23rd September 1991 9.12-9.19

I phoned Jochen to order some promotional goods, 1 only 5413 XL, 48 pairs 376 Black, 15 only 649 Orange, 11 only 649 Blackberry, 36 pairs 566, 12 pairs 568, 20 pairs 578, 15 pairs 040, 8 pairs 073, 32 pairs 071, 45 pairs 036, 46 pairs 060, 25 pairs 043.

23rd September 1991 1.40

Gerry Peyton, Everton, phoned to order a pair of trousers and some training gloves. 1 pair 578 XL, 2 pairs 040 size 10 were posted to him (No.53). He said that he would be returning a pair of 578 trousers as although the outer packet said XL, the trousers inside were Medium. He also asked if I had any contacts in the U.S.A. as he would like to get involved in some goalkeeping coaching over there. I said that I didn't personally, but I subscribed to "Soccer America" magazine and would send him some addresses of people who advertise in there, although I had no personal knowledge of any of them.

23rd September 1991 5.01-5.04

As I had not heard back from Herve, I phoned him regarding Gordon Marshall, Celtic. He said that he was being offered a contract through their Scottish agent Alex McGrouther. I told him that 4 assorted pairs of the best gloves had been sent to him in August, and if he still wants a choice then we would really be getting down to the not so good gloves. I suggested that as the rep would be seeing him with the contract perhaps he could show him his sample gloves to find out what he wants.

24th September 11991 4.10

Dundee United phoned to order a whole list of goods for Alan Main, 681 XL, 419 XL, 418 XL, 543 Yellow XL, 2 pairs 076 size 9, 2 pairs 036 size 9, 2 pairs 053 size 9, 013, 016, 558 XL. I told her that most of these items were not available in the U.K. and all I could send was 2 pairs 036 size 9 (No.54). She then gave me a similar list for Guido van der Kamp 5416 XL, 5454 XL, 5453 XL, 5547 XL, 5567 XL, 2 pairs 061 size 10.5, 2 pairs 043 size 10.5, 4014. I told her that none of these were available. The only pair of 061 size 10.5 that I had, I had sent to him on 19th September, while he had asked me for the 567 XL Black and 043 size 11 (whole sizes only) on 14th August. I had in turn ordered them from Line 7 but had heard nothing from Line 7 about a delivery date.

24th September 1991 5.00-5.04

I phoned Herve to ask if he was ready with details of outstanding orders as this would give me an answer on the 567 and 043 for Guide van der Kamp. He said that Marie was doing it, and she said she would be ready in 30 minutes. I said that I would have gone home by then so could she phone first thing in the morning.

25th September 1991 10.54-10.55

I phoned Marie as I had still not heard from her about the outstanding orders. She told me that she was still awaiting information from both France and Germany, who were at lunch (?). She said she would phone me when she had the information.

25th September 1991

I bought and sent to Jochen this weeks issues of "Shoot" and "Match".

25th September 1991

I wrote to Gerry Peyton, Everton, to give him the address of Joe Machnik and his goalkeeping courses in the U.S.A., in response to his enquiry of 23rd September. I also passed on what other information I could, but as Joe Machnik was supported by uhlsport I thought this would be the best to contact initially.

26th September 1991 4.40

Michael Watt, Aberdeen, phoned to see if I had any 043 size 9 yet. I said I did not and I had been trying all this week to get a delivery date from Line 7, but was still waiting for this information. He then asked me to send 2 pairs 043 size 10 to him (No.55) as he could get by with this size although size 9 is better.

27th September 1991 9.19-9.37

I phoned Jochen to ask if he could possibly send the promotional goods I ordered on Monday quickly because with Line 7 I do not know when I will get supplies. I told him that since Monday I have been trying to get an answer as to when I can expect delivery of outstanding orders, but so far no answer. I also informed him of the situation when I ordered 8 pairs 073 size 9, but although they had some in stock they would not send them to me because it would have meant that they had none left in case other customers wanted some. My order was sent to France for them to deal with. Jochen then asked about Steve Ogrizovic and Ian Walker. I said that Ogrizovic was probably only worth goods not money, whereas Walker looks at the present as though he may have a good future and if any funds are available he would be the best bet of the two.

27th September 1991 11.28-11.31

I phoned Line 7 and there was still no news from France. Because of this I asked her to pass on to David Spensley the request from Gordon Marshall, Celtic, which reached me last Friday, for a selection of gloves and clothing. I had suggested that the rep/agent Alex McGrouther contacted him to sort out what was wanted, Gordon's phone number xx . As I cannot get answers on when stock will be available there is nothing sensible that I can tell Gordon Marshall myself.

1st October 1991 9.20

Peter Shilton, Derby, phoned to ask if I could send him some shinguards. I said that I did not deal in them but would pass on his request to Line 7. He said that he had been using Air Safe but was looking for something a bit stronger. Could he have 2 or 3 pairs to try out as soon as possible.

1st October 1991 9.23-9.59

I phoned David Spensley to pass on Peter Shilton's request for shinpads. He asked me about the number of complaints received about faulty goods as to him it looked like a problem, because generally uhlsport will not credit or replace, but Line 7 seem to get too high a percentage from the shops. I told him that for us it was not a serious problem, as all goods are checked before being sold which sorts out some problems before they happen and also in our catalogue we point out that they are not long lasting or guaranteed and re-enforce this when asked on the phone for advice as to which gloves to choose. We then talked in general about the various problems that they have, or that I think they have, and again offered as a part solution the production and distribution of a goalkeepers magazine/catalogue. I do not wish to get involved in educating the shops, my competitors, but I think that I could help educate and inform the end consumers, the goalkeepers, which would be to everybodys advantage including the shops. I also said that I had passed the request from Gordon Marshall, Celtic, back to Line 7 because I could not deal with it or get an answer.