19th April 1989 9.25

Tony Norman, Sunderland, phoned to request 2 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of 040 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.3). He originally wanted a pair of 034 but I told him they were no longer available.

19th April 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

19th April 1989 2.00

Ian Walker, Tottenham, phoned to request 2 pairs 040 size 9, and they were sent to him (No.4).

19th April 1989 2.15

Neil Ramsay, agent for Neville Southall, phoned to ask for some goods for him. He said that he wanted Tee shirts, Tracksuits etc., and I told him that these goods were not stocked or sold in the U.K., but that over the past year Neville had been sent a good selection of training items. He had previously asked me for a Mens size tracksuit and I had passed this request on to Germany (7/2/89). He said that he urgently needed gloves, but Neil Ramsay did not know which styles, so 2 pairs 034 size 8.5, 2 pairs 040 size 8.5, 2 pairs 019 size 8.5, 2 pairs 015 size 8.5 were sent to him by first class post (No.5).

19th April 1989 3.55-4.18

I phoned Reinhard to ask about the tracksuit ordered for Neville Southall on 7th February. He said that he would investigate and arrange for a tracksuit to be sent if it had not already happened. He told me that he had spoken to Erik Thorstvedt, who had signed the contract, and that if he contacted me for goods he could have them. I said that the German small goalkeepers brochure was good, and that a similar one for the U.K. would be fine. I asked him how the brochure was going to be sent to the goalkeepers and this he did not know, but would investigate for me. I also asked him to look into the possibility of uhlsport supplying gloves with a plain velcro strap, which I could then put the customers name on, the scheme that is offered by some German retailers. Again he said he would let me know later.

20th April 1989 2.45

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned to request some goods and 2 pairs 040 size 9, 1 only 544 Silver XL, 1 cap were sent to him (No.6). A catalogue was also sent but I warned him that not all of the goods are available in this country, or to him free of charge. With this phone call he originally wanted a 585 jersey but I said that this was not available for promotional so he took 544 instead.

21st April 1989 10.00

Reinhard phoned to say that it was possible to supply any of their gloves with a plain velcro strap and for me to print the customers name on. He had details of the machines that do the printing and would send me copies. He said that there was no minimum quantity on the gloves and delivery should be maximum 2 months. I suggested the 019 glove, and I asked about the possibility of offering the service on the Green version as we already sell the Orange. I realise that Line 7 might object but this will have to be discussed. I said that I would consider the possibilities and let him know as it also had to be decided how the gloves would be supplied and paid for, either through Line 7 or direct from Germany. If from Germany or at a better price, this would give us extra margin which we would spend in putting the name on the glove so that the customer would pay roughly the same price. The whole idea sounds very good to me and if it can be put together will be an advantage uhlsport will have over their competitors. Reinhard also told me that Line 7 had decided to include the 015 gloves in the U.K. range, apparently it had been originally dropped because they do not sell it in France.

21st April 1989 4.25

Stuart Ford, Rotherham, phoned me to ask about sponsorship, having been given my name by Line 7. I have never heard of him and he certainly has never played in the Football League. He said that he presently had a contract with Sondico which expires in about a month. I told him that he could purchase gloves at the special reduced prices and I sent him details, but he could not have gloves free of charge.

24th April 1989 9.05

Bryan Bond of Reusch U.K. phoned as he has received a fax from Reusch in Germany asking him to send gloves to the Aberdeen goalkeeper. The fax did not give the goalkeepers name or the glove size. We assumed that it must be Theo Snelders, and he was checking with me as he thought that he was under contract with uhlsport. I confirmed that he was under contract with uhlsport. He did not know why he had been sent the fax but I would guess that Reusch in Germany have just realised that Germany are playing Holland in the World Cup and that Theo Snelders is likely to be in goal for Holland. If there are any further developments I will keep you informed.

24th April 1989 3.55

Reinhard phoned to say that Peter Shilton had phoned him to ask for a pair of tracksuit trousers. I said that he probably means the 554 goalkeepers trousers, which I had sent him a pair from my stock about 1 month ago, but they were the Indonesian ones that do not fit very well. I only have this style in stock. I also told Reinhard about the Reusch phone call and Theo Snelders.

26th April 1989

I bopught and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

29th April 4.00

Claude Groleas phoned about various matters, and asked if Alan Gough of Portsmouth should be offered a money contract. I said in my opinion no, as he might have played for Ireland Under 18 and Under 21, but he is 3rd choice at Portsmouth, a 2nd Division club, and the current 2nd choice, Alan Knight, is on a goods only contract. Alan Knight was first choice for most of the season but lost his place because of injury and since getting fit again has remained in the reserves.

4th May 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

5th May 1989 11.32-11.41

I phoned Peter Simmons of Scoreline to find out what was happening next season as there are rumours in the trade that a receiver has been brought in to Sperrin Textiles, the owners of Scoreline. He confirmed that this was correct and although there was hope it would be sold as a going concern this would probably not be known for about 2 weeks. Certainly he would be planning to supply Scoreline, rather than uhlsport goalkeepers jerseys, to the clubs they have under contract. I mentioned Stoke City and it was agreed that I should tell Stoke that Scoreline intend to supply Scoreline goalkeepers jerseys for the club to use.

I noticed that in recent Scottish Cup semi-final Andy Goram of Hibernian was wearing Sondico Match Pro gloves, although according to my records he is under uhlsport contract until 5th November 1989. As he was paid in full at the start of his contract, the contract has a clause that should he break it then the amount has to be repaid in full within 28 days.

6th May 1989 11.03-11.16

I phoned Mike Richardson of Romida Sports to try and sort out the Andy Goram situation. He was very vague and said that he no longer acted for him and had not spoken to him for months. I asked him about the contract and my letter to him of 31st May 1988, he said that he sort of remembered the letter and his feeling was that the contract was signed and payment made by Readers around January 1986, not the 5th November 1986 shown on the contract. My letter had asked him to contact me if he disagreed but he had not done so. I pointed out that in the almost 2 seasons I had been dealing with the uhlsport promotional side, I had only once received a request for goods from Andy Goram, 15th April 1988, in response to my letter of 29th March 1988, and the gloves he asked for were sent to him the same day. When he called I asked him for his home address and phone number so that I could contact him if needed, but he would not give them to me. Mr.Richardson was not at all helpfull during todays phone call and I do not think that I will get any more information from him.