30th January 1989

I wrote to Hans Segers, Wimbledon, to confirm that the contract offer remains £xx for 1 year only, and cannot be increased in money or length of contract.

31st January 198912.35

Ian Walker, Tottenham, phoned to request 1 pair 040 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.65).

2nd February 1989 9.20

Reinhard phoned me regarding various points. He said that he had not heard from Erik Thorstvedt and I told him that I would let him know next Monday on which gloves he wore in the televised game against Manchester United. He said that he had spoken to Theo Snelders and offered him a 3 year contract, as per my note 20th January. Theo would think about it and let me know. Reinhard said if he was undecided I could offer £xx for every World Cup Qualifying and Finals game that he actually plays in. I informed him that Line 7 were out of stock of certain items and did not intend to get more stocks before April/May, but I had been told that they would especially order them for me. I also asked about the magazine/catalogue idea and he said that it was being discussed within uhlsport at the moment but no firm decision had been made, and of course Line 7 needed to be involved and in agreement. I mentioned that a decision was needed fairly soon for the scheme to be operated correctly for the 1989-90 season.

2nd February 1989 3.50

Neville Southall, Everton, phoned to request a variety of clothing items. 1 only 543 Silver Large, 1 only 543 Sky Large, 2 pairs 554 trousers XL, 2 pairs 550 XL, 1 only 5451 Silver XL were sent to him (No.66) He said that he also wanted a 5453 1 piece XL, a tracksuit Mens size and a Tracksuit/Sweat top in Black with padded elbows and uhlsport on the back. Apparently he already has one of these tops.

2nd February 1989 4.05

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to request a pair of 554 trousers XL, 2 pairs 083 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.67).

He said that the trousers were too narrow, which I agree with, and I told him that I had already complained about this to uhlsport but this was all that I had available. He also really wanted the 093 gloves but I said that I could no longer help with this and so he took 083. I told him that he could see the new range at the Bournemouth Trade Show in March, and I would send him details when I had them.

6th February 1989 10.43-10.55

I phoned Reinhard to tell him, as requested, what Erik Thorstvedt wore, and this was uhlsport smooth white palm with 034 back and his name on velcro strap. He then told me that Bernd Killat had told uhlsport that Reusch paid Bryan Gunn £xx , but I confirmed that Reusch had told me £xx a year and I believed that to be correct.

6th February 1989 4.35

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to say that at the moment he only wanted the 1 year contract for £xx . I told him that I would pass this on to uhlsport. He also asked for some goods and 1 pair 550 XL, 1 glove bag, 1 pair 019 size 10, 2 pairs 025 size 10 were sent to him (No.68).

7th February 1989 2.30-2.54

I phoned Reinhard to tell him that Theo Snelders had rung me to say that he only wanted a 1 year contract for £xx . I also ordered a 5453 Yellow XL for Neville Southall and asked if there was a Black tracksuit top with padded elbows for him. Reinhard asked what gloves Henry Smith of Hearts uses, and I said that he really wants the 093 but last time I sent him 019 size 9. We also talked about Glasgow Rangers and football in general in Scotland as he was going there later this week.

8th February 1989 3.50

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request the following goods, 1 only Holdall, 1 pair 554 Large, 1 pair 021 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.69).

9th February 1989 2.30

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 9.5, 1 only 544 Silver XL and they were sent to him (No.70).

10th February 1989 9.05

Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.71). I mentioned that he seemed to be getting through the gloves quite quickly and he said that he would expect a pair to last about 5-6 games. With todays 2 pairs, this brings the total since July 1st 1988 to 25 pairs of gloves that he has been sent. The maximum first team games that he has played this season would be 40 including league, cups, friendlies or less than 2 games per pair of gloves. I have not said anything but is it coincidence that the reserve at Aston Villa, Lee Butler, also takes size 10 in gloves and does not get supplies from uhlsport?? Nigel Spink's contract is up for renewal soon and I think it is worth bearing in mind the number of gloves he gets through if he asks for an increase in money. Any comments?

10th February 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

14th February 1989

Received promotional goods from Germany and sent to Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, 1 pair 559 padded undershorts XL (No.73).

15th February 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

16th February 1989 9.40

Neil Ramsay, Home Tel: xx , Work Tel: xx , phoned to see if uhlsport were interested in offering his client, Neville Southall of Everton, a contract for shinpads. I said that I would pass on his request to Germany, and I gave him Reinhard's phone number. I said that I had previously spoken to Zak Harazi and Mr.Ramsay said that he was Neville's agent and Mr.Harazi was his solicitor. He was looking for a 2/3 year contract but would not mention any amount of money.

16th February 1989 10.06-10.27

I phoned Reinhard to ask about Neville Southall, and he said that there was no money available, so I said that I would pass this on to Neil Ramsay. I mentioned the 4 promotional parcels and the VAT problem, which he already knew about. I also told him that the 1 parcel post package sent to me on 18th January had not yet arrived. I also told him that last week Erik Thorstvedt was still wearing uhlsport gloves, and Reinhard said that Erik had not contacted him about a contract. He then said that his trip to Scotland was interesting and that he was hopeful that Glasgow Rangers would be using an uhlsport football on Saturday and on a contract in the future. He also asked about Jim Leighton of Manchester United, and I said that basically he did not get many gloves from me as he has told me in the past that he was sent a large quantity of gloves by Germany when he signed the contract and that he did not need any from me. I speak to him about once every 2 or 3 months.