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How much would you pay (2013)?

This is now version 3.0 of this poll and as new 2013/14 gloves are being released at the moment, a good time to guage opinion. A few gloves now over the £100 mark but still a number of great quality gloves for £25 to £40. How much glove money are you willing to spend on a new glove this year? (note that the pound/US dollar conversion rate is pretty rough)
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  • The Monk1875
    The Monk1875 I voted at £50 and if im honest i would be far more likely to spend £30 on last years model, But to answer the question as its written the level i play at and the surfaces i play on mean any more than £50 would be a sign of insanity :-) or that i earn WAY too much
    February 16, 2013 - 3 like this