20th October 1988 1.25

Jill from Line 7 phoned to request a list of the goalkeepers under contract to uhlsport. I said that I would send a list of the information that I had, but that it was not the complete details.

24th October 1988 9.15

Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, phoned to request 1 pair 019 size 10, 1 pair 015 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.12). He also asked about a 1 piece suit, but I said that there had been production problems and therefore I had none available at the moment.

24th October 1988 9.25

Bryan Gunn, Norwich, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.13). He also said that he had been telephoned by Bernt Killat, a German who offered to arrange a contract for him with uhlsport. I had previously offered him £xx a year as suggested by Axel, his present contract ends soon and at the moment is on £xx a year. He did not know this German gentleman but he knew that he was involved in the transfer of Eric Black from Aberdeen to a French club. I told him that I would pass this information on to uhlsport.

24th October 1988 9.50

Glenn Bullock of Line 7 phoned to ask me to send to Neville Southall of Everton various different gloves which Glenn had shown to Neville from his samples. 1 pair 024 size 8.5, 1 pair 015 size 8.5, 1 pair 019 size 8.5, 1 pair 099 size 8.5, 1 pair 087 size 8.5 were sent to him (No.14). We also talked about other general matters regarding the uhlsport operation in the U.K.

24th October 1988 2.10-2.13

I phoned uhlsport and as neither Reinhard or Margaret were available I left a message for Reinhard to phone me when he could.

24th October 1988 3.50

Neville Southall, Everton, phoned to request 2 pairs 025 size 8.5 and they were sent to him (No.15). I told him that earlier in the day Glenn Bullock had phoned me to request a variety of other gloves for him. I also asked about the 018 gloves sent to him for training and he said that they did not give a very good grip in the wet. This is exactly what I had told him before he asked for harder wearing gloves to be sent for training.

24th October 1988 4.15

Reinhard phoned from uhlsport as he had received the message. I passed on the information about Bryan Gunn and Bernt Killat, which he said he would look into. I also asked him about Don Howe's work for uhlsport and again he was not aware of any arrangement. He said that he would try to visit England end November/early December which I think is important for uhlsport to look at what is happening in the U.K. I also asked him to send for my promotional stock 025 size 8.5 - 4 pairs, size 9.5 - 8 pairs, size 10 - 4 pairs.

28th October 1988 9.20

Terry Gennoe, Blackburn, phoned to request some gloves. He has had 096 in the past but last time I sent him a pair of 040 as the 096 was not really available anymore. He said that he was not so happy with the full length palm, so I said that I would send him 2 pairs 034 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.16).

31st October 1988 1.15

Pauline Worsley of Sondico phoned regarding contracted players. When the Sondico rep., Mike Muncey, called on me about a week ago we discussed contracted players as he had been issued a list by his company, which included several goalkeepers who were being supplied with uhlsport gloves. Pauline, who is not a great football fan, admitted that it was a problem for her knowing who was who and their importance. Sondico employ Ray Clemence, the old Tottenham and England goalkeeper, to help on this side of their business. I told her that Chris Turner of Sheffield Wednesday, who she has signed up, is already under contract to uhlsport although he has been using Sondico. She said that Mike Stowell, the Everton reserve, was under contract to Sondico, but Neville Southall has been asking for uhlsport gloves for Mike Stowell. I will look into this one.

Although obvious business competition means you do not tell your competitors what yopu are doing, I think that it is worth looking into a possibilty of more co-operation with Sondico and Reusch on the contracted players side, as at the moment many goalkeepers are getting gloves from more than one supplier after having signed contracts. Any comments?

1st November 1988 12.35

Joe Neenan, Peterborough, phoned to request 2 pairs of 021 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.17).

1st November 1988 1.40

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to request 2 pairs 093 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.18). I informed him that unfortunately uhlsport could not help with money for World Cup qualifying games, but the finals would be a different matter.

2nd November 1988

Received a letter from Reinhard which included a £xx 1 year contract fro Hans Segers. I sent 2 copies to Hans Segers with a request for him to sign 1 copy and return it in the envelope provided.

3rd November 1988 1.55

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to request some gloves. He wanted to try various styles, including some which Line 7 do not stock, and after explaining this to him 1 pair 092 size 10, 1 pair 096 size 10, 1 pair 040 size 10 were sent to him (No.19). He also asked about trousers and I said that I was still awaiting supplies from the U.K. agents. He also mentioned a contract as previously discussed, where I had offerd him £xx and he now says that he would like a contract for £xx because his name and photo have been used by uhlsport without him being under contract or having given his permission. To me the photograph looks as though it was especially posed for and taken with his knowledge. Recently Reinhard told me that uhlsport were not prepared to offer Theo Snelders a contract although previously Axel had said to offer £xx . Theo Snelders home address is xxx Tel: xx .

4th November 1988 3.00

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request 1 pair 019 size 9, 1 pair 554 trousers Large which were sent to him (No.20). He said that he particularly wanted the gloves to have green trim rather than orange.

7th November 1988 2.50

Jim Leighton, Manchester United, phoned to ask if I had any 025 size 9.5 to exchange for his 015 size 9.5 as previously discussed. I said that I did not have any but I had ordered some from Germany and as soon as they arrived I would send him some to his home address.

8th November 1988

Having received a delivery I sent Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, 1 pair 554 trousers XL. (No.21)

8th November 1988 3.50

Stuart Naylor, W.B.A., phoned to request 2 pairs 040 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.22). He asked if the reserve Paul Bradshaw could get gloves and I said that he could buy at the special prices and I would send a leaflet. He said that Sondico had contacted him regarding gloves and I reminded him that he had signed a year's contract on 8th April 1988 for goods only.