17th February 1989 4.10-4.12

I phoned Neil Ramsay at the home number he gave me, but he was not in and his wife gave me another number to get him on.

17th February 1989 4.14-4.21

I phoned Neil Ramsay to inform him that uhlsport had no budget for a shinguard contract with anyone, so could not help with his request regarding Neville Southall.

20th February 1989 3.55

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request 3 pairs 021 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.74).

20th February 1989 4.50

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to request 1 pair 096 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.75). He also said that he had received the contract but saw that it was for 1 year from 14th February 1989 to 13th February 1990. He was expecting it to be for the season 1988-89, as rthe discussions had been going on for so long and he has used the gloves for all of this season. I said that I would pass on his comments to Germany.

21st February 1989 9.45-10.04

I phoned Reinhard to tell him about Theo Snelders and his contract. I confirmed that the discussions had started many months ago and as far as I knew he had been wearing uhlsport throughout this season. I suggested that if uhlsport agreed to back dating to August 1988 then Theo should now sign for next season as well which would take him through the World Cup in the summer of 1990. If his worry was being transferred to P.S.V. Eindhoven then perhaps the contract could have a clause saying that it was valid while he stayed in Scotland only. Reinhard also told me that during his trip to Scotland he gave some gloves to Henry Smith of Hearts, Bobby Geddes of Dundee and agreed a contract with Tom Carson, the Dundee reserve, for goods only 2 years. He had been told that he was previously with Sondico at about £xx a year. I said that Tom Carson has been in the reserves for many years and at his age, almost 30, he was unlikely to suddenly spring to prominence. He is in fact older than Bobby Geddes according to my records but I would check this out at home.

21st February 1989 10.55

Reinhard phoned to say that he had been contacted by John Burridge of Southampton for some 014 and 093 gloves and 527 jerseys. I said that I was in regular contact with him, at least once a month, and he had recently had 585 and 544 jerseys from me and only yesterday has asked for 3 pairs 021 gloves. He had previously asked me for 527 jerseys, which Peter Shilton wears, but I had told him that they were not available in the U.K. He had also had 013 gloves from me, not 014, but had never asked me for 093 gloves. It was agreed that he should be sent the goods as although he does receive a lot of goods, he is not paid and does wear both jersey and gloves in matches. I told Reinhard that John Burridge visited the Bournemouth Trade Show last year and had been invited to this years show.

21st February 1989 11.10

Neville Southall, Everton, phoned to request some gloves and 4 pairs 025 size 8.5, 3 pairs 040 size 8.5, 3 pairs 034 size 8.5 were sent to him (No.76).

21st February 1989

I wrote to Theo Snelders of Aberdeen to say that I had passed on his message about the contract and that Reinhard should be contacting him direct.

22nd February 1989 9.15

Neville Southall, Everton, phoned to add 1 glove bag to his requirements and it was sent to him (No.77).

22nd February 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

22nd February 1989 7.25

Phil Parkes, West Ham, phoned me at home to request 1 pair 034 size 9.5, 1 pair 015 size 9.5, 1 544 Green XL and they were sent to him (No.78).

23rd February 1989

I sent to Tom McAlister, West Ham but at present on loan to Colchester, 1 only 544 Green XL to wear in League matches.

24th February 1989 9.40

Alistair Garvie xxx Tel: xx , phoned to request a contract for his client, Mark Kendall of Wolves. We had a long discussion during which he stressed that he was not looking for money, just goods. He told me that Mark's Sondico contract had just expired and I said that as far as I was aware he has not had a contract with anyone all season, but as his club were supplied kit by Scoreline he has received uhlsport jerseys to wear along with 5 pairs 021 gloves size 8.5 and 1 glove bag free of charge, given to Scoreline by myself on 24th August 1988. I said that the idea was then that any further gloves required would be purchased at the special prices which Scoreline have details of and which I had sent to all League clubs. I asked him which gloves Mark Kendall had been wearing and he did not know but said that he would find out. I told him that generally uhlsport did not give contracts to 3rd Division goalkeepers because they concentrated on getting the top players and because of their high demands this did not leave any money left over for the lower divisions. He said that he would check with Mark Kendall, and I said that I would send him details of the special prices etc.

24th February 1989

I wrote to Alistair Garvie, enclosing special offer leaflets and letter which was sent to Football League clubs, and asking clarification of what Mark Kendall, Wolves, had been using.