27th September 1989 10.40-10.43

I phoned Herve to ask for payment of the promotional work for July, August which had still not arrived. He said that yesterday he authorised the August payment to be sent to me but he did not have the July invoice. I asked if I gave him the amounts involved would he then arrange for immediate payment, and he said yes and asked me to send copies of the July invoices to him.

28th September 1989 12.10

Jeff Weston of Jerome Anderson Agency phoned regarding a dinner Arsenal are holding in November to celebrate their championship win. He wanted to know if uhlsport, because John Lukic is contracted to them, would like to book a table or take an advert for the evening. I said I did not think so but if he would like to send me full details I would pass it on for him.

28th September 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

2nd October 1989 2.20

Roger Freestone, Chelsea (soon to go on loan to Swansea), called in to collect 2 pairs 554 trousers XL, 2 pairs 040 size 9.5 (No.81). He also wanted some elbow pads and I said that I did not have any uhlsport elbow pads but I gave him a pair of Sukan elbow pads from our stock.

2nd October 1989 4.55

Bobby Geddes, Dundee, phoned to ask if I was responsible for selling uhlsport goods to shops as the Dundee F.C. shop was wanting to buy gloves. I said that I was not but gave him Line 7's name, address and phone number, so that the club could contact them. I then asked if he had received the money from Germany and he said no not yet. I apologised and told him that when I next spoke to Germany I would ask them about it.

3rd October 1989 12.55

Peter Shilton, Derby, phoned to ask me for a jersey as he was still awaiting some from Germany. 1 only 544 Green XL was sent to him (No.82). He also asked for Reinhard's telephone number as he has had difficulty in speaking to him. He also asked for Line 7's phone number and these I gave him.

4th October 1989 11.00

Reinhard phoned from Germany as he had received my September report. He asked about Bonni Ginzburg and it was agreed that he would check with Glasgow Rangers himself. We also talked about Craig Forrest at Ipswich, Reinhard would think about it before deciding. I told him about Peter Shilton's jersey which he knew about as he had himself spoken to Peter Shilton yesterday. I also said that Bobby Geddes was still waiting for the payment of the V.A.T. charges, and Reinhard informed me that by now he should have received it as it was sent about a week ago.

5th October 1989 4.15

John Burridge, now Newcastle having been transferred from Southampton, phoned to say that after his first game for Newcastle last night he has been impressed by the enthusiasm at the club. He wore an uhlsport 544 jersey, the club are kitted out by Umbro, and the commercial manager asked him where he got the jersey as if he is going to wear it he thinks that they should try and sell some through the club shop. I did not say anything to him but of course the smallest size is Mens in this style, whereas I would expect them to want to buy mainly childrens sizes. John gave my name to the commercial manager so I will pass details on to Line 7. Because of this popularity John Burridge started talking about a paid uhlsport contract and I said that Reinhard in Germany made money decisions not me. He will certainly be a popular goalkeeper wherever he plays but Newcastle are now a 2nd Division club and he is 37 years old. He is possibly worth some money but not a large amount or for a long time, bearing in mind he has not been paid in the past and is given a fair amount of free goods.

5th October 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

9th October 1989 1.41-1.45

I phoned Jill at Line 7 to pass on the information for Jim McNamara that both Dundee and Newcastle are interested in purchasing uhlsport goods for their club shops.

9th October 1989 2.10-2.44

I phoned Reinhard to update him on various matters. I have noticed that Bologna in Italy have been wearing in training shirts and shorts with the uhlsport logo in stripes down the arms and legs. He said that they were not an International item but produced under licence by their Italian agent. I then asked about socks with the logo on them and they are available in Black with either White, Blue or Red trim. I was really wanting with Green, Silver or Orange trim to co-ordinate with the jerseys we sold. I told him that John Burridge was now with Newcastle and that he might be looking for a paid contract. After discussing the matter he felt that he would not be able to offer a paid contract, but might be able to offer a royalty on jerseys sold in the club shop if John Burridge really felt that him wearing the jersey would create a large demand and sales. I had pointed out that the 544 is not available in childrens sizes and that Umbro may stop him wearing an uhlsport jersey anyway. We then discussed what I think is a continuing problem with Line 7. Last Tuesday I asked Jill what was the situation with the outstanding orders. She said that she could not tell me now but would check and get back to me by the end of the week. Not having heard I phoned again today and was told that she had done nothing about it as she was so busy but would try to do it by the end of this week. This will mean that it takes about 9 days to answer a customers query as to when they can expect delivery of goods ordered weeks ago. To my mind this is not acceptable and certainly does nothing to improve uhlsports business in the U.K.

10th October 1989 4.25

Jill phoned to try and sort out the Sukan outstanding balances. The list she had was incomplete but eventually we agreed and it transpired that some 015 and 013 gloves I ordered in August had still not been ordered for me. Jill told me that as they were in the Line 7 price list she was expecting supplies. I told her that it was my understanding from Herve that he had no intention of stocking the 015 and 013 in the U.K. so unless she orders them for me I will never receive them. Our conversation ended with me asking her to please try and sort it out for me.

11th October 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

12th October 1989

I received a letter from Les Fridge, St.Mirren, to say that he has changed his address to xxx .