14th October 1987 12.00

Notts County phoned regarding jerseys for Mick Leonard. He has received 3 jerseys recently, 2 of which fit, one of which is too large. He wants 2 more jerseys, if possible to include Red, if not 1 Green, 1 Grey. I phoned Danielle to see what he had been sent.

14th October 1987 12.10

Notts County phoned back to say that I should ignore the previous phone call. He now wants 518 Yellow/Black XL, W000P Green XL or W000S Green XL. I said that I thought XL would be too big in W000 and suggested Large. Will decide when Danioelle informs me of what he had previously been sent. Danielle phoned back to say there was no written record of what he had been sent.

14th October 1987

Sent a letter to Jim Leighton sending him most of the photos I had developed, along with an answer about holdall and tracksuit.

14th October 1987

Ordered 200 colour print 5" x 3.5" of Jim Leighton from Quality Colour Laboratories.

15th October 1987 2.50

John Lukic, Arsenal, phoned to order for himself 3 pairs 015 size 9, 2 pairs 096 size 9 plus for Rhys Wilmot 2 pairs 096 size 9.5, for Andrew Marriott 2 pairs 096 size 9 and for Alan Miller 2 pairs 096 size 9. He also asked if I had passed on his request of 10th September regarding a future contract, which I confirmed I had. He said that he would like a quick answer as he had received an offer from another company (would not say who or how much), and would like to be able to make a decision soon. He confirmed that his current verbal agreement lasted until the end of this season, and that any change would not start until next season. Please would you contact him as soon as possible with an answer, or at least an indication that you wish to re-sign him.

15th October 1987 4.30

Kevin Shoemake, Peterborough, phoned to say that the club had been informed that Don Howe was no longer acting for uhlsport, and that the club were still waiting for 8 pairs of Air Safe Senior shinpads, as agreed with Don Howe. Kevin also asked for the goalkeepers 2 XL 527 Green/Black jerseys, which he says will be used in league games. Apparently Peterborough have had 30 uhlsport footballs.

16th October 12.50

John Burridge phoned to say the goalkeepers jerseys were okay and that he was in the first team v Watford.

16th October 1987 12.55

Keith Granger, Southampton 3rd team keeper, who has had free issue gloves in the past, phoned to request 1 pair 021 size 9, 1 pair 040 size 9, 1 pair 014 size 9. To be sent to his home address xx .

16th October 1987 4.50-5.00 Assorted phone calls.

Tried to phone Neville Southall, but the number given on Readers information is now incorrect. Then phoned Martin Thomas at Newcastle to see if he could help as they are fellow Welsh internationals and Everton are playing at Newcastle tomorrow. He could not and Neville is not fit to play anyway. Then phoned Eddie Niedzwiecki at Chelsea to see if he could help, and he would not pass on his home number but said that he would phone him for me, and ask Neville to give me a ring.

17th October 1987 11.00

Neville Southall phoned me and we discussed his contractual situation. His home phone number is xx . His Sondico contract finishes at the end of this season, and he says that he has not yet thought about what will happen after that. He has been trying Puma gloves in training, and does like the gloves but the fact that they at present only do one style of gloves may be to their disadvantage. We talked about the advantages of having a choice, not only for different weather conditions but to cope with the different balls. He had terrible trouble at Chelsea with a DerbyStar ball, and they also supply Wales with footballs. I suggested that we send him a few pairs of different gloves for him to try in training, and if he then likes the gloves a contract can be discussed later. He agreed, and also said that he would not come to a final decision without giving uhlsport an opportunity to put in an offer. He said that the main criteria for him was the quality of the gloves, rather than money, but I would guess at the end money would suddenly become important. Gloves to be sent to Everton training ground, Bellefield.

19th October 1987 4.00

Kevin Carr, Hartlepool, phoned to request 1 pair 084 size 8.5, 1 pair 014 size 8.5 and a catalogue. To be sent to his home address xx Tel: xx . He has been out injured so far this season, with Hartlepool using Phil Owers, then Mark Prudhoe on loan from Walsall. Kevin saw the 014 gloves as Mark Prudhoe was wearing them. He also mentioned the youngsters at the club getting gloves, and I said that there was no way they could be free of charge, but I would check on the price they would have to pay. Although Kevin should get the free gloves he has asked for (he was given free gloves last season), it is doubtfull whether there is much value in him getting free gloves.

20th October 1987

Posted Jim Leighton 100 colour photos.

20th October 1987 5.00-5.20

I phoned Mike Walker, Colchester manager, having received a message from my wife that he wanted to speak to me. It concerned the uncertainty regarding supplying Colchester as agreed with Eric Howes. The agreement he says, (surprise surprise nothing in writing) is that uhlsport in Germany offered Colchester a supply of footballs over 2 years (and this bit is in writing) and this is the first year of that agreement. In return Colchester have given 2 advertising boards around the ground, and insert a full page advert in every home programme. I asked him to send me a programme so that I could see the wording etc. Apart from the footballs it was agreed that all the Colchester goalkeepers would wear uhlsport gloves and jerseys, supplied free of charge, which the programme advert states. The reason that he wanted to speak to me was that Rhys Jones, who phoned me on 2nd October to request gloves, had still not received any, which contravened the agreement. I had passed the message on about Rhys Jones as soon as I was able, and informed Mike Walker of this. Did anything happen? He would now like a pair of 015 size 9.5, and a pair of Large trousers. All of this was arranged with Eric Howes, not Don Howe, but it was Don Howe who told Mike's son Ian (see note 7th October), that if he wanted gloves to just phone and ask. Don Howe was coaching at the F.A. School at Lilleshall, where Ian Walker is a student.

22nd October 1987 10.25

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned to say that he had received 2 jerseys, 1 585 XL Grey which is what he wanted and a 500 Grey Large. He will return the 500. He would also like a pair of 015 size 8.5.

22nd October 1987 1.05

Sammy Chung, Stoke City, phoned to ask for the following gloves, 2 pairs 040 size 8.5 for Peter Fox, 2 pairs 040 size 9 for Scott Barrett along with 3 glove bags including 1 for the apprentice. I asked him if the jerseys had arrived, which they had, and whether they were used in league games. They do use them in the league, but they cover the uhlsport logo with an Admiral logo, as Admiral supply the team strip. Therefore from a distance it will be seen to be an uhlsport jersey.

22nd October 1987 1.45

Steve Sherwood, Grimsby, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 10. He also ordered a cap, but I said that regrettably they were not available. When I passed on the request to Mark Wellbelove, he thought that this size was not in stock, so I gave him Steve's phone number so that something else could be sorted out if necessary.

26th Ocyober 1987

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned to request a pair of Black padded shorts Med, 2 pairs 093 size 9, glove bag and large holdall.

27th October 1987 3.05

Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, phoned to request 4 or 5 pairs size 10 either 096 or 034, 1 pair 573 XL trousers along with an XL jersey for training. He asked about supplying him with photos and I said that the problem with the photo he sent was that he was wearing a Hummel jersey. It was agreed that if he gets a photo taken in an uhlsport jersey and gloves that he would be supplied with photographs to give away.