5th October 1988 1.40-1.58

I phoned Reinhard Hahn at uhlsport to introduce myself and raise some questions with him. I asked about the latest 554 trousers which are made in Indonesia and are much longer and narrower than before. The Extra Large has an inside leg of approx. 37". I asked if they had any 573 left in stock. I said that Nigel Spink has asked to be paid his £xx contract money, do I still go ahead with the £xx offer to Theo Snelders of Aberdeen, £xx offer to Hans Segers, and Dave Beasant's agent is looking for a contract at £xx a year, although if uhlsport are interested I would suggest £xx - £xx only. I also asked about Gerry Peyton and his request for money for World Cup Qualifying games, and I suggested that it was not worth it but perhaps he could be offered for World Cup Finals, like he was for the European Championship Finals in Germany. He thought that this was a fair decision and accepted it. I also brouight up my ideas for magazines etc., to be discussed as soon as possible and requested that he should come to England as soon as he is able to. In my opinion a great deal needs to be sorted out with Line 7 on the promotional side, if not on the selling side. I mentioned that I was still awaiting payment for June's promotional work and he said that he would phone Claude about this. I finally asked if uhlsport were doing a calendar for 1989, he thought so but was not sure, and told him that as far as I know uhlsport did not have any promotional photos of Neville Southall, which I thought should be taken as soon as possible.

6th October 1988 9.25

Reinhard of uhlsport phoned me and said that a calendar was being produced, with 24 goalkeepers rather than 12, and I would be sent a few as soon as they became available. I gave him Nigel Spink's address and phone number so that he could sort out payment. They could not help with 573 or other trousers, and it was a problem they were aware of. I was to await further information about a contract for Dave Beasant, but continue with offer to Theo Snelders.

6th October 1988 3.50

Hans Segers, Wimbledon, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 9, 1 544 Sky Large which were sent to him (No.99).

I informed him that I had at last received a £xx cheque for him from Readers and that I would send it on with the goods. He asked about a new contract and I said that I could offer him £xx a 20% increase on the previous amount, to which he said that Sondico had offered him £xx ,15% larger than my offer. As he has been messed around with money I agreed that uhlsport would match the Sondico offer for a 3 year contract. He has used uhlsport throughout his career in Holland and the U.K.

6th October 1988 4.20

Reinhard phoned to say that his boss had told him that there was no money for Theo Snelders or Dave Beasant, and that the budget was already overspent for 1988. I then told him about Hans Segers and my increased offer of £xx . This was a contract that Axel knew about and Reinhard said this would be okay, but no more. I asked him to get a written contract for Hans Segers sent over, his existing contract I believe ends on 17th November 1988. With reference to photos of Neville Southall he said that this was down to Line 7 and that he had told them to make arrangements. I said that I would speak with them to see what they had planned.

6th October 1988 4.45-4.48

I phoned Eric Hall to inform him that unfortunately uhlsport had spent their promotional budget and therefore they could not at the present time offer Dave Beasant a contract.

6th October 1988 4.55

Pat Jennings phoned to request a pair of 034 size 9.5 along with a pair of 034 size 6.5 for his son, and they were sent to him (No.100). He was going to New York for a large charity game which is why he needed the gloves.

10th October 1988 12.35

Tony Norman, Hull, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 9.5, 2 pairs 040 size 9.5 and 1 pair 554 XL, and they were sent to him (No.1). I told him that the trousers would be longer than usual but he wished to give them a try.

10th October 1988 4.05

Neil Sullivan, Wimbledon reserves, phoned to see if he could get sponsorship. He is very much an untried reserve and has never played League football so I offered him to purchase at the special prices for League clubs. I gave him details over the phone and followed up with a letter and leaflet.

10th October 1988 4.20

Jim Leighton, Manchester United, phoned to give his new address and phone number: xxx xx . He had received the photographs recently sent to him and said that he would like to try a pair of 025 size 9.5, and a pair were sent to him (No.2). I pointed out that these were not a stock line for the U.K., as he was talking about changing over to this style.

11th October 1988

Received a parcel from Mel Rees, Watford, containing a pair of 015 size 9 with a request for them to be exchanged for a pair of 014 size 9. I sent him with a note a pair of 013 size 9 (No.3) as the 014 is not available at present.

11th October 1988 2.00

Les Fridge, St,Mirren, phoned to request a pair of 554 trousers Large, and they were sent to him (No.4). He also asked for shorts but I said that I could not help as they were not part of the promotional goods sent to me.

While watching football highlights of Littlewoods Cup on TV noticed that Chris Turner of Sheffield Wednesday was wearing Sondico Match Pro gloves. My information is that he is under an uhlsport goods only contract until 10th July 1989. He has not asked me for any goods this season, do you wish me to do anything about it? The arrangement with Scoreline is also not working that well as Fred Barber of Walsall was wearing a Sondico jersey, not uhlsport or Scoreline, and many team photos have appeared with the goalkeepers in Scoreline jerseys not uhlsport. If the agreement is to be renewed it needs tightening up in many areas with more attention being paid to the details.

13th October 1988 2.30

Ian Walker, Tottenham, phoned to request 1 pair 019 size 9, 1 pair 040 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.5).

13th October 1988

Sent to Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, a pair of 554 trousers XL (No.6) with a note saying that they were differently sized to previously.

I noticed on TV highlights that Steve Pears of Middlesborough has been wearing a 544 Green jersey. This is a jersey he bought under the reduced price scheme, he has a glove contract with Sondico.

17th October 1988

Sent John Burridge, Southampton, a one piece suit 451 Silver Large (No.7).

17th October 1988

Sent Bryan Gunn, Norwich, a one piece suit 451 Silver XL (No.8).

17th October 1988

Sent Neville Southall, Everton, 2 one piece suits 453 Yellow XL, 2 one piece suits 451 Silver XL (No.9) and 2 pairs 554 trousers XL, 1 pair 550 XL, 1 400 tracksuit Blue XL, 1 402 tracksuit Red XL (No.10). The goods were sent in 2 parcels because of their bulk.

18th October 1988 4.30

Roger Freestone, Chelsea, called to collect some goods, 2 pairs 034 size 9.5, 2 pairs 019 size 9.5, 1 pair 554 XL (No.11).