My name is Dave Holmes, and in 1979 Phil Parkes and myself started Sukan Sports, a specialist mail order company selling goalkeepers products. We were one of the first to do this and therefore in many ways had to make up the rules as we went along without the benefit of learning from other peoples’ experience.

I was always looking at various ways that would benefit Sukan Sports, and therefore myself, and through my contact with various goalkeepers learnt that many were unhappy with the service they received from Uhlsport's U.K. distributors, Alfred Reader & Company. Reader's were not really set up to cater for the goalkeeper's requirements, so it was agreed that I should act on their and Uhlsport's behalf to try and improve matters.

This started in the summer of 1987 and ended in December 1991, by which time the French company Ligne 7 were the U.K. distributors. I kept a diary of the work that I did for them, not only to have a record that I could refer to but also to send copies of it both to Uhlsport in Germany and the U.K. distributors, so they could see what I was doing.

It was in many ways a frustrating experience, but useful to me and Sukan Sports in various ways, and I hope that the goalkeeper's also benefited from a better and more informed service, although it still fell below the standard that I would have liked to have given.

For those old enough to remember those days I hope that it will bring back some memories, and for those who do not know Sukan Sports stopped trading in 1995 when with the changing circumstances we decided that it was no longer viable financially and I went looking for a real job.