Uhlsport 034
Year of Release: 1980/81


One of the most iconic gloves of all time. Worn by just about every goallkeeper that could. Compared to many of todays gloves, it was pretty basic but was one of the first gloves to feature an elasticated/velcro closure. If you were goalkeeping in the early 1980's, this was the glove to have.


Selsport Wrappa
Year of Release: 1998


The glove was an iconic glove from the start and is still going strong. It is a glove that Selsport really is known for, and i'm sure there are few keepers who haven't had a wrappa glove over time. Shows that companies don't always have to play around with designs if something is successful.


Reusch Pro-Arrow
Year of Release: 1996


An icon worn by over half the keepers at Euro 96 including Kopke, Schmeichel, Lama, Seaman, Kouba and Zubizarreta. Possibly the most dynamic looking glove ever and a great example of how less can be more in terms of design.


Umbro Speciali
Year of Release: 2009/2010


A completely novel glove in terms of materials, cut, design and feel.

The speciali with it's all neoprene backhand, which maybe compromised on protection but made the glove really fasten itself to your hand. With a negative thumb and a semi-roll finger cut. Moulded palm complete with 'air holes' for ventilation. This really was a whole host of modern technologies all thrown into one showing the advancement made in goalkeeping gloves over the years.

Most important of all it's performance and durability in nearly all weathers was superb. Umbro's best ever glove by an absolute distance.


Adidas Fingertip
Year of Release:  1996


Everyone  seems to remember Adidas Fingersaves for really putting Adidas on the glove map in the mid 1990's but the Fingertip is by far and away one of the most popular roll finger gloves ever produced. The first glove that I know of to use the tipped fingers and thumb. A new version of the gloves pretty much each year since about 1999-2000 but I still maintain the originals were by far and away he most comfortable and reliable. Besides the simple black and white back hand was also very stylish, and looked good without being flashy.



Uhlsport 036
Year of Release: 1989/90


So many keepers of the time wore these.



Resuch World Keeper
Year of Release: 1998


Iconic Glove.  Worn by many keepers at the World Cup and was one of the first recognizable gloves with Internal Latex...and it had the "Arrow".



Adidas Fingersave
Year of Release: 1996
This was the biggest innovation in gloves and ushered in a whole new era (whether you wear FS or not).
Many many versions since the original in 1996, and many many companies taking a que and creating their own versions of fingersave spines.



Nike Vapour Grip 3

Year of Release:


Have been one of the most popular gloves of recent seasons and brought something new to the glove market with the rolled index pinky and thumb.



Uhlsport APG (060)

Year of Release: 1990


This was the glove that started the revolution in going beyond SS foam.  Incredibly tacky and yes it had the plastic to peal off (but it did show/tell you how).  Updates to the backhand and closure kept this glove at the top for a few years.



Reusch 026 International

Year of Release: 1989


First roll finger/wrapped finger glove



Sukan/Reusch 124

Year of Release: 1979


This was in the first range of the Sukan Sports story. This glove was worn by many a top keeper during its day and today still looks like a glove you would want to purchase. Even comes with its own thread on the TGB and not many gloves get this sort of treatment.