22nd September 1987 2.50

Mrs.Megs Wilson phoned regarding sponsorship of future Bob Wilson goalkeeping schools. She will be writing to Readers, Reusch and Sondico. We had previously discussed my involvement with uhlsport when I attended one day of this summers course. They had been told by Don Howe that uhlsport would be attending this year with a view to sponsorship. They were disappointed that nobody turned up or contacted them. Who did Don Howe make these arrangements with? I think that it would be very good for uhlsport to get involved, although the amount they are looking for sounds too high to me. However I am sure that discussions could bring about the closing of the financial gap. Bob Wilson is presently endorsing Mitre gloves but I understand that this is due for renewal. I would strongly suggest that the idea is looked into seriously as I can see many other possibilities such as coaching videos, coaching book, selling goods at the schools etc. etc.

23rd September 1987 9.10-9.23

Phoned Philip Wells at Conquest Products to see if they are interested in manufacturing uhlsport glove bags, as requested by Mark Wellbelove. Said that the orders would be for 500 at a time. Arranged to get samples to them, of both a blue/yellow and Shilton black/yellow.

23rd September 1987 2.05

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned to request a few items of clothing for himself. He said that he would be prepared to pay for them. He wants 320 shorts Large 1 pair Yellow, 1 pair Black, also a 591 training suit Royal (which looks like Navy in the catalogue) for 6' 1" just over 12 stone Large. His home address is xx Tel: xx . I asked him about gloves, and he said that he had just received some gloves from Readers (?) and that he prefers 021.

23rd September 1987 2.55

Saw Phil Parkes, West Ham, to give him some gloves for himself 1 pair 015 size 9.5, 1 pair 034 size 9.5 along with 1 pair 021 size 9 for Tom McAlister. Also gave him 4 glove bags, 1 each for the 4 goalkeepers at the club.

24th September 1987 10.10

Kevin Shoemake, Peterborough, phoned to ask where the goods he ordered were, he is particularly desperate for gloves. His original request to me was on 9th September.

24th September 1987 11.50

Jake Findlay, Coventry reserves, phoned from a call box to request 1 pair 015 size 9, 1 pair 034 size 9. The pips kept going so it was a very short call, and I did not think that he was on any list of contracted players, and on checking afterwards he did not get a mention on the list sent to me. Do you wish to supply him?

24TH September 1987 12.40

Notts County phoned to request 2 pairs of gloves for Mick Leonard, in order of preference 014, 093, 013 in size 9.5.

24th September 1987 1.45-1.57

Phoned Kevin Shoemake at Peterborough to tell him that goods had not been sent because there was no record of any contract. He said that there was a verbal agreement with John Hanbrook, a Readers rep, made when he was playing for non-league Welling. When he returned to the league with Peterborough last season, it was verbally agreed with John Hanbrook that the free issue would continue.

Reusch U.K. had an advert on page 36 of "Match" issue dated 26th September. Amongst the list of goalkeepers who chose Reusch they give: Chris Turner, Peter Fox, Bobby Geddes, Tony Godden all of whom you have listed as being under contract to uhlsport. Jim Leighton is not mentioned by name but his photograph appears in the advert. Do you think it is worth any action being taken?

30th September 1987 12.55

David Felgate, Bolton, phoned to request the following goods 2 pairs 015 size 8, 2 pairs 093 size 8, Shilton glove bag.

I asked him about jerseys as he always used to wear uhlsport jerseys when at Grimsby, but Bolton are supplied by Umbro and he has to wear Umbro. He also said that he phoned Readers about 4 weeks ago for gloves, and received a pair of shinpads!

30th September 1987 3.00

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned to say that he has had his bag stolen which contained all his kit. Please could he have1 pair 021 size 8.5, 1 pair 015 size 8.5 and a glove bag as soon as possible.

1st October 1987 9.40-9.45

Phoned Philip Wells at Conquest Products regarding uhlsport glove bags situation, but they are unable to help as they are not geared up for this small intricate work, basically being holdall manufacturers.

1st October 1987 1.50

Bobby Geddes, Dundee, phoned to request some gloves. He would like 2 pairs 093 size 9, 2 pairs 015 size 9 and to try 1 pair 034 size 9. He has only ever seen the soft white foam palm and would like to try others. When he was signed by Germany he ordered 20 pairs of gloves to last him the season, but he has not received any or even notification of what is happening. I asked him about jerseys as in the team photo he is wearing a German 518. He said that he has worn it a couple of times in matches, but the team kit suppliers Matchwinner insist that he wears their jersey, as they are trying to break into the market, although Bobby says they are rubbish. His home phone number is xx .

2nd October 1987 10.30-10.56

Phoned Mr.Crabtree at Five-D-Togs to discuss his manufacturing clothing for uhlsport. Discussed the various options, fabric numbers rather than printed, embroidered motifs rather than printed, and arranged for samples to be sent as a starting point to further discussions. The fabric suppliers they use are Sperrin Textiles, Derby Nyla and Cloverbrook.

2nd October 1987 11.35

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned to see if the gloves had been sent as per his urgent request earlier in the week, as nothing had yet arrived.

2nd October 1987 1.10-1.14

Phoned Mark Kendall and left message that gloves were posted yesterday to him. If he was desperate, to let me know this afternoon and I would send off another pair as a safeguard. They are playing away at Bolton tomorrow, so could send them c/o Bolton.

2nd October 1987 2.17-2.30

Phoned Sperrin Textiles to discuss fabrics available etc. To avoid surcharge the minimum order is 600 metres, special orders for different designs etc., minimum is 2,000 metres. Any orders booked have to be called for within 3 months. Requested swatches.

2nd October 1987 2.35-2.49

Phoned Derby Nyla and spoke to Sean Jones of Sportsear Division. To avoid surcharge minimum on stock lines is 300 metres, while it is 1,000 metres for specials. The vertical shadow pin are knitted, but horizontal or diagonal are printed. Requested swatches.

2nd October 1987 2.50-3.00

Phoned Cloverbrook and spoke to Rita in samples. They do fabric for some Umbro goalkeepers jerseys and were unsure if they could do for other companies. Requested swatches and clarification of situation.