28th March 1990 1.45

Reinhard phoned as he had been looking at the Sondico price list sent to him. I confirmed that Neville Southall was still endorsing Sondico shinpads and mentioned some of the changes on the gloves, as well as Reusch gloves. My view is that most of the price changes are because of exchange rate Mark/Sterling, rather than real price increases. I then told Reinhard about the meeting between Taffarel and Reusch Germany in London yesterday.

28th March 1990 2.40

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned to order goods and 1 pair 554 XL, 1 only 543 Yellow XL were sent to him (No.64). He had originally wanted a 585 Orange XL, but I told him that they were now discontinued and no longer available. He asked if I had an answer from Line 7 about boots, his previous request on 6th March refers, and I said no but I had passed his request on to Line 7 and asked them to contact him direct. I told him that I would repeat his request to Line 7.

28th March 1990 3.57-4.01

I phoned Herve regarding boots for Les Fridge. He was not aware of my previous phone call on 6th March but took details from me and said that he would give me an answer tomorrow.

29th March 1990

I bought and sent to Reinhard this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

29th March 1990 2.30

John Burridge, Newcastle, phoned to order some goods and 1 only 544 Green XL, 1 only 544 Silver XL, 1 pair 071 size 9, 1 pair 024 size 9 were sent to him (No.65).

He said that he wanted 036 gloves but I told him that I did not have any size 9 in stock, so he decided to take what I did have. He said that he would be back in the first team on Saturday, he had not been dropped but had been ill with a virus.

29th March 1990 4.30

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to ask for some gloves and 2 pairs 015 size 10 were sent to him (No.66). He then asked about contracts and I said that I believed that his goods only contract was due to run out soon but I had no details as the contract was arranged by Germany and I had no copy or details. I said that when I spoke to Reinhard on 2nd February he said that it was proposed to offer another goods only contract plus for the World Cup £xx a game for playing and half that £xx a game as substitute. Gerry said that this was the same as 2 years ago for the European Championships and he felt that the World Cup was more important and therefore worth more money. I told him that money was not my department but I would pass on his comments to Reinhard. He also asked if he could be sent any new gloves for next season as they become available.

29th March 1990 5.00

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to request some goods and 1 pair 036 size 10, 1 pair 036 size 10.5, 2 pairs 550 XL were sent to him (No.67). He plays for the reserves on Saturday in his first game back after injury.

29th March 1990 5.05

Reinhard phoned to say that my suggestion for selling calendars via a sticker on the uhlsport glove boxes would not go ahead because Herve did not think it was a good idea. I told him of my disappointment but accepted that if Herve did not like the idea there was not much I could do about it. I told Reinhard that I was still waiting to hear from Herve about the Line 7 promotional budget, but we appear to have the stupid situation that they are paying me for doing very little and then when I make suggestions to try and improve uhlsport's sales and customer awareness they reject my ideas. If they are paying for my knowledge and expertise why not use it, if they do not think my knowledge and expertise is any use why pay for it? I told Reinhard that Taffarel of Brazil wore Reusch gloves. I also mentioned my recent conversation with Gerry Peyton, who had told me that the proposed World Cup money was not high enough. Reinhard said that he would look into it. I asked if uhlsport catalogues and posters were available yet and the answer was no. I also suggested that they should try and get the transparency of a photograph on page 52 of the Italian magazine GUERIN SPORTIVO 28th March-3rd April. I think that because it is so unusual it could be of use to uhlsport.

30th March 1990 10.20

Erik Thorstvedt, Tottenham, phoned to order some goods and 2 pairs 036 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.68) with a note to say that more pairs would be sent next week.

30th March 1990

Having received a delivery from Line 7, 2 pairs 036 size 10.5 were sent to Ludek Miklosko of West Ham (No.69).

30th March 1990 5.05-5.19

I phoned Herve as I had not heard from him about the promotional work although he had told me that he would call this week. He told me that he was not prepared to put a sticker on any uhlsport boxes to offer customers posters or calendars. The previous time when I suggested offering an uhlsport catalogue, the reason that it could not be done was given as not wanting the Sukan name to upset the retailers. I was not told that Line 7 did not want the stickers on the boxes so I made another suggestion to offer posters/and or calendars where the Sukan name would not appear, and even if it did Sukan was not selling gloves or clothing in competition to other retailers. After about 2 months delay, during which time I was told that the delay was due to waiting for uhlsport to produce the posters and seeing them before offering them, comes the answer about the stickers. I then asked if there was news of the promotional budget available as it is my understanding that Line 7 are paying me to advise them and use my knowledge and experience to get the best value for money for the budget available. I was told that the budget has been fixed along with the way that it would be spent, i.e. adverts in "Shoot" only for World Cup, June-September, a new Shilton poster, to use Peter Shilton more and a competition in "Shoot". Not for the first time I was very angry about the way I was being treated by Line 7. They pay me money because of my knowledge and expertise but when I make suggestions they reject them after a very long delay, and then make their own decisions without asking or consulting me. Of course it is Line 7's money and they can do what they want with it, but why pay me money to then ignore me. The result is that the use I have for Line 7 is as a packer to send the contracted goalkeepers goods which in the past through my attempts to be efficient I have had in stock and they have not. Because of the promotional work I have not developed my ideas with other companies instead prefering to support uhlsport, although almost every week I ask myself why. After hearing the news I asked if I could see Herve to discuss their plans and was told yes but it could not be for about 3 weeks as Herve was going to France for some time. This is yet another delay and typical of what is happening. I was also told that Line 7 might do a Tee shirt and that a letter would be sent to me outlining the promotional plans. Also they would not be prepared to offer any sponsorship to Les Fridge of St.Mirren on Line 7 boots. I ended by asking if Line 7 in France would be closing for August as Claude had told me that it was possible that they would not close down completely. Herve said that they would be closed for 3 weeks instead of the usual 4 weeks, so I asked if it was possible for me to ask for August delivery and he said yes. It was arranged that Herve would come and see me on Thursday 19th April.

31st March 1990

I phoned Jim McNamara of Line 7 to ask him to try and check what gloves Alan Main of Dundee United is wearing as I suspect that it is no longer uhlsport.