28th October 1987 10.30

Tony Godden, Birmingham, phoned to request 3 pairs 015 size 9 and a pair of Large trousers. He urgently requires the trousers as on Saturday they are playing at Oldham on the all weather pitch. I mentioned that I have seen him on TV clips wearing an uhlsport jersey. The reserve, Roger Hansbury, is presently on a months loan to Sheffield United, which may well become a permanent transfer. He also said that when we last spoke on 19th August it was agreed that one of the club staff, Fred Davies, should get an XL training suit. As yet nothing has arrived, please could we look into this.

28th October 1987 12.50

David McKellar, Hamilton, phoned to request 2 pairs 082 size 8.5, 2 pairs 084 size 8.5, a glove bag and large holdall. I said that I did not think that there were any holdalls available, but would ask for him. His new address is xx Tel: xx . I mentioned the contract and he said that he was now in the second year of a 2 year contract.

29th October 1987 2.00

Jonothan Sheffield, Norwich, phoned to request 2 pairs 034 size 9.5, 2 pairs 015 size 9.5, 1 pair trousers Large or Extra Large.

30th October 1987 1.30

Gerry Peyton, Bournemouth, phoned to request 2 pairs 093 size 10 along with another jersey. He has been wearing a Green 535 in matches but really finds it a bit small. He has asked for a 500 jersey in preferably Green or Silver XL. Send to his home address xx Tel: xx .

30th October 1987 2.50-2.56

Phoned Gerry Peyton as Readers had no 093 size 10. It was agreed that I would send him a pair from Sukan stock and Readers would send 500 XL Silver jersey.

2nd November 1987 4.05

Bobby Geddes, Dundee, phoned to say that he had received the gloves sent to him a few weeks ago. He likes the 040 and would like 2 more pairs in this style in size 9, and he will return to me a pair of 096 size 9 and a pair of 015 size 9, as he prefers the 040.

3rd November 1987 1.30

Neville Southall's solicitor phoned to say that as yet Neville has not received the sample gloves. I said that they had not been sent as I understood there was no urgency, as his Sondico contract did not expire until the end of this season, and so that a financial offer could go with the gloves. He said that Neville would like to see and try out the gloves soon, so I agreed to arrange for the gloves to be sent as soon as possible with any financial details to follow on later.

4th November 1987 9.30

Terry Gennoe, Bl;ackburn, phoned to request a pair of 573 trousers Large and 2 pairs of 096 size 9. He is getting through the trousers fairly quickly as Blackburn are training a great deal on all weather surfaces as they do not have their own training ground.

4th November 1987 10.00

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned from a call box to ask if the gloves he had ordered direct from Readers within the last week had been despatched. As it was a call box there was not much time and it was 2 pairs of size 8.5 gloves, 1 pair 021 the other style I did not have time to find out. I phoned Readers to enquire and ask to be let known what had happened. Is it because the 021 size 8.5 is not in stock?

4th November 1987 10.45

Roger Hansbury, on loan to Sheffield United from Birmingham, phoned to request 2 pairs of size 9.5 gloves with red foam palms. I am not sure which style he wanted 034, 040, 096, but it is the same style that he was sent in response to his previous call of 11th September.

5th November 1987 11.55

Stuart Naylor, W.B.A., requires 2 pairs of size 9 gloves. It was not Stuart Naylor calling, but a Mr.Matthews from the club, and we believe that he wants 034. Please could a catalogue be sent to him with the gloves. He really wanted the now discontinued 083.

5th November 1987 1.35

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned to say that he had not received any goods regarding his phone call to me of 26th October. I said that I would look into it for him.

6th November 1987 1.40

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request help as he has been getting problems from Hummel about wearing the uhlsport 518 (British) in matches. Hummel are saying that he must wear their jersey but he says that he wears uhlsport as he is under contract to do so. He does not want to wear Hummel as he says they are not good enough.

9th November 1987 9.30

David Felgate, Bolton, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 8, 2 pairs 093 size 8. I said that he was not under contract and that the whole free issue was under review as the amount of gloves given away without contracts was too high. He said that he would be prepared to sign a contract. The arrangement started when he was at Grimsby with Murray Nissen, and then continued when he moved to Bolton through the local Readers rep, David Haskins.

9th November 1987 11.30

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned again regarding the gloves he requires, again from a call box. His previous call of 4th November led me to contact Readers and request an answer, as yet none has been received. The gloves he asked for were 021 size 8.5, 013 size 8.5. I suspect that the 021 is not in stock, although I have not been informed of this, and he will take 034 size 8.5 instead. He says he urgently needs gloves for Tuesday 10th November.

9th November 1987 1.30-1.34

Phoned Mark Kendall, Wolves, and left a message that 2 pairs of gloves were posted to him last Thursday, 5th November.

9th November 1987 2.00

Jonothan Sheffield, Norwich, phoned to ask if the goods that he ordered on 29th October had been sent. I said that his request had been passed on and I would investigate for him.

9th November 1987 2.05

Sammy Chung, Stoke, phoned to order 2 pairs 040 size 8 for their young keeper Danny Noble. It was agreed that he would be invoiced at trade price. The other gloves for Peter Fox etc., had arrived safely.

9th November 1987 2.25

Chris Turner, Manchester United, phoned to request the following goods to be sent to his home address xx . 2 only 527 Large jerseys 1 Green, 1 Royal 9or nearest available as required for training) 2 pairs 573 trousers Large, 2 pairs 558 shorts Large, 4 pairs 034 size 8. He also asked for his sons 2 pairs 099 size 4, 2 pairs 099 size 6.

9th November 1987 4.09-4.41

Phoned Mr,Crabtree, Five-D-Togs, to discuss in more detail U.K. clothing. He has just lost about a third pf his staff so is under even more pressure than usual on the production side. He is committed tp taking the next door premises on 1st January 1988, so would like the extra business, but like everyone else in the trade is looking for suitable staff, who are proving difficult to find. He does some work for Umbro, and said that Umbro have 5 factories of their own, plus use 24 companies like him on sub contract work. If he could not cope with an order we discussed what would happen and he suggested that he would liase with a small company he has helped in the past, Spire Sports of Chesterfield, to see if they could make some garments. All orders would still be placed with Five-D-Togs, so he would be responsible for quality etc. One of the advantages of using Spire Sports as well is that it is owned by Asians who seem able to get Asian workers easier than Mr.Crabtree can get workers of any nationality for his company. I asked him to continue looking out for fabrics and to arrange samples. The rough production guideline was 4,000 jerseys per year. 2,000 by end of May, 2,000 during June, July, August. 750-1,000 shorts and 750-1,000 trousers split half by end of May, rest during June, July, August. I said that these figures were based on sales of existing range, but I felt that there was room for considerable improvement with the right product and price.

10th November 1987

Received in the post 1 pair 084 size 10, sent back by Billy Stewart, Chester, with a note saying not suitable.

10th November 1987

Received in the post 1 pair 015 size 9, 1 pair 093 size 9 from Bobby Geddes of Dundee. He had earlier informed me on 2nd November, when ordering other gloves, that he would return them.

10th November 1987 12.50

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to request 3 pairs 015 size 9.5, a 500 Silver XL (he was recently sent a Large which he has used in one match, but it is a bit tight) and a catalogue. It is his testimonial year and he asked if it was possible to get a pair of gloves for a prize etc. I suggested that if Readers had any miniature gloves available, they would probably be ideal and this he agreed with.

10th November 1987 2.00

Nigel Spink, Aston Villa, phoned regarding his testimonial year brochure and advertising. Will be a glossy A4 publication, probable 1,000 print run, £175 + Vat full page advert, £75 + Vat one third page. I said that I felt sure that uhlsport would support him with advertising in some way. He was going to send written details. I also suggested that perhaps the Readers reps could be used to distribute the brochure to sports shops and therefore get fuller coverage.

10th November 1987 4.07-4.24

Phioned John Lukic to offer him a 2 year contract at £xx per year plus an additional £100 per year if he is seen wearing gloves in the official club photo. He was not at all impressed with the offer, saying that he already received £xx per year. I said that my information was that he received just over £xx , but there appeared to be no paperwork to confirm the existing contract. After some persuading he said that the offer he had received from another company, presumably Sondico, was for 3 years at £xx first year, £xx second year, £xx third year. I informed him that I would report his comment back to Readers. With reference to his supposed signing with Sondico, he said that it was due to a misunderstanding with a friend who did some work for him, but was not his agent. John had told his friend that his uhlsport contract was up at the end of the year, meaning season, but the friend took it as being the calendar year. This does not explain his supposedly having agreed to it and signed a contract, but I did not wish to keep on the subject as he was telling me that he had not signed anything. I phoned Mark Wellbelove with these details, awaiting further instructions. He also wanted 1 pair 015 size 9, 1 pair 096 size 9.