24th January 1990 11.55

Stephen Oliver phoned to ask for continued sponsorship. I have never heard of him but he said that he was with Northampton Town and had previously had sponsorship when with Southend. He has certainly never played for either first team and nobody at Southend or Northampton has had promotional goods from me in the last 2 years plus. I said that I would send him details of the special offer scheme to League clubs. He asked for it to be sent to his home address but I said no I would send it to him at Northampton. He also said that he does coaching in the United States with Gordon Banks and Jim Platt and I said that this was outside my area of the U.K., as any promotional work in the United States would be done by uhlsport's United States agent.

24th January 1990

I wrote to Stephen Oliver at Northampton giving details of special prices scheme.

24th January 1990 4.50

Paul Newell of Southend phoned to see if he could have a contract with uhlsport. I told him that he could not have a contract, but he could be offered some uhlsport goods at special prices for League clubs. He is the reserve at Southend, almost 21 years old, and a leaflet was sent to him at the club.

25th January 1990 11.50

Priti of Dundee United phoned to ask whether Alan Main could be paid for wearing uhlsport gloves. I pointed out that in March 1989 he signed a 2 year goods only contract and therefore there was still over 1 year left on this contract. She said that he has been talking to other companies and they are prepared to give him money. When I asked who and how much she could/ would not say. She said that now he was in the first team he was worth money and the situation had changed. She said that the former first team goalkeeper, Billy Thomson, got money from uhlsport, but I pointed out that he was currently under contract to Reusch not uhlsport. I also pointed out that when the contract was offered to Alan Main he was in Dundee United reserves and the contract was offered in the hope that he would make it to the first team. I said that it was not my decision and that I would have to check with uhlsport in Germany and this I would do.

25th January 1990

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

25th January 1990 2.05

Ken Veysey, Torquay, phoned to ask if there was any chance of sponsorship by uhlsport. He had been speaking to Philippe of Line 7, who had told him to contact me. I explained that he could not get free gloves, only the ability to buy goods at the special prices, which he has been doing for the last year.

25th January 1990 2.55

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to ask for some goods and 2 pairs 550 XL, 1 only 543 Yellow XL, 1 glove bag were sent to him (No.29).

He should be fit to play again in about 1 week after his knee injury. He had an operation back in Holland, and he asked if I had the new gloves like 054, 058. I said that they were not yet available in the U.K.

25th January 1990 3.00

Don Howe, the Q.P.*. manager and coach to the England team, phoned to see if uhlsport were interested in supplying gloves to Tony Roberts the reserve at Q.P.*. The club expect to lose David Seaman to another club soon and it is likely that Tony Roberts would take his place. He is 20 years old, Welsh, and when he played a few games recently when David Seaman was injured, Neville Southall gave him 2 pairs of his gloves to use! I told Don that certainly uhlsport would be prepared to supply him with gloves free of charge, and he would tell Tony Roberts this and he would then contact me direct for details of styles and size etc.

29th January 1990

I received a letter from Paul Malcolm, the former Doncaster goalkeeper, saying that now he has retired from football he is starting to do goalkeepers coaching and could he get sponsorship. I wrote back to him saying that I did not really deal with what he was asking about, and had sent a copy of his letter to Herve Coulombel at Line 7, for him to give an answer.

29th January 1990 9.30

Reinhard phoned and I said that the new shorts could best be called "Support Undershort". If they did have thermal qualities then "Thermal Support Undershort" would be better. I also told him about the letter from Paul Malcolm and the action I was taking. I also said about the request from Dundee United for a money contract for Alan Main, and he told me that he would think about it and give me an answer, although his first reaction was that the existing goods only contract should be honoured and when this was due to expire the situation could be looked at again.

29th January 1990 10.30

Graham Benstead, Sheffield United, phoned to request 2 pairs 031 size 8.5, 1 pair 015 size 8.5 and they were sent to him (No.30).

29th January 1990

I wrote to Herve regarding the letter from Paul Malcolm, asking him to deal with it.

30th January 1990 9.30

Neil Ramsay phoned to request some gloves for Neville Southall, who apparently started on his last new pair on Saturday. 2 pairs 036 size 8.5 were posted to him (No.31).

30th January 1990 4.30

I phoned Line 7 to place an order for Sukan, after which I was told that Erik Thorstvedt had phoned them yesterday for some gloves 036 size 9.5, which they did not have and had not yet asked me about. 4 pairs 036 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.32) along with a note suggesting it may be quicker if Erik contacted me rather than Line 7.

31st January 1990

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

1st Febryary 1990 10.50

John Lukic, Arsenal, phoned to say that he had still not received the £xx contract money. I told him that after his previous query I had been informed by Germany that at that time it had not been dealt with, but that now it has been sent as Reinhard had told me on 24th January.

1st February 1990 1.25

Priti of Dundee United phoned to see if there was an answer yet regarding a money contract for Alan Main. I said that the message had been passed on to uhlsport in Germany but as yet there was no answer, only surprise that somebody who signed a 2 year goods only contract 10 months ago should now wish to change it, as uhlsport took the view that they honoured their contracts and expected the other parties to do likewise. She said that Alan Main had been talking to other goalkeepers who were getting about £xx a year, and that is the sort of figure he was looking for. She asked what the situation was and I said that Alan Main was under contract to wear uhlsport gloves until 31st March 1991. She then asked if uhlsport would not give him money would they release him from the goods only contract. I said that would be up to uhlsport but I was certain that they would not be happy to do this as it would set a precedent which others could then decide to follow. I told her that as soon as there was an answer from Germany she would be contacted.