2nd October 1987 4.55

Rhys Jones, Colchester apprentice, phoned to request gloves either 083, 093 or 015 size 9 or 9.5. His home address is xx Tel: xx . He said that previously he had got gloves through an arrangement with Lamberts of Colchester, but now Lamberts have said it will have to be done direct with Readers. I said that I was not optomistic about his getting free gloves as with the existing contracts etc., the available amount of free gloves were already earmarked. He said that the Colchester programme states that "all Colchester goalkeepers will wear uhlsport jerseys and gloves" What is the arrangement that has been made with Colchester? Graham Benstead is at present on loan from Norwich, while I understand the next in line is Trevor Lake, who used to be at West Ham. If there is an agreement with Colchester, why does Trevor Lake appear in the team photo wearing a New Olympic jersey?

6yj October 1987 1.10

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to ask for 2 pairs 015 size 9.5, 2 pairs 021 size 9.5, 1 pair trousers XL. He has moved home to xx Tel: xx . I asked him about jerseys, he wore a 585 Silver/Black in game v Southampton which was on TVS, since then I have seen him wearing Umbro, although the team kit suppliers are Admiral. Apparently a couple of referee's had hinted that there was too much black on the 585, and also he was not too keen on the padded front. I asked if we sent a 500 Silver Grey jersey Large would he wear it, and he said yes, certainly Admiral would not appear to have any objections.

6th October 1987 1.50

Bryan Gunn, Norwich, phoned to request 4 pairs 015 size 9.5 and a pair of 573 trousers XL. I asked him about jerseys and he said that he was still using the 585, Sportline had said nothing to him or apparently raised any objections. I said that I would see if the other jerseys he had on order, 1 Green 585 XL, 1 Silver 585 XL, had arrived yet.

6th October 1987

Received a letter from Jim Leighton, Aberdeen, asking if any news on the training suit and holdall that he has on order with Germany. Also he sent an undeveloped film which he had taken after my earlier request. I tiook the film in for it to be developed.

7th October 1987 11.00

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request 2 pairs 021 size 9. He also said that he was going to be in the first team on Saturday, so I arranged to send him immediately the 2 uhlsport jerseys.

7th October 1987 4.00

Alec Chamberlain, Everton, phoned to request 2 pairs 093, 1 size 8.5 the other size 9 and a pair of 573 trousers XL. Goods to be sent to Bellefield Training Ground. He also asked for a goalkeepers cap, but I said that unfortunately there were none available at the moment. He also wanted a catalogue sent to him.

7th October 1987 10.00 p.m.

Ian Walker phoned me at home to request gloves as per the arrangement with Eric Howes, Readers. Apparently it was agreed that he would be supplied with kit during his 2 years at the F.A. School. His father, Mike, is the Colchester manager and Colchester have contracts with uhlsport. He wants 1 pair 096 size 9, 1 pair 084 size 9 to be sent to F.A. G. M. National School, Lilleshall.

8th October 1987 11.45

Tony Norman, Hull, phoned to say that he urgently requires 2 pairs 040 size 9.5. He would also like a pair of 013 size 9.5 to have a look at and try.

9th October 1987 2.30

Billy Stewart, Chester, phoned to request 1 pair 084 size 10, 1 pair 096 size 10 and 2 pairs 554 trousers XL. I said that he was not under contract as far as I was aware, and he agreed, but said that the club had received goods before and it was the club who had told him to phone up for goods. I left it that I would check out the situation regarding supply.

12th October 1987 10.00

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned to see if any news on shorts and tracksuit ordered on 23rd September. I said that they were not stocked in England but had to come from Germany, and therefore liable to delay. He also said that he liked the 015 gloves very much.

12th October 1987 12.50

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to see if the gloves ordered on 6th October had been sent, as they had not reached him. I phoned Readers just after 2 o'clock with a request for it to be looked into and for me to be phoned back with an answer. I did not hear so phoned again about 4.20. The young lady I had spoken to earlier had gone home, but I was told that they were being despatched today.

12th October 1987 1.10

Terry Gennoe, Blackburn, phoned to request 2 pairs 096 size 9. Also about 12 months ago he was sent a dark blue tracksuit, the zip of which has now broken. Could he please have another one, size 6' 2" in Dark Blue, which apparently he mainly uses on the coach when travelling to games.

At Bournemouth Trade Show was informed by Sondico that they have signed John Lukic. They were not sure when this was coming into effect but they thought January 1st. I informed Mark Wellbelove of this.

While talking to Puma I learnt that they are talking to Neville Southall about him using their gloves, which he has been trying out. This is their Reusch made German gloves, not the cheaper Taiwan made. I made further enquiries which suggest that his Sondico contract expires at the end of this year, and he is looking to sign for a different company as he no longer likes their gloves. When he signed, the Sondico gloves were Reusch made, but now they come from a different German manufacturer. He is obviously somebody who should be contacted, although the price may be what I consider very high. I believe that it is about £xx a year from Sondico. With reference to Puma, he is now contracted to them for boots. Once I had this information on 12th October I left a message at Readers for Mark Wellbelove.

Saw 1st October issue of "Sports Retailing", with advert on front cover. The text on page 1 gives the 535 jersey colours as listed in your price list. I believe that the price list is incorrect, as previously pointed out, and the colours available are as illustrated in the uhlsport catalogue.

14th October 1987 11.20

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned to request another jersey similar to one he already has. From description it would appear to be a 585 XL, he wants Grey, and I told him that I thought there were none of this style available. He said he would accept a Grey in whatever was available, and I suggested a 500 in Large to Danielle. Spall sponsor Wolves kit and I asked him if he wore the jersey in matches and he said yes.