 x 585 Green XL, 1 x 585 Grey XL, but is awaiting delivery or a delivery date. He was sent another jersey (?) but this is being returned as it is not suitable, Could the 2 goalkeepers, Peter Fox Large, Scott Barrett XL have 573 trousers sent to them. He will phone me back later in the week for an answer on the jerseys. He also offered free tickets as the guests of Stoke City at any match they are involved in. They have a game at Gillingham in a couple of weeks if this is of any interest.

21st September 1987 10.50

Nicky Johns, Charlton, phoned to request some goods 3 pairs 034 size 9, 3 pairs 040 size 9, 2 pairs Black padded shorts Large, 2 pairs 573 trousers XL, 4003 Holdall and jerseys for training XL Green 500, XL Grey 500 (or similar). He also asked about possible sponsorship of football clinics he runs during school holidays. These are for youngsters and general football, not just goalkeepers. This summer he had 72 boys and coaches included Terry Fenwick, Mike Flanagan. The next course is at the end of May 1988. He would like football shirts, tee shirts printed with course name plus sponsors. Last course paid £3 each for a tee shirt. Are you interested?

21st September 1987 1.30

Mel Rees, Watford, phoned to request 2 jerseys urgently required. I sent him from stock given to me by Readers 1 x 535 Yellow XL, along from Sukan stock 1 x Shilton Green Large. I posted them direct to his home address in Cardiff, as he was playing there on Wednesday.

21st September 1987 3.40

Andy Beasley, Mansfield Reserves, phoned to request gloves. I asked if he was under contract and he said no. I pointed out that there was a limited budget available for free issue, and that this had already been reached with people under contract, therefore regrettably could not help him. Told him that if circumstances changed I would contact him to see if he was still interested.

21st September 1987 3.45-4.12

I phoned Mr.Crabtree of Five-D-Togs to see if he would be interested in manufacturing uhlsport clothing for Readers, and he would be. Like all manufacturers he was over busy May-August, but I think that it could be planned in such a way that most of the production could take place outside of this time. He now concentrates more and more on his rugby clothing but is at present making goalkeepers trousers for Umbro to sell in America, and has previously made the Grobbelaar jersey for them. I roughly said 4,000 jerseys plus shorts and trousers, but I felt that this quantity could easily be doubled/trebled if planned correctly. After speaking to Mark Wellbelove will get back to him to arrange meeting or samples. A roll of fabric (300 metres) is about 250 jerseys, if special fabric has to be bought in.

22nd September 1987 9.10

Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, phoned to try again to get hold of either 096 or 034 size 10. His two previous attempts having been without success, receiving 098 then 092. Send to home address xx . With reference to outfield players, informed him that they could purchase Air-Safe shinguards at trade price. His revised cheque has arrived safely.

22nd Sptember 1987 11.20

Received in the post a 535 Green Large jersey from Peter Fox, Stopke City. He requested XL in Green and Grey. This must be the jersey referred to in Sammy Chung's phone call yesterday. I had not arranged for this jersey to be sent, or been notified that it had.