30th November 1989 2.25

John Burridge, Newcastle, phoned to request some goods and 1 pair 036 size 9 (all that I could spare from my stock), 1 only 544 Green XL, 1 only 544 Sky XL were sent to him (No.12).

30th November 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

5th December 1989 9.15

Reinhard phoned to discuss various matters and to inform me that the promotional goods ordered should leave Germany during the next few days. He asked about the Glasgow Rangers goalkeeper Bonni Ginzburg, who we had previously discussed. I told him that he was back in the reserves with Chris Woods playing for the first team. Apparently Bernt Killat has offered him to uhlsport for £xx a year, my feeling is that it should be goods only or say a payment of £xx for every first team league or cup game played. Reinhard had noticed that Tom Carson was playing for Dundee, not Bobby Geddes, and I pointed out that Bobby Geddes received money and I did not think it was worth offering money again when his present contract expires. Reinhard expected to come to England week commencing 8th January 1990, and hopefully we can meet up with Herve to try and resolve some of the outstanding problems.

6th December 1989 11.45

Pat Jennings, the former Northern Ireland international, who still wears uhlsport in the various charity games he plays around the world, phoned to ask for a pair of gloves for his son. 1 pair 031 size 7 were sent to him (No.13).

7th December 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

14th December 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

18th December 1989 10.45

Tony Norman, Sunderland, phoned to order some goods and 2 pairs 040 size 9.5, 1 pair 015 size 9.5, 1 pair 019 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.14). He wanted the 019 Green like Neville Southall wore in a televised game yesterday, but I pointed out that he had got these from Germany and that in the U.K. they were only sold with Orange trim and that is what I could send him. I also asked him for his new home address: xxx .

18th December 1989 4.05

Kevin Pressman, Sheffield Wednesday, phoned to request 2 pairs 036 size 9. I told him that I did not have any at the moment but hoped to have some this week and I would send them on as soon as they were available.

19th December 1989 9.10

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to request some gloves and 2 pairs 015 size 19, 1 pair Safe Plus 677 shinguards were posted to him (No.15).

19th December 1989 10.45

Jim McNamara of Line 7 phoned to ask me to help him by sending some gloves to Keith Granger, Darlington reserve goalkeeper, who has been and is helping with training courses. He also asked if I had any training clothing and I said nothing special, only normal jerseys and trousers. I told him the situation with Pat Bonner of Cletic and that Reinhard had asked me for a Glasgow Rangers badge regarding publicity material with the football contract. He asked for size 9 gloves for Keith Granger although I pointed out that he usually had size 8.5 from me.

19th December 1989

I sent to Keith Granger, Darlington, along with a note of explanation, 1 pair 041 size 9, 1 pair 031 size 9 (No.16).

adidas phoned me to ask about goalkeepers gloves as they wanted information before finalising their range, which they will be introducing next season. They have neglected goalkeepers in the U.K. for about 5 years but now say they will be trying quite hard to get a reasonable market share. At the moment it will probably be 4 gloves to retail around £13, £20, £24, £30 plus some clothing. They have not yet finalised the range but will contact me in February when they have done so.

20th December 1989 2.20

Reinhard phoned to say that he would be coming to see me on Wednesday January 10th with Herve. He also wants to see Peter Shilton during his visit and asked who they were playing in the F.A.Cup on Saturday January 6th, as they may have a replay during the following week which would upset his plans. I said that I did not know but would find out and let him know tomorrow.

21st December 1989 9.52-9.56

I phoned Reinhard to tell him that Derby were playing away to Port Vale on Sunday January 7th in the F.A.Cup and that I thought it quite possible that the game would end in a draw and there have to be a replay.

21st December 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

29th December 1989

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks idssues of "Shoot" and "Match".

Kevin Pressman, Sheffield Wednesday, was injured in a game on January 1st and will not play again this season and therefore I will not send him the 036 gloves he asked for on 18th December, when they become available shortly.

3rd January 1990 3.55

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to ask for 2 pairs 036 size 9.5, and they were sent to him (No.17)

4th January 1990

I bought and sent to Reinhrad this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

4th January 1990 2.50

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned to order some gloves and 2 pairs 036 size 9, 2 pairs 019 size 9 were sent to him (No.18).

4th January 1990

Having received stocks I was able to send to John Lukic, Arsenal, 1 pair 036 size 10 (No.19).

5th January 1990 12.45

Alan Main, Dundee United, phoned to request some gloves and 2 pairs 036 size 9, 1 pair 031 size 9, 1 glove bag were sent to him (No.20).

8th January 1990 2.30

Terry Gennoe, Blackburn, phoned to request some gloves urgently required. I had only 1 pair 031 size 9 and they were sent to him (No.21). Other pairs to be sent on when available.

10th January 1990

Having received further supplies 2 pairs 031 size 9 were sent to Terry Gennoe, Blackburn (No.23).

10th January 1990

I received a letter from Mel Rees, Watford, (now on loan to Leyton Orient) and 2 pairs 036 size 9, 1 pair 031 size 9 were sent to him (No.22).