3rd May 1990 9.10

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to order some goods and 2 pairs 036 size 9.5, 1 pair 554 trousers XL were sent to him (No.86).

3rd May 19990 1.10

Bernd Hagele from uhlsport phoned to introduce himself and ask for Gerry Peyton's address. He said that as he was new to the company it would take a little time to learn everything but hopefully with Reinhard's help it would not take too long.

3rd May 1990 2.21-2.26

I phoned Herve to pass on details of my meeting with Peter Stewart. He said that when he was in Germany next week he would check out the trophy situation and also see what transparencies, preferably action photos, uhlsport had. He would contact me on his return.

4th May 1990 2.10

Erik Thorstvedt, Tottenham, phoned to order some gloves and 4 pairs 036 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.87). He reports back for training with Tottenham on 19th July and he would like some elbow and knee pads along with long and short padded shorts ready for then. He will be going back to Norway for the summer and more work on his injured knee.

8th May 1990 9.15

Bernd from uhlsport phoned to ask if I could send some goods to Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, as a parcel has gone missing. He asked for 058 gloves, 550 shorts, socks. I told him that I have no stocks of the new gloves like 058, I have sold out of 550 shorts and have been told that it is now discontinued and this is the only short that I have stocked this season and I have never had stocks of socks, although I have been trying to get a price from Reinhard for months. I did however tell him that in the last 4 weeks I had sent to Theo Snelders 2 pairs 036 and 2 pairs 043, so he should not be without gloves. Reinhard was in the background so I asked if the F.I.F.A. letter had arrived yet, and he said no.

8th May 1990 10.35

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to ask for various items of equipment and clothing for the World Cup. The problem is that basically the goods he asked for are not held in stock by me and as he is leaving his home on 21st May I did not think that it could be guaranteed that goods sent from Germany would arrive in time. I told him that perhaps uhlsport would be making arrangements to supply in Italy through their Italian agents. I said that I did not know but I would check with Germany to see what could be done. Goods asked for 2 pairs 566 shorts XL, 2 pairs 578 trousers XL, Cap, Shinguards, 036 size 10 (I told him that some were being made up with his name on), 2 406 tracksuits XL, any leisure wear, training jerseys with name on front, largest holdall available. He also asked about a contract and I said that I had already asked Germany to send a contract and it was my belief that one was being sent to him.

8th May 1990 10.45-10.50

I phoned Bernd to tell him about Gerry Peyton's phone call and ask about what would happen. He told me that he was uncertain, but he would find out and phone me back with an answer.

9th May 1990 9.00

Bernd phoned to say that the goods for Gerry Peyton would be given to him in Italy, but for this they will need the address. We also talked about the situation regarding Alan Main of Dundee United. I told him the story and Bernd was going to write to him.

9th May 1990 3.30

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to order some goods and 1 pair 043 size 10, 1 only 543 Yellow XL were sent to him (No.88).

10th May 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

10th May 1990 4.00

While speaking to Phil Parkes about other matters he said that Ludek Miklosko, West Ham and Czechoslovakia, was still asking about an uhlsports contract. I again said that the most uhlsport would offer is goods only, no money, not even for the World Cup. I told him that the budget was fully spoken for and in anycase they do not normally pay money to goalkeepers in English Second Division. A gentleman called Roberto is now looking after Ludek's interests and he may contact me. I did point out that none of uhlsport's competitors offer the clothing that he likes.

11th May 1990 9.00

Neil Ramsay phoned me to say that Neville Southall had no gloves and could he have some immediately to his home address xxx . 3 pairs 036 size 8.5 were posted to him (No.89).

11th May 1990

I received a letter from Alan Patterson, QPR Youth team goalkeeper, requesting sponsorship. I replied to him offering goods at special reduced prices, but no contract.

11th May 1990 5.07-5.09

I phoned Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, to tell him that the goods he had asked for would be given to him in Italy. He told me that he had in fact received a letter from Germany telling him this and giving a name of the person to contact or who would contact him.

15th May 1990 9.40

Jeff Weston of Jerome Anderson Agency phoned to ask for some gloves to be sent to Kevin Pressman, Sheffield Wednesday, and 2 pairs 036 size 9, 2 pairs 040 size 9 were sent to him (No.90). He is now back in training after a serious leg injury. I asked Jeff about David Seaman, who is expected to be involved in a big transfer today, and he said that he is with Reusch for another year but not altogether happy with them. Another player they represent is Tony Coton of Watford who is expected to sign for Leeds this summer, who also wears Reusch. I asked him to keep me informed if they are looking for glove contracts.

16th May 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

16th May 1990 1.25

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned to order some gloves and 1 pairs 083 size 9, 1 pair 025 size 9, 1 only leisure sweater were sent to him (No.91).

18th May 1990 10.35

Bernd phoned to ask if I had Gerry Peyton's address in Italy. I said that when I spoke to him last Friday to ask him, he had told me that he did not have it, but had received a letter from uhlsport telling him that goods would be given to him in Italy. As a name was also given as to who would contact him I did not ask him to find out and let me know. I said that I would try to phone him and ask again. I then asked about uhlsport Tee shirts which Herve had seen in Balingen but no prices. Bernd confirmed that no prices were known but it was intended by uhlsport to sell Tee shirts in 1991 although whether Line 7 would sell them in the U.K. was not known.

18th May 1990 10.45-10.48

I phoned Gerry Peyton again to ask the Italian address. He still did not know but said that he would try to find out about it and phone back with an answer.

18th May 1990 2.40

Gerry Peyton phoned to inform me of the Hotel. Santa Margherita Di ***, ***. Sardinia.

18th May 1990 2.44-2.48

I phoned uhlsport and left a message for Bernd of Gerry Peyton's address in Sardinia.

21st May 1990 10.15

Gerry Peyton phoned to say that he has now received full details and they are staying in Sardinia at the IS Morus Hotel, Cagliari. Sardinia. Tel: xx , from 8th to 11th June, before moving on to Sicily on 12th June.

22nd May 1990 1.38-1.41

I phoned uhlsport and left a message for Bernd to phone me when he was available.