Peter Stewart, Shoot, phoned to say that they are trying to arrange for Andy Rhodes(below) to travel to Birmingham on 2nd August to collect his SHOOT/uhlsport Goalkeeper of the Year award, and he phoned to check the engraving which he is getting done. I confirmed that uhlsport would be happy to donate another trophy for next season.

24th June 1991 1.20

Bernd phoned me to find out more information regarding Henry Smith as his contract states that if he does not play for 4 months it can be cancelled. I told him that he played the first 23 league games of the season, but did not play the last 13 league games. I said that I would check dates tonight at home.

26th June 1991 10.05

Line 7 phoned to ask me to send some 578 trousers and elbow pads to Peter Shilton. I said that I had some elbow pads but did not stock the 578 trousers. I asked where the goods were to be sent to and she had no information, so I sent 2 pairs 636 Large to Derby County F.C. where I normally send goods, but that is during the season I do not know if he will be going to the club during the close season.

26th June 1991 1.35

Bernd phoned to ask again about Henry Smith, Hearts, and I confirmed his last league game was on 2nd February 1991 and then Nicky Walker played the remaining 13 league games of the season, last one on 11th May 1991. He then asked about Tom Carson, Dundee, who had written to him on 19th June requesting a new contract. I told him that he played in Division 1 (in effect the second division) and from me anyway did not receive many gloves, I would guess about 10 pairs a year. He asked me to send a 2 year goods only contract to him. He had also asked for an uhlsport catalogue, and I said that I could send one but that this tends to make goalkeepers ask for holdalls, tracksuits etc., which are not available in the U.K.

26th June 1991

I wrote to Tom Carson, Dundee, sending him 2 copies of a 2 year goods only contract with a request for him to sign and return one copy to me.

27th June 1991

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

1st July 1991

I received a letter from Scott Thomson, ex Dundee United and now Forfar Athletic, requesting sponsorship.

1st July 1991

I recieved back from Tom Carson, Dundee, a signed 2 year goods only contract.

1st July 1991 10.20-10.21

I phoned Line 7 to speak to Herve, but he was in the warehouse not the office and therefore unavailable but I was told a message would be left for him to phone me back.

1st July 1991 4.27-4.33

As I had not heard from Herve I phoned Line 7 again. I asked if he wanted to offer a contract to Scott Thomson, and he said he would check with David Spensley and let me know. I then asked if he wanted me to send a uhlsport catalogue to Tom Carson, who had requested one, and he agreed it was best not to send one.

2nd July 1991 9.25

Gerry Peyton, Everton, phoned to ask for some gloves and 3 pairs 061 size 10, 3 pairs 036 size 10 were posted to him (No.85). I congratulated him on his transfer from Bournemouth to Everton and hoped that he got a chance in the first team.

2nd July 1991 10.45

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned to request an uhlsport catalogue, and a copy was sent to him (No.86). He also mentioned that Gordon Marshall, Falkirk, was looking for glove sponsorship and had asked him about uhlsport. I said that when I had seen him last season he had sometimes worn uhlsport and sometimes Reusch. Apparently he has been buying his own gloves. He has a hairdressers business, Tel: xxx , or can be contacted at Falkirk. There are a lot of goalkeepers possibly about to change clubs in Scotland and Les kindly said that he would try and keep me informed. He also asked about a one piece suit and I said that as far as I knew uhlsport no longer supplied them but I would check for him.

2nd July 1991

I received back from Alan Knight, Portsmouth, a signed 2 year goods only contract.

2nd July 1991 1.40-1.48

I phoned uhlsport and spoke to Margret as Bernd was in a meeting. I asked if any goods had left for me yet and she said that at the end of this week they hoped to send 019, 043, 061 gloves. At the moment they did not have textiles but hoped to have some so that they could be sent with the gloves. I asked about the 040 gloves outstanding from 8th February and 036 gloves from 14th December. She could not find details so I gave the orders again. I ended by asking about the problems in Yugoslavia possibly effecting supplies, and she said that a few months ago they changed to having the gloves made in Hungary so hopefully there will not be problems.

3rd July 1991 9.35

David Spensley, Line 7, phoned to say that he has not really had chance to assess the situation but asked if I could carry on at the moment doing the same things for Line 7, at least until the end of the year. I said that I would but tried to express my feelings of the present situation not being what I was looking for. I passed on the request for sponsorship from Scott Thomson, and he said no, and also Gordon Marshall. He was interested in goods only for Gordon Marshall and I gave him the phone number. He then asked me about Ian Walker at Tottenham who he felt was going to make it big and would be in the first team during the coming season. I told him that he had been goods only contract when at the F.A. School at Lilleshall, but for the last 2 years after this ended he has bought gloves a couple of times at the special prices, but not enough to cover all his needs. I did not know what he usually wore and did not have his home address.

3rd July 1991

I wrote to Scott Thomson, Forfar, to say that he could not be offered a contract, but could buy at the special prices for league clubs.

3rd July 1991

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

4th July 1991 4.05

John Lukic, Leeds, phoned to order some gloves and 4 pairs 036 size 10, 2 pairs 040 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.87). He said that he was going to sign a new 3 year contract at £xx a year. I asked if when the club have a photo call he could possibly wear the gloves as I am sure that uhlsport would appreciate it, especially as it is not normally done in the U.K. He said he would see what he could do but would not promise anything. I also asked what he thought of the new APG gloves and he said that he did not think very much of them, and certainly he much prefers the 036.<br>