30th November 1987

Went to the launch of new football magazine "Striker", Don Howe was also there, and I introduced myself to him. I said that I hoped that there was no ill feeling etc., regarding the stopping of his work for Readers/uhlsport. He said that there was not and anyway he was still involved with uhlsport in Germany.

1st December 1987 10.20

Peterborough phoned to request for Joe Neenan 4 pairs 021 size 9.

2nd December 1987 10.10

Alan Rough, Hibernian, phoned to thank me for sending his son the trousers. I had enclosed a Sukan catalogue and he wanted to buy from Sukan as his wife had opened a sports shop about 3 weeks ago and they were having difficulty in obtaining childrens goalkeepers clothing. I pointed that we are retailers and asked if he had opened an account with Readers. He said they had not, so I suggested that he should.

2nd December 1987 10.30

Brian Parkin, Crewe Alexandra, phoned to request 2 pairs 093 size 9.5. I pointed out that he did not appear to be a contracted player. He agreed but said that over the last couple of years he had just phoned Readers up and they had sent him goods. I pointed out that a great number of keepers had been doing similar and that really far too many gloves had been given away. I said that I would check with Readers. The club phone number is 0270 213014. I did not check the reason, but for most of this season he has not played for Crewe's first team, instead it has been Dean Greygoose on loan from Crystal Palace.

2nd December 1987 1.50

Mark Prudhoe phoned to request some goods to be sent to his home address xx . I said that he was not under contract. he agreed, but had been getting free goods for the last few years since he joined Birmingham from Sunderland. He is now at Walsall, but on loan to Bristol City, with a probability of the move becoming permanent. I said that really all free issue was taken up by goalkeepers under contract, and some cutting back had to take place. He agreed that he would accept paying a discounted price (trade price) for the goods he wants. 3 pairs 015 size 8, 1 pair 572 trousers. £72.61. Bristol City use Bukta kit and he thought that he could probably wear an uhlsport jersey in matches. I said that if he was prepared to buy the gloves and trousers, Readers would supply free of charge a Britsh 518 Silver Grey XL jersey.

2nd December 1987 2.10

Steve Sherwood, Grimsby, phoned to request the following goods 2 pairs 015 size 10 and 1 pair 573 trousers XL.

3rd December 1987 10.55

Peterborough phoned to see if I had received the message on Tuesday. I said yes, but I understood that there was a problem in that there were no stocks of size 9 021 gloves, and hopefully Joe Neenan of the club had been contacted. In case this had not happened, I asked if she could pass the message to him and request an alternative style of gloves.

3rd December 1987 1.45

Mel Rees, Watford, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 9 and 2 pairs 034 size 9.

3rd December 1987 2.20

Jim Leighton, Aberdeen, phoned to return my phone call of last week when I tried to speak to him, but he was out. He said that he was pleased with the photos, and I said that he was to let me know when he was getting low and needed more. He had just come back from Luxembourg, and while there he had been contacted by uhlsport and had signed a 2 year contract to start from when the existing one ends. He was pleased with the goods and service he had received. Henry Smith of Hearts was also in Luxembourg and also signed another contract. I did not ask how much the contract were for. He is pleased with the 015 gloves, but would like to try in size 8.5 some new gloves that he had seen being used in Holland by both the Ajax and Feyenoord keepers. The gloves are black with a pink and purple index finger. The Feyenoord keeper, who Aberdeen played in the U.E.F.A. Cup, said that they were better than the 015. He had received a tracksuit, plus an identical one from Germany, so was going to return one of them for exchange to another style/colour. He gets European football on cable television and said he would try to get a VHS video of some games for me, he has a video but Beetamax.

3rd December 1987 2.35

Mark Kendall, Wolves, phoned to request 2 pairs 021 size 8.5 to be sent to xx .

3rd December 1987 3.00

Bobby Geddes, Dundee, phoned to request 2 pairs 040 size 9. He was not in desperate need yet but in view of possible postal problems decided to request them now.

3rd December 1987 4.00

Graham Benstead, Norwich, phoned to request 2 pairs 015 size 8.5 and a pair 573 XL trousers. The trousers are needed urgently as he will probably be playing in the 6 a side in Manchester early next week. He is now back at Norwich, his loan spell at Colchester having finished.

4th December 1987 10.10

Peterborough phoned regarding the 021 gloves for Joe Neenan. He wants instead 2 pairs 014 size 9 and 2 pairs 015 size 9. I said that 1 pair 084 size 9 and 1 pairs 092 size 9 were already on their way to him with a note. She added that he would still like the 021 as soon as possible, or as soon as they became available in January.

4th December 1987 2.55

John Burridge, Southampton, phoned to request another jersey as the British 518 Silver jersey he has been using is now "worn out". He would like a Silver 500 Large ideally, but I said this was discontinued and may not be available, but would try to send him something suitable. He would also like a large holdall for his personal use.

4th December 1987 4.00

Stuart Naylor, W.B.A., phoned to request some gloves 2 pairs 040 size 9, 2 pairs 093 size 9. He said that in the past a Mr.Williams had called at the club to show him gloves. I asked him about his contract as when we went through the details there was some doubt about it. He said that he had not signed any uhlsport contract, and in fact at the moment he was waiting to hear from Mitre as he understood from Chris Rodman (Aston Villa commercial manager) that they had new gloves and wanted to offer him a deal. When Chris Rodman and Stuart Naylor were both at Lincoln City, Sukan supplied both Stuart Naylor and David Felgate with gloves in return for programme advertising. Did you wish to offer him a contract, he is certainly being talked about as an up and coming goalkeeper.