18th July 1990 9.15-9.22

I phoned Bernd to tell him about the Line 7 competition in "Shoot" and also ask about promotional goods and my conversation with Neil Ramsay about Neville Southall. He said that a transparency of 568 Black/black shorts was on its way, and he would phone me back as to whether any promotional goods were on their way to me. He said that a quantity of goods were being sent to Neville Southall for the season but it could not be done immediately and he would give me more details later. The question of a Neville Southall range of uhlsport clothing had not been forgotten but also had not been decided upon as they have been too busy with the World Cup.

18th July 1990 9.45

I phoned Line 7 to speak to Herve, but he was not available as he was in France. I spoke to his assistant about the advert/competition in "Shoot", and told him that I would stop my planned competition. Herve is back tomorrow so perhaps I will have another chance to try and resolve my problems with them.

18th July 1990

I received a letter from Mel Rees, Watford, requesting a renewal of his contract and some goods. He has been reserve at Watford and on goods only, but the first choice, Tony Coton, has just been transferred to Manchester City and now Mel is expecting to be first choice, although I think the club may buy another goalkeeper. I offered him another 1 year goods only contract and sent him 1 pair 031 size 9.5, 2 pairs 036 size 9, 1 only 544 Silver XL (No.5).

18th July 1990 3.50

Jim Leighton, Manchester United, phoned to ask if I would be prepared to send some gloves to Les Sealey. Les Sealey has joined Manchester United on a 1 year contract and has been using Sondico gloves under contract. Jim said that Les Sealey had fallen out with Sondico and he was now a free agent. I said that I would send him a selection of gloves as uhlsport did not do a dimpled palm like the Sondico glove he used. We then talked about other things and he told me that he was having difficulty in getting goods through from Bernd in Germany. He said that he had asked for various items for use in the World Cup but even now nothing has arrived. Eventually he contacted uhlsport's Italian agents who sorted it out. Now he was waiting for goods for the new season and said that he would try to speak to Bernd again. I asked if there was anything I could help him with from my stocks, but he said not at the moment as he would wait to see what happened with his phone call. He asked if I had any of the Italia gloves with a white palm and I said no and that this style does not appear in the uhlsport catalogue.

18th July 1990

I sent to Les Sealey, Manchester United, 1 pair 031 size 8, 1 pair 040 size 8, 1 pair 019 size 8, 1 pair 036 size 8 (No.6).

19th July 1990 10.15

Bernd phoned to answer my queries. He said that the promotional goods would leave Germany in about 1 week and I asked him to make sure that they were sent to Line 7, for them to pass on to me, rather than being sent direct, as I would have to pay tax and other charges. He said that he had no record of any order for Neville Southall, but would phone him this afternoon to discuss this and the textile collection and a tax problem. I was not aware of any tax query. He said that another transparency had been sent for the 568 shorts. I told him that Jim Leighton had phoned me yesterday regarding goods he ordered and Bernd told me that some goods had left Germany on Monday of this week for Jim Leighton. He then asked about the England goalkeeper now that Peter Shilton had retired from internationals. Chris Woods has been the 2nd choice for many years but my own personal feeling is that David Seaman is likely to become first choice. The first international is against Hungary in September and we will then get an indication of what is likely to happen. Both Woods and Seaman are with Reusch and to the best of my knowledge both have this season under contract. I will keep my eye on the situation to see what develops. I concluded by saying that in my opinion the work I do for uhlsport/Line 7 is still not working as well as it should. This may be my fault, rather than anyone else, but whatever the reason it continues to be unsatisfactory. Bernd said that he could only suggest a meeting when he comes to England for E.X.S.L. in September. This means another 6/8 week delay to add to my frustration.

19th July 1990 11.45

Andy Rhodes, Oldham, phoned to ask if he could have an uhlsport contract. I said that it was my understanding that he was under contract to Sondico. He said that he has been offered a contract by them but as yet had not signed it. I said that he could have a goods only contract, but he could not be offered money if that is what he was looking for. He said that he would think it over.

19th July 1990 2.30

Roger Freestone, Chelsea, called in to collect some goods, 1 only glove bag, 1 only cap, 1 pair 554 trousers XL, 2 pairs 031 size 9.5, 2 pairs 036 size 9.5 (No.7). He also wanted the trousers Neville Southall has, 578 in XXL, which I told him I did not stock but would try to get a pair for him.

20th July 1990 12.45

John Lukic, Leeds, phoned to request some goods and 3 pairs 036 size 10, 3 pairs 040 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.8). He really wanted 6 pairs of 036 but I had none at all in promotional stock, Line 7 have none, and I could only spare 3 pairs from my Sukan stock. He wanted the gloves sent to xxx Tel: xx . He then asked if uhlsport would be prepared to pay him if he put an uhlsport badge on his jersey when playing for Leeds. I said that I would ask for him, but what was the chance of him wearing an uhlsport rather than an Umbro jersey, which I felt sure uhlsport would prefer. He said that he did not know, so it was left that I would check with Germany.

23rd July 1990 12.40-12.44

I phoned Herve to see if he wished to come with me when I visited "Shoot", but he said that he was unable to, but confirmed that the only Line 7 involvement was to be donating a trophy. I told him about the competition in "Shoot" last week and the comments made by his assistant that they had been waiting for me to organise the competition. He said this was not the case, it must be a misunderstanding by him. I asked about E.X.S.L. and whether he wished goalkeepers to attend. He said he would like 3 or 4 goalkeepers on the Sunday, and them to come at pre-arranged times so that their attendance could be advertised.

23rd July 1990 1.30

Peter Shilton, Derby, phoned for some goods, including elbow pads. I said that no uhlsport elbow pads were available but I could send him a pair that Sukan sells. He also asked for a catalogue so he could see what jerseys were available. I said that I would send the catalogues but the jersey I had in stock was the 544, like last year. 2 pairs 578 XL, 2 only 544 Green XL, 1 pair elbow pads were sent to him (No.9). I asked him about E.X.S.L. and he said that it was best that it was arranged with his agent, Jon Holmes of Benson McGarvey in Nottingham. Tel: xx <br>