27th September 1990 1.35

Bernd phoned to ask for details of Jim Leighton. I said that he played last night in the League Cup against Halifax. He wanted to know his last league game for Manchester United to see if there was a chance of uhlsport getting out of the contract. I said that I would get exact details and let him know. The paid contracts they have are Jim Leighton £xx until Dec 92, Henry Smith £xx until June 91, Neville Southall £xx until May 91, John Lukic £xx until June 91, Erik Thorstvedt £xx until December 91, Peter Shilton £xx until March 91. The total of £xx is about the level they wish to spend on goalkeepers in the U.K.

27th September 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

27th September 1990 3.54-3.57

I phoned Bernd to tell him that Jim Leighton played his last league game for Manchester United on 5th May 1990, which was their last league game of the season. He had played in 35 out of the 38 games during the season. He then played in the F.A.Cup Final on 12th May and League Cup tie on 26th September but has not played in the first 7 League games of this season.

27th September 1990 5.00

Eric Engstrom phoned to say that Ludek Miklosko had received the gloves and contracts. Regarding point 5 that uhlsport would supply goods for his needs, he wanted to know what the quantity was as he has previously received a contract from Germany which he had not signed that gave quantities of 3 bags, 5 pairs of trousers, 5 jerseys and 40 pairs of gloves. I said that no quantity was stated as everyone had different requirements but I thought that 15-20 pairs of gloves a season should be all that he needed, but as long as it was a genuine request the gloves would be supplied. Regarding bags, clothing this was not really part of it because he could not wear uhlsport jerseys when playing for West Ham or Czechoslovakia. If he got permission to wear a jersey in matches then he would be supplied with the jerseys he wanted. He asked if he could get 8 pairs of gloves at a time to save him keep asking and I said in principal yes but to start with this might be difficult as his size, 10.5, is not used by anyone else I supply so I do not normally keep many in stock but if he signed the contract then I would try to keep this sort of quantity in stock. He would report back to Ludek and expected him to agree.

29th September 1990

For Manchester United's league game against Nottingham Forest, it was Les Sealey playing in goal not Jim Leighton.

29th September 1990

A list of contracted goalkeepers was made out and posted to Bernd, copy to Herve, with the monthly report. The details were requested by Bernd during his visit to England.

1st October 1990 11.40

Bernd phoned to ask if Jim Leighton played on Saturday and I said no, and that this had been included in my monthly report. He said that probably they would try and cancel his £xx a year contract because he was not in the first team. He then asked about a list of contracted goalkeepers asked for during his visit to England, and again I told him that a list had been sent with my monthly report. Finally he asked about Nigel Martyn of Crystal Palace, as he had been contacted by Silhouette Sports of St.Austell. Cornwall about him. I said that he was 24 years old and in the last England squad as third choice, but I thought that he had only recently signed for Reusch and probably had about 2 years left under contract to them. However he would certainly be worth looking into signing.

1st October 1990 2.10

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to ask for a Yellow jersey and 1 only 543 XL was sent to him (No.56). He also asked about overalls and I said they were not sold in the U.K. and that I had none available.

1st October 1990 5.10

Jim McNamara phoned to ask if I would send 2 pairs 041 size 9 to Keith Granger, former Darlington goalkeeper, regarding some work he had done for Jim. The gloves were sent (No.57). I also told Jim that I had not received an answer regarding his request for Peter Shilton to attend a shop in Sheffield.

3rd October 1990 1.00

John Burridge, Newcastle, phoned to ask if the 071 gloves were in yet and I said no. After a confused discussion while he tried to explain what he wanted it was decided to send 2 pairs 025 size 9 (No.58).

3rd October 1990 2.10

Bob Moss, Stockport County, phoned to see if there was any sponsorship available for their goalkeepers. I said that they can buy at reduced prices like Paul Cooper the first team goalkeeper does. I sent him further details in the post.

5th October 1990 12.15

Guy Webb phoned as he had spoken to Neil Ramsay and Neville Southall would attend D.L. Sportscene for £xx . He says that there is nothing in his contract about doing so many appearances free of charge. He was phoning me to check and I said that I had never seen the contract but would check with Germany for him and let him know. He said that he had tried to speak to Herve but he was not in the office.

5th October 1990 12.20-12.22

I phoned uhlsport to speak to Bernd, but he was in a meeting, so I asked if he could telephone me when he was free. I asked if Margret Wittman was there but she is on holiday.

5th October 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

8th October 1990 9.20

John Burridge, Newcastle, phoned to see it there were any 071 gloves size 9 yet, and I said no. He then asked again for the phone number in Germany as he would phone them and ask for some to be sent to him.

8th October 1990 11.40-11.47

I phoned Bernd regarding the Neville Southall contract. He had been trying to phone me but my phone had been engaged. He read out to me part of Neville's contract which said that he should do some promotional work for expenses only. I asked if he could send a copy of this part of his contract to Line 7 so that Guy Webb or Herve could take it up with Neil Ramsay. I asked if John Burridge had phoned him, which he had, and also told him that Jim Leighton had been dropped from the Scotland team for the match against Switzerland, although he had been asked to attend the training to help the other goalkeepers, Andy Goram (Sondico), Campbell Money (Reusch).

8th October 1990 11.50-11.52

I phoned Guy Webb with the information and as he was not in left the details on his answerphone.

8th October 1990 1.05

John Burridge, Newcastle, phoned to request 2 pairs 036 size 9.5 which were sent to him (No.59). He said that he found the 036 size 9 too small for him now, so I said that if he had some size 9 which were not suitable could he return them to me. He said that he had 6 pairs so hopefully he will return some. He also told me that he had spoken to Germany and that they were going to send him some gloves.