18th October 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

18th October 1990 9.05

Rhys Wilmot, Plymouth, phoned for some goods and 2 pairs 036 size 9.5, 2 pairs 015 size 9.5 were posted to him (No.65).

19th October 1990 10.46-11.00

I phoned Bernd to tell him that the John Mack agency, Tel; xxx , had started talking to Reusch about a new contract for Chris Woods. I said that my understanding was that they were looking for about £xx a year, but I did not believe that Reusch would pay anything like that, I would guess they would pay £xx - £xx or roughly one third to a half of what they were asking, but this is only a guess. One problem is that Chris Woods has been with Reusch for so many years that even if uhlsport signed him many people would still associate him with Reusch. Erik Thorstvedt's contract is ending soon and it is my understanding that Reusch have been offered him but have said they are not interested. When he came to England 2 years ago he wore Sondico gloves in his first game, let in a very bad goal and apparently decided to keep with uhlsport rather than change to Sondico. The former England goalkeeper Ray Clemence does some work for Sondico and he is a coach at Tottenham where Thorstvedt plays. I would think that there will not be too much competition for uhlsport to keep Thorstvedt. I then said that there are rumours going around that uhlsport make gloves for Sondico, although I do not believe it and Bernd confirmed that they did not make gloves for Sondico. I then asked about clothing made under licence in the U.K. and Tunisia and he said that this was down to Line 7 but he did not think that so far Tunisia was supplying very much.

19th October 1990 11.12

Bernd phoned me to ask if shinguards were now compulsory and I said that I thought so, but as I do not sell them or get involved I could not say for certain. He asked me to find out for certain.

19th October 1990 11.14-11.18

I phoned the F.A. and shinguards are compulsory, the new law brought in says: Law IV Player's Equipment (1) (a) The basic compulsory equipment of a player shall consist of a jersey or shirt, shorts, stockings, shinguards and footwear. (2) Shinguards, which must be covered entirely by the stockings, shall be made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, polyurethane or similar substance) and shall afford a reasonable degree of protection.

19th October 1990 11.58

Bernd phoned back and I told him about the law on shinguards. He then asked if referees enforced it and again I said I did not know but would check at some time, and let him know in the future.

22nd October 1990 2.45

Robert Shaw, the accountant of Alan Miller the Arsenal reserve and England Under 21 goalkeeper, phoned to check on his contractural situation. I told him that he had been supplied all last season with gloves under a goods only contract, and that a similar arrangement was discussed when he phoned me on 13th August 1990. I sent another 1 year goods only contract to him with gloves on 13th August, but as yet the contract has not been returned. Apparently Alan Miller had asked his accountant as to whether it was a good contract or not.

22nd October 1990 4.10

Erik Thorstvedt, Tottenham, phoned for some goods and 6 pairs 036 size 9.5 were posted to him (No.66). I told him that I was still waiting for the undershorts ordered at E.X.S.L.

22nd October 1990 4.15

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned for some goods and 2 pairs 036 size 9.5 were posted to him (No.67).

23rd October 1990

Having received a delivery from Line 7, 6 pairs 036 size 10.5 were sent to Ludek Miklosko, West Ham (No.68).

24th October 1990 12.10

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned for some goods and 1 only 655 Green XL, 1 only 655 Yellow XL, 1 pair 015 size 9 were posted to him (No.69). He asked for 071 gloves but I told him that they were not available at the moment.

25th October 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

29th October 1990 10.20-10.25

I phoned Bernd to ask if there was any news on contracts for people like Chris Woods, Jim Leighton, Erik Thorstvedt etc., and he said no, not at the moment. I then asked if he could send me as much information as possible on the autograph cards that uhlsport have produced over the years. For example who was the first one, how many would they usually produce of each goalkeeper, do they keep records and samples of all that they have produced? I know that it is not his department but he said that he would try to find out some details for me.

29th October 1990 1.35-1.39

I phoned Herve to see if promotional goods had arrived yet, he said no although he understands that some have left Germany. I asked if the Peter Shilton promotional at Sheffield went well, he said yes and he had attended it himself. I then asked about Neville Southall at D.L. Sportscene and this was not so good as Neville had phoned the day before to say that he would not do it. I never received from Line 7 a copy of the Neville Soputhall contract sent by Bernd to Line 7.

31st October 1990 12.55

Peter Fox, Stoke, phoned to request some gloves and 2 pairs 040 size 9 were sent to him (No.70).

31st October 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

2nd November 1990 1.55

Henry Smith, Hearts, phoned for some goods and 4 pairs 036 size 9 were posted to him (No.71).

5th November 1990 2.20

Peter Shilton, Derby, phoned and requested some jerseys and 2 only 544 Green XL, 1 only 544 Turquoise XL were sent to him (No.72). He also asked me to chase Germany for some 036 gloves with his name on that he had ordered and had not yet received. I said that I would do and also told him that I had stocks of the normal 036 if he needed any gloves. I then asked about the competition under his name in the "Daily Mirror", outlining my thoughts and he said that his contact was Rob Walker on xxx .

5th November 1990 2.35

Neil Ramsay phoned to request some gloves for Neville Southall and 6 pairs 036 size 8.5 were posted to him (No.73). I asked about Neville not doing the shop opening that he had agreed to do, and Neil agreed that it was wrong but he said that Neville had done it because he was upset with the way he was being treated by uhlsport. I was told that some gloves and tracksuits had been ordered with Germany but had not arrived. Apparently the gloves are 019 Green and I did point out that this colour is not sold in the U.K. so perhaps this was the reason they had not been sent and that I had supplied him with the Orange version and had stocks if wanted. He said that there is no way that Neville will sign a new contract with uhlsport, and it is likely that he will sign with Sondico and that they will agree to his wish for a range of clothing under his name or his designs.