26th June 1989

I wrote to Herve Coulombel in France to request payment of the £607 owing to me for the uhlsport promotional work, my letter dated 12th May to Claude having received no response. I also asked for re-negotiation of the terms for the promotional work as there is nothing in writing.

26th June 1989

I sent to Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, 2 pairs 036 size 10 (No.22), which he had ordered at the Bournemouth Trade Show in March, having just received these gloves in the post from Germany.

27th June 1989 4.25

Reinhard phoned me to discuss the various points raised in my various letters. The promotional stock can be sent to Line 7 and then on to me. He said that the despatch department had quoted delivery at the end of August but he was trying to improve this. He had received the request re: Bobby Geddes and I suggested that he reduced the quantities as he had asked for a great deal. Reinhard had heard from "Malin Management" regarding Andy Goram. They said that the contract was signed in January 1986 and payment was received in February 1986 from Readers. They therefore consider that Andy Goram had honoured his contract. Reinhard said that he had no budget for 1989 so would not be looking to sign him again even if Andy Goram was interested. I then asked him about Nigel Spink and Theo Snelders who were now out of paid contracts. He said that uhlsport certainly wanted to sign Theo Snelders and he would think about Nigel Spink. I asked him for some more "goods only" contracts for me to use. The Golden Glove competition was organised by their Italian agent, Gartners, through "Super Goal" magazine. He said that there was no reason why something similar should not be considered for the U.K. uhlsport still sponsor the I.F.F.H.S. goalkeeper of the year award. I said that I was still having the usual problems with Line 7 including getting paid for promotional work. Reinhard said that some changes were taking place with Line 7 for the future and hopefully they will be changes for the better. Reinhard also asked me for a Reusch price list and I said that I would photocopy mine.

27th June 1989

I photocopied and sent to Reinhard my copy of the Reusch price list.

28th June 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

28th June 1989 4.21-4.27

I phoned Phil Parkes to ask about his coaching trip to Denmark. He said that he had made contact with uhlsport's Danish agent, who visited the course, and it is possible that they will get involved for the 1990 course.

29th June 1989 1.50

Herve phoned me in answer to my question regarding the £607 promotional work bill. I had phoned him about 15 minutes earlier and he said that he could not answer at once but would phone me back. Herve said that a letter had been sent to me on 19th June (which had not yet arrived), saying that Line 7 agreed to future £1,500 joint advertising with Sukan, but would not pay the £607 I claimed was owing to cover the tax liability. I told him that this was not acceptable to me, Line 7 had taken over the terms that I had with Readers, and they could not suddenly change it. He said that Line 7 had not agreed to pay my tax and I told him that Line 7 had carried on with the existing arrangement, which was paying me gross not nett. He said that things would change in the U.K. in the future, to which I said I had heard this before, and my concern at the moment is the past 12 months outstanding bills not the future. He again said that Line 7 would not pay so I told him that I would no longer do promotional work for Line 7. He said that he would check with Mr.Noel and phone me on Monday 3rd July. He said that he planned to visit England in September, could we not sort out the future then and I said this was too late could he not come sooner. After much discussion it was left that unless the £607 was paid quickly I would stop the promotional work.

29th Juine 1989

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request an uhlsport catalogue and one was sent to him (No.23).

29th June 1989 3.51-3.53

I phoned uhlsport to inform them of my discussion with Herve, Reinhard is in Norway but the message would be passed on.

3rd July 1989 10.25

Reinhard phoned me regarding the problem with my payment by France. He said that he had spoken to Herve and suggested that this amount should be paid by France, as per the agreement. He told me that Herve should be phoning me later today and from uhlsport's point of view they very much wish me to continue with the promotional work. He asked about the E.X.S.L. exhibition in London and I said that it was the major U.K. sports trade show and people like Peter Shilton should be asked to attend. I had already told Neville Southall's agent, that uhlsport would like Neville to attend, see my note of 12th May. I also told Reinhard that Phil Parkes had met uhlsport's Danish agent, but he already knew this as he himself had met the agent at the Frans Hoek goalkeeping school in Norway last week.

3rd July 1989 1.55

Herve Coulombel phoned to say that after discussions with Mr.Noel and Reinhard it was now agreed that Line 7 were responsible for paying the tax on the payments regarding the promotional work. He agreed that future tax was also to be paid and he would visit England in September. At that time the promotional work will be discussed and a written agreement will be set out.

4th July 1989

I received back from Alan Knight, Portsmouth, a signed 2 years goods only contract.

4th July 1989 12.50

Reinhard phoned me regarding my note of 7th June and Swansea City requesting football sponsorship as they are in the European Cup Winners Cup next season. I explained that Swansea, who are in the English 3rd Division, will represent Wales in the competition, but have really no chance of success or great publicity.

4th July 1989 4.55

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to thank me for the 036 gloves recently sent to him, and to ask about the other goods ordered at the Bournemouth Trade Show in March. I explained that they had been ordered by me at once but many of the new items were not at that time in stock but on show for the forthcoming 1989-90 season. He asked me for some more gloves and jerseys and 2 pairs 015 size 10, 1 544 Green XL, 1 535 Green XL were sent to him (No.24). He also wanted another 544 Green XL and a 544 Sky XL but I do not have these at the moment either in promotional or Sukan stock (Have been on order with Line 7 for a long time). I will send them on when available. We also talked about Ireland and the fact that they will probably reach the World Cup Finals in Italy. Gerry is 2nd choice goalkeeper for Ireland behind Pat Bonner of Celtic. I know that Pat Bonner is contracted to Umbro but I asked Gerry to check with him and see when his contract will be up and if he is interested in wearing uhlsport gloves. He used to wear the 034 earlier in his career and during the European Championships in Germany last year he got several items of uhlsport clothing from Axel Stokinger. Gerry said that he would check with him.

5th July 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of Shoot and Match.

6th July 1989

I received back from Graham Benstead of Sheffield United a signed 2 year goods only contract.