22nd March 1989 10.30

Peter Shilton, Derby, phoned me to request some goods and 4 pairs 019 size 9, 6 pairs 015 size 9, 1 pair 554 trousers XL were sent to him (No.90). He wanted 6 pairs of 019 with Green trim, but I said that Green was not in the U.K. range but I had some with Orange trim. I sent him 4 pairs with Orange trim, and he asked me to get some Green trim for him from Germany. He also wanted a couple of tracksuits and I told him that I did not have any as they were not sold in the U.K. He said not to worry about the tracksuits he would ask himself with Germany.

23rd March 1989 9.34-9.50

I phoned Reinhard to tell him about Peter Shilton. As yet he had not phoned Germany about the tracksuits. and Reinhard said not to supply him with the 019 in Green as they are not part of the U.K. range. I mentioned the 015 which I had sent, as Line 7 were going to drop this from their range, and I pointed out that if the contracted goalkeepers could only have goods in the U.K. range it will give me problems. The most popular glove is the 015 (or 025) the professionals do not want the padding on the 083 and 024 usually. I also asked if any correct size trousers are yet available as I only had the long narrow ones to send to Peter Shilton. Reinhard has been told that all new supplies will be better. I then told him that Chris Woods was under contract to Reusch until the summer of 1991. I had not yet been able to find out more about Ian Rush's shinguard contract with Sondico as my contact was away from the office. I told him that I would send him a copy of the Reusch price list for next season (basically prices unchanged like uhlsport and Sondico). I did not yet have a Sondico price list but would send one when available.

23rd March 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match", along with Reusch price list.

23rd March 1989 1.10

Reinhard phoned to tell me that Erik Thorstvedt, Tottenham, had contacted him with his home address xxx . He has not signed the contract yet but no problems are anticipated. He also asked if I could find out which football Rangers used in their Scottish Cup quarter final against Dundee United. I said that it may be difficult but I would try. I told Reinhard that Hans Segers, Wimbledon, was now using Reusch gloves although this was arranged with the Dutch distributors of Reusch, not the U.K. distributors. I asked about Gallantry Ltd., selling Inter Milan jerseys and at the moment it will be left as it is with Gallantry getting jerseys from their present source. Finally Reinhard asked me to send him a Star Sportswear catalogue.

23rd March 1989

I posted to Reinhard my own copies of Star Sportswear catalogue/price list.

23rd March 1989 4.10

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned for 2 pairs 083 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.91).

23rd March 1989 4.37-4.46

I phoned Bobby Geddes, Dundee, to ask him if he could find out which football was used in the Rangers v Dundee United cup game during the week. I asked him to look in the local Dundee newspapers and send me any match photographs he could find. I also asked him about his contract, the information that I have is that he was under contract only until 4th May 1988, and he had not asked me for any goods for over 12 months. He said that he had signed another 2 year contract, until May 1990, which was for money (he did not tell me how much) and was arranged by Bernt Killat. He said that he was sent a large batch of goods at the start of last season which is why he had not asked me for gloves. I applogised for not knowing this. He asked me if I had any of the new gloves yet, I said no not until next season, but I could send him a catalogue and this was done (No.92). He gave me his new address xxx Tel: xx .

I saw highlights of Rangers v Dundee United on TV and I would say that a Mitre Delta ball was used as in their previous cup game with Stranraer.

28th March 1989

I received a letter from Alan Main, Dundee United reserve and Scotland Under 21, requesting uhlsport sponsorship.

28th March 1989 2.31-2.49

I phoned Reinhard to tell him about Glasgow Rangers appearing to use a Mitre ball. I also told him that I had spoken to Bobby Geddes of Dundee and asked him to send me a match photograph if he can find one from the local paper. I also asked about me sending goods only contracts to goalkeepers I felt were worthy of it, with me signing on behalf of uhlsport, and it was agreed that I could do this within the sorts of limits that I knew about. I will therefore offer a contract to Alan Main, the Dundee United reserve and renew the contract of Les Fridge, St.Mirren. I then told him that I had received a cheque from France for my January, February promotional work, but it was drawn on a French bank rather than U.K. and therefore it will probably be another 3 weeks at least before I actually receive the money. As yet no sign of the expenses over the same period. I also told him that I had been told that Jill was on holiday this week and Claude was in France this week. It does not help that both are away at the same time.

28th March 1989 5.00

Herve Coulombel of Line 7 phoned me, which I had requested him to do, regarding payment of my promotional work. A cheque had just arrived but drawn on a French bank, not U.K. as previously, so it will be over 3 weeks before I actually receive the money. He said that as Mrs.Jomard of F.D.I. Log Box was on holiday he could not arrange a British payment. We also discussed the continuing other problems as nothing had changed and he said that also from his viewpoint nothing had changed. France has not done any British Invoices or Credits for goods supplied by Line 7 during 1989 as they are too busy and Mr.Noel has told them not to do it.

29th March 1989 1.50

Reinhard phoned to ask about Scoreline and I outlined the situation as I understood it, and the connection between Scoreline and Sperrin Textiles. I think that the scheme has not worked, although it is a good idea in principal, but not thoroughly enough thought about before being put in to operation.

29th March 1989 3.05

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to request 2 pairs 025 size 10 and they were sent to him (No.93). He also wanted 2 pairs 096 size 10 but as they were no longer available, I sent him 1 pair 034 size 10, 1 pair 040 size 10 as well.