12th August 1991 2.50

Alan Main, Dundee United, phoned for some goods and 1 pair 073 size 10, 2 pairs 040 size 9, 1 only 012 glove bag were sent to him (No.22). He really wanted the 073 in size 9.5 but I have not yet received any so he then asked for size 10.

12th August 1991 5.10

David Spensley phoned to ask me to send some gloves to Steve Ogrizovic of Coventry, to his home address xxx . He did not know the size required so he said he would phone back with the details.

12th August 1991 5.16

David Spensley phoned back and 1 pair 036 size 9.5, 1 pair 040 size 10 were sent to Steve Ogrizovic, Coventry (No.23).

13th August 1991 9.40

Alan Knight, Portsmouth, phoned to request some goods and 3 pairs 036 size 9.5, 3 pairs 040 size 9.5, 1 only 012 glove bag, 1 only cap, 1 only 544 Green XL were sent to him (No.24). I had asked if he had received the 649 jersey and he said yes but preferred the older heavier style 544 so he said that he did not now require the Turquoise 649 previously requested.

13th August 1991 3.00

Theo Snelders, Aberdeen, phoned to ask if I could help him get an answer on a new contract from Germany. He had spoken to Germany about 4 weeks ago and was told that they would get back to him, but so far they had not. I said that I would see what I could do and again took his home number Tel: xxx , to make sure that Germany had the correct number. I asked if he was okay for gloves and he said yes but he would like to try the 076 Gore-tex if I could get a pair.

13th August 1991 4.00

John Lukic, Leeds, phoned to request some training gloves and 4 pairs 040 size 9.5 were sent to him (No.25).

13th August 1991 4.48-4.53

I phoned Line 7, new phone number xxx , to tell David Spensley about Theo Snelders. He said that he certainly wanted to sign him and would contact Bernd to try and get an answer. I gave him Theo's phone number.

14th August 1991 1.50

Guido van den Kamp, Dundee United, phoned to say that the 578 XL sent to him were not big enough, could he have XXL. 1 pair 578 XXL were sent to him (No.26). I asked if he could return the trousers that were too small. He also asked for goods which I told him were not stocked, but I would try to get them for him. 567 Black shorts XL, 043 size 11.

15th August 1991

I bought and sent to Bernd this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

15th August 1991 10.03-10.12

I phoned Bernd to tell him that there was a whole page coverage of the SHOOT/uhlsport Goalkeeper of the Year in this weeks issue of "Shoot", which was being sent to him today. I told him about Theo Snelders asking about a contract, he said he knew about it, but he did not give me an answer as to whether he was going to be offered one. I asked about 543 jerseys outstanding on promotional stock and he said it had been discontinued. I told him that I felt Line 7 could have improved the way they had handled the move of premises. I have received no notification in the post, no mention on their invoices, nothing in the trade press about a move. At this busy time of the year I placed an order at the end of July and to my knowledge they have not yet dealt with it. Would it not have been better to notify people at the beginning of July that they would be closing for 2 weeks at the beginning of August, and therefore please place orders by say July 29th for depatch to take place before they closed? A common courtesy and good business sense. Bernd then told me that since July 1st Jochen Mink Tel: xxxxx had taken over his old job. This was the first I had heard of it from anyone.

15th August 1991 4.00

Michael Watt, Aberdeen, phoned to say that he had received the 043 size 9 gloves and would like 2 more pairs when available. He also asked for a training jersey and 1 only 655 Yellow XL, 2 only 012 glove bags were sent to him (No.27).

15th August 1991 4.05

Jochen Mink phoned to introduce himself and answer my question to Bernd about 543 jerseys. He said they were in stock so I asked for the Yellow and Silver XL ordered on 10th June with Bernd to be sent to me. He said that he will be at E.X.S.L. and we should meet then.

16th August 1991 9.35

John Lukic, Leeds, phoned to ask if I had sent the gloves he had ordered on 13th August. I told him that 4 pairs had been sent to him by First Class post on 14th August.

16th August 1991 12.30

David Spencley phoned to ask if the gloves had been sent to Gordon Marshall. I told him that they had been sent by First Class post (4 pairs) to the address given on 9th August. Apparently they had not been received by Wednesday 14th August.

16th August 1991 1.05

Jochen Mink phoned to say that he was wrongly informed yesterday, they do not have any 543 XL Silver or Yellow jerseys left in stock.

16th August 1991 4.00

Ken Veysey, Oxford, called in and asked about the possibility of a contract.

16th August 1991 4.57-5.10

I phoned David Spensley to ask about Ken Veysey. After giving him some background on the player it was decided to carry on with the present situation and not offer him a contract. We then discussed the current advert running in "Shoot", and I said that I felt that to show a photograph of Peter Shilton with his gloves having tape over the uhlsport logo was not the best way to publicise the brand.

19th August 1991 12.20

Les Fridge, St.Mirren, phoned for some goods and 2 pairs 073 size 9, 2 pairs 036 size 9, 1 only 010 glove bag were sent to him (No.28).

20th August 1991 2.45

Mr.Bouska phoned on behalf of Pavel Srnicek, Newcastle, to say that he had a 1989-90 uhlsport catalogue and could he try in size 11 styles 083, 025, 092, 024 gloves. I told him that all of these styles are now discontinued but I would send him a current catalogue (No.29) and mark on it which gloves are in the Line 7 range for him to choose from.

20th August 1991 4.55

David Spensley phoned to say that he had spoken to Jerome Anderson Agency and would I send some gloves to Ian Walker, Tottenham. 1 pair 036 size 9, 1 pair 040 size 9 were sent to him (No.30).