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Jimmy Rimmer Interview for, December 2013

Who was your goalkeeping hero growing up?

My goalkeeping hero was Bert Trautmann

I always thought you should have won more England caps but you played in a time when England goalkeeping was very strong. Were you disappointed you did not win more caps?

Yes I was disappointed but with the two best goal keepers ever I didn't have much chance.

Was it always planned in advance for you to be substituted by Joe Corrigan at half-time on your England debut so that you would both get your first caps, or did the change come as a surprise to you?

No it was a big surprise to me.

What do you think of the standard of English goalkeeping today?

There were much better keepers in my day

Many people would have memories of you carrying a huge amount of gloves with you when you played. Was that because at the time, there were so many different type palms for different conditions on gloves?

Yes I had a few pairs of gloves as it depended on the ball and the weather. It was different then as you only play with one ball now.

What gloves did you wear as a youngster at Manchester United?

I wore cotton gloves as a youngster.

How did you become aware of uhlsport gloves and did you contact them first or did they approach you to see if you were interested?

Uhlsport contacted me first to see if I was interested.

You got a lot of publicity with the gloves, was that through you contacting newspapers, magazines, or through Reader's (Uhlsport UK agents) arranging it, and did you have an agent looking after your interests or do it all yourself?

They contacted me and I went to Germany many times to promote the gloves.

Were you involved in contacting other professionals about uhlsport gloves, or did any of them contact you after they saw you wearing them?

Alot of other goalkeepers at this time contacted me about Uhlsport gloves.

Were you involved with the design and development of new products with uhlsport. Did you ever go to Germany to meet them and see the various materials and how the gloves were made?

Yes I was involved with the design and would have to test out different materials.

Photographs of you in match action appeared in the football magazines, when the gloves looked like uhlsport but on closer examination were other brands that had been adapted by removing some features and replacing them with genuine uhlsport logos. Were you just trying out other gloves in match conditions in case you could find something better or more suitable for your requirements?

It was a Uhlsport glove that I wore but with a toweling palm for wet weather.

You were known for carrying a lot of gloves on to the field, would you often change styles during a match?

I had to test out alot of different materials with different balls.

You became identified with the plain bright green uhlsport jersey, which had to be different from uhlsport's normal 2 coloured designs to comply with Football League rules.

The jerseys had to be one colour green in those days.

You also appeared in a darker green jersey with an open V neck and flap collars with "J R" letters transferred on to the front and no other manufacturers logo, was this related to your sports shop?

Yes, I had my name embroiled myself

Did your relationship with Reader's/uhlsport work well and how long were you contracted to them?

I had a good relationship with Uhlsport, they would look after me and I the same to them.

Roughly how many pairs of gloves would you use during a season, and if you had to choose your all time favourite glove, which would it be?

I roughly went through 42 pairs a year and would have to say the sponge palms ones were my favourite

What was goalkeeper training like when you were playing?

I was one of the first goalkeepers to have a goalkeeping coach in Harry Gregg

What was the best game you ever played in?

My favourite game would have to be Liverpool vs Villa in 1981. The score was 0 - 0

"The Times" 21st September 1981

Liverpool v Aston Villa 19th September 1981