6th November 1990 9.10

Bernd phoned me to ask if I could obtain and send to him a pair of each size Sondico Southall Pro-Lite shinguards, and each size Rush Team shinguards. I said that I would order from Sondico for him, but this was not quick enough, so I suggested that I contacted Line 7 and ask one of their salesmen to collect the shinguards from one of the shops they call on. Bernd agreed and stressed the urgency. I mentioned Peter Shilton's enquiry about gloves ordered with his name on, he was not aware there was any such order, but I said that I certainly remember it being discussed at E.X.S.L. Bernd said that he would look into it. I mentioned Neil Ramsay's phone call regarding not getting goods ordered with Germany for Neville Southall, which Bernd noted but felt that they expected too much from uhlsport.

6th November 1990 9.52-9.57

I phoned Herve and passed on Bernd's request for Sondico shinguards. I stressed the urgency of the request, and hopefully Line 7 will get them quickly and send them direct to uhlsport.

8th November 1990

I bouight and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

8th November 1990 4.30

Peter Shilton, Derby, phoned to see if I had spoken to Rob Walker at the "Daily Mirror" as he had been unable to. I told him that I had tried but so far had not been able to speak to him as he seemed to always be in meetings. I said that I had asked Germany about the gloves with his name on, and their answer was that they did not know anything about it, but would now look into it. I also told Peter that I had heard him speak to Bernd about it at E.X.S.L. I said that I had the normal 036 if he needed any.

8th November 1990

I saw Phil Parkes, Ipswich, and gave him the following goods 1 only 543 Silver XL, 1 only 009 glove bag (No.74).

9th November 1990 12.45

Michael Watt, Aberdeen, phoned to order some 043 size 9. I told him that I did not have any at the moment and probably would not for about 4-5 weeks, so 3 pairs 036 size 9 were sent to him (No.75).

10th November 1990

I recieved my regular weekly issue of the Italian magazine "GUERIN SPORTIVO". This issue, dated 7-13 November No.819, has a tremendous article about uhlsport and their Italian agents, Gartner. The article on pages 84-89 is I think tremendous and great publicity for uhlsport in Italy. I do not think that I could ever achieve such publicity in the U.K., but why not look into the possibility of having a similar article in English made into a leaflet which could then be sent out with one of the trade magazines like "Harpers", "Sports Trader", "Sports Update" to all the U.K. sports retailers? This and similar ideas, aimed at the goalkeepers themselves as well as retailers, is what I would like to do for uhlsport in the U.K., if I am ever allowed any money to do promotional work that I am being paid to do. With the new A.P.G. system being introduced next year this is the ideal time to do it and it could incorporate an offer of special prices for the first order for A.P.G. system gloves to try and encourage retailers to stock them. At the moment when I have asked Herve what promotions will be done for the A.P.G. system and other things in 1991, he is unable to tell me as it depends on how much money he will have to spend which at the moment he does not know, as it depends on their sales during 1990.

10th November 1990

Having received a delivery of promotional stock I sent to Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, 2 pairs 043 size 10 (No.76).

10th November 1990

Having received a delivery of promotional stock I sent to Al;an Knight, Portsmouth, 1 pair 554 trousers XL (No.77).

15th November 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

15th November 1990 9.37-9.41

I phoned uhlsport and spoke to Margret, Bernd was in a meeting, to ask about the gloves ordered on 14th September. She told me that they had been sent to Line 7 last week, about 8 weeks after they had been requested.

15th November 1990

It is my understanding that John Lukic's brother has contacted Reusch to see if they are interested in signing him. He asked for £xxx over 3 years, which Reusch are not willing to pay. They have also been contacted by Reusch in Germany to see if they would like to sign Jim Leighton for £xx a year, which again they are not interested in. Any news on offers to U.K. goalkeepers?

16th November 1990 1.35-1.51

I phoned Bernd to tell him about Lukic and Leighton, and ask if there was any news about contracts with other goalkeepers like Chris Woods and Nigel Martyn. I asked about budgets for 1991 and he said that his budget had not been decided and he understood that France would decide on their budget in December. I told him that I had been approached by somebody to look into the possibility of organising a company to sell a SUKAN brand of goalkeepers goods by wholesale, and was telling him in case he heard about it from somebody else. I told him that at the moment I was only thinking about it, but as my ideas do not seem to be wanted by Line 7 it certainly was an idea with some attractive possibilities, although I am equally well aware that it would be a risk and would need thorough research before taking any action.

16th November 1990 2.05

John Burridge, Newcastle, phoned to see if the 071 size 9 gloves were in stock and I again told him not yet

16th November 1990

Claude called in to see me and during our discussion he said that he had arranged for Peter Shilton to attend 2 London shops in December, Steve Perryman Sports and Soccer Scene.

19th November 1990 2.40

Mark McGeown, Stirling Albion, phoned to find out the position on uhlsport goods having got my name from Campbell Money. I said that he could have the special prices and details were sent to him in the post.

20th November 1990 4.55

Line 7 phoned to ask me what size gloves, jerseys and trousers Peter Shilton wears.

22nd November 1990 9.25

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to order some goods and 2 pairs 036 size 9.5, 2 pairs 031 size 9.5 were posted to him (No.78).

22nd November 1990

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".