8th May 1989 10.33-10.51

I phoned Mark Wellbelove of Readers to try and find out about Andy Goram and his contract. He was not personally involved in his signing, and the people who were have now left Readers, but he would try and find out what he could for me and let me know an answer. I told him that the written contract said November 1986, but others have been saying that it was much earlier than this.

8th May 1989 11.47-11.53

I phoned Tony Marsden of Sondico to ask if he knew anything about the Andy Goram situation. He said that he did not but as they do not presently have anybody looking after the promotional/contract side it might take him a little time to find out if he is under contract to Sondico or not. I do not think that Sondico have knowingly done anything wrong, but as the uhlsport/Andy Goram contract involved money I think that it is worth finding out the facts.

8th May 1989 1.53-2.26

I phoned Reinhard to tell him about Andy Goram using Sondico gloves. I explained the situation as well as I could and that I was trying to check with both Sondico and Readers what the situation was. We than discussed getting the goalkeepers to attend E.X.S.L. in London September 17th-19th, and this was thought to be a good idea with uhlsport/Line 7 paying the expenses. In many ways the more goalkeepers who attend the better. I said that I would keep in contact with him about Andy Goram.

8th May 1989 2.30

Mark Wellbelove of Readers phoned back to say that Readers had sent Andy Goram a £xx cheque (cheque number 1823) on 14th November 1986. I thanked him for his help.

8th May 1989 2.34-2.37

I phoned Reinhard to pass this information on to him about the Andy Goram cheque. The situation seems to be that the contract was signed by uhlsport and dated 5th November 1986, sent to Andy Goram who signed it and returned it to Readers, who then on 14th November 1986 sent him the agreed £xx cheque.

8th May 1989 2.55

Terry Gennoe of Blackburn phoned to request 2 pairs 096 size 9, and they were sent to him (No.7).

10th May 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match", along with photocopy of an article about Theo Snelders from "Punter".

10th May 1989 2.35

Reinhard phoned to ask about goalkeepers whose paid contracts expired in the near future. He asked about Nigel Spink of Aston Villa, and I said that all things considered he was probably worth offering a new contract to at a similar amount, £xx , or increased by inflation to £xx - £xx . I did point out that he asks for about 30 pairs of gloves a season, style 015, and this should be borne in mind when money is offered. With reference to Alan Rough, I pointed out that although he was now at Hamilton this was mainly as a coach rather than as a player. I also said that he had very rarely asked me for gloves although he has been using uhlsport whenever I have seen photos. He is not worth offering money to, but can have free goods if wanted. Reinhard asked if I knew about Sperrin, and I told him what I knew and that I had told Claude last week about it. I think next season there are bound to be even more delivery problems than usual on football textiles. Perhaps an ideal time to push sales of 539, 655, 543, 544 jerseys. He also said that he had written to Andy Goram with a copy to me.

10th May 1989 3.55

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 10 urgently and they were sent to him (No.8).

10th May 1989

I sent Reinhard a copy of next season's Umbro price list and catalogue, to keep his records up to date.

11th May 1989 10.05

Tony Godden, now at Sheffield Wednesday, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 9, and they were sent to him (No.9).

12th May 1989 10.17

Reinhard phoned to say that he was sending the transparencies of the 655 jersey that I had asked for. I then asked him about the promotional side for next season, did he want me to produce another leaflet, and continue to sell to professionals with League clubs. I said that as Claude has in the past not wished to be involved I would assume that this would still apply. We agreed that I should produce another leaflet for the 1989-90 season, approx. cost £250, and send the bill to Germany or deduct it when settling up the bill for the goods that I sold to the professionals. The other advantage is that the leaflet can be sent to the contracted players to show the goods that they can chose from, as if the uhlsport International catalogue is sent the goalkeepers wthen want gloves like 019 (Green), 025 and tracksuits, holdalls etc., none of which Line 7 sell in the U.K. I repeated that I thought that Line 7 should be involved and deciding these things, but at the moment there are no signs of Claude wanting to get more involved.

12th May 1989 4.05

Neville Southall's agent, Neil Ramsay, phoned to request some goods for him and 1 pair 554 trousers XL were sent (No.10). The other goods that he wanted like leisurewear, holdall, padded shorts etc, I could not help with. I pointed out that these sort of items were either not sold in the U.K. or not included in what the goalkeepers would normally receive free of charge. I pointed out that from memory he had already had 3 pairs of padded shorts this season along with a holdall and a package of special leisurewear items. I also pointed out that from his last phone call to me on 19th April when it was said that Neville urgently needed gloves, in the 4 games after the phone call over the next 2 weeks or so he was wearing styles different to what I had sent him, so perhaps he was not so desperate for gloves after all. Mr.Ramsay agreed that great goalkeeper that he is, he is also a bit of a nuisance regarding kit, and is very exceptionally quick in discarding items once they are used. I then asked if he could arrange for Neville to attend the E.X.S.L. trade show in London on Sunday 17th September. He agreed that Neville should attend if possible, and suggested that I send the invitation etc., to him at Simply Good Advice. xxxx Tel: xx . He added that Neville had recently been sent some autograph cards and miniature gloves, but most had got lost in the post, presumably faulty packaging. I offered to pass the information on to Germany, but he said that he had already done so.

I spoke to Claude, as usual on a Saturday, and he informed me that Mr.Noel had informed him that he could not agree to attaching stickers on the outside of uhlsport boxes in France for deliveries to the U.K., and therefore the magazine/catalogue could not go ahead. I asked Claude about the goods which were sent from Hayes, but he said that as most were being sent from France it was not practical to do this either.

15th May 1989 9.42-9.47

I phoned Tony Marsden at Sondico to see if there was any news about Andy Goram of Hibernian. He told me that on checking their records he can find no trace of a contract with him or even any discussions. Therefore presumably he is just choosing to wear Sondico gloves.