23rd May 1990 9.00

Bernd phoned and I gave him the details regarding Gerry Peyton. I also asked about the World Cup posters, sweatshirt prize/glove sizes for the competition we plan. Regarding posters he said that they must be ordered through Herve and he would look into the glove sizes etc. I asked about the sizing of Tunisian made jerseys but he said he could not help, I would have to speak to Herve. I also asked which gloves he would like me to offer to the professionals and contracted players next season, he said that he would check with Herve and let me know.

23rd May 1990 10.25

Bernd phoned to say that for the professionals they would like them to use 058, 052, 019, 036, 083, 031. I said that the Line 7 order form did not show the 052, so I did not think that they would be stocking this model.

23rd May 1990 12.40

Phil Parkes, West Ham, called in to see me and collect a 543 Yellow XL jersey (No.92) as he will be going to Denmark next month to do some coaching.

23rd May 1990 2.10

Tony Norman, Sunderland, phoned to request some goods and 2 pairs 040 size 9.5, 1 pair 036 size 9.5, 1 glove bag were sent to him (No.93).

23rd May 1990 3.50

Bernd phoned to ask which gloves the goalkeepers were wearing in yesterdays England v Uruguay match. My answer was Peter Shilton the 036 and Pereira the 015.

23rd May 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

I received a 1990-91 uhlsport catalogue from Line 7. In my opinion the way that it has been sent could have been improved. I am assuming that I received the same type of mailing as all the other retailers because the label was computer printed in the same way as their invoices are. In my opinion most retailers are not as aware as I am about uhlsport. The catalogue was sent without any prices and I have not seen any price list. The only way to know prices is the order forms, if Line 7 are not producing a price list why did they not send order forms with the catalogue so at least some prices would be known? Not all of the goods shown in the uhlsport catalogue will be stocked by Line 7, but nothing was sent with the catalogue to say this. Most retailers would assume that everything in the catalogue was available even if they did not know the price. Many retailers would think that this was the complete uhlsport range, after all it is 44 pages, and throw away the 1989-90 catalogue thinking that it was now out of date. Nowhere does it state that some of the goods in the 1989-90 catalogue are still available and that both catalogues should be used. Also of course some of the goods that are in the 1989-90 catalogue are now discontinued and no longer available. In my opinion, if anyone cares, the mailing would have been much more effective and result in more sales and less queries, if a simple letter of explanation as to how to use the 2 catalogues, 1989-90 and 1990-91, and prices for the items being stocked by Line 7, had been sent out with the catalogue.

4th June 1990 10.30

Jim Leighton's wife phoned to ask for 2 caps, 1 glove bag to be sent to him at The Excelsior Hotel, Glasgow Airport (No.94). She said that he had tried to phone me last Friday and I apologised and said that I had been away in Germany.

6th June 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd both last and this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

6th June 1990 1.48-2.01

I phoned Bernd to ask about World Cup goalkeepers and the sizes they wear, as previously discussed, for a competition we plan. He said that they were waiting for final confirmation from some goalkeepers as to whether they would use uhlsport or Reusch and would let me know in a few days. He then told me that he had recently spoken to Neil Ramsay, Neville Southall's agent, about a possible new contract for Neville. His present contract has about a year to go. I told Bernd that about 6 months ago Neville signed a 7 year contract with Everton, but ever since the newspapers have been full of him being unhappy and wanting to move. The newspapers seem to think that Manchester United or Real Madrid are favourites. I said that I think Neville is the best goalkeeper in the U.K., 31 years old, but because he plays for Wales is unlikely to appear in a European Championship or World Cup and at the moment English clubs cannot play in European club tournaments, he will not get that much publicity outside of the U.K. if he stays with an English club. I also pointed out that he wears his socks down with shinguards showing, and he is under contract to wear Sondico shinguards (uhlsport were offered it but did not want it). Before his uhlsport contract he did use Sondico gloves, so there is a Sondico connection to him which if continued would take away something from any uhlsport contract. Neil Ramsay asked for a textile range under the Neville Southall name, I said that a U.K. textile range was needed but I did not think that it would be an advantage to have Neville's name on it, I think that it would be better just under the uhlsport name. This is because Neville is very untidy in his appearance and therefore is not really a good advert for the clothes he wears, also if he stays at Everton I do not think Umbro would allow him to wear uhlsport clothing in matches, or adidas to if he moves to Manchester United. He is also very poor at public relations unlike some other goalkeepers. Also in the past, or even at the moment, he is unhappy with the service he gets. I said that he has about 50 pairs of gloves a year and any request I receive is dealt with the same day, either by me sending the goods or saying that they are unavailable. He usually phones me on a Wednesday or Thursday to say that he has no gloves so must have them by Saturday. When he goes through the uhlsport catalogue and asks for items like tracksuits, holdalls, training gear then I cannot help quickly as I do not keep these things, because Line 7 do not stock them. Overall Neville Southall is worth having under contract as he is the best U.K. goalkeeper at the moment, but there is a limit as to how much he is worth financially because of the reasons outlined above. No figures were quoted.

While talking to Herve about various matters, he said that the Line 7 advert in "Shoot" would be based on the uhlsport poster featuring 7 goalkeepers and a child. I pointed out the obvious points that some of the products illustrated were not stocked by Line 7, so therefore perhaps these products would be best left out of the advert. Herve confirmed that he was aware of this fact.

11th June 1990 12.40

Bernd phoned to say that he has received a letter from Alan Main of Dundee United, saying that he had asked for gloves and was told that they were not available in the U.K., so had to use a different make for the Scottish Cup semi-final. I told Bernd that I have no memory of this, or a note of it, but the last time I spoke to him was on 5th January 1990 and 3 pairs of gloves were sent to him the same day, 5th January 1990. The Scottish Cup semi-final was in April so his story does not seem correct. During January the club phoned me to ask for a money contract on his behalf, and I said no on behalf of uhlsport, and my guess is that this fact may be relevant to the different brand of gloves being used.

12th Juine 1990 9.15

Terry Gennoe, Blackburn, phoned to request some goods match jersey, training jersey, trousers, gloves in readiness for the start of pre-season training on 12th July. I told him that I did not have any of the gloves he likes, 031 size 9, so I would wait for them to arrive before sending anything. To send to his home address xxx .