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Remember when the best part of the week was rushing to the newsagents to pick up a copy of Shoot or Match Weekly, and opening up to see your favourite goalkeeper in glorious colour, or reading what his favourite TV program was in Focus On, or seeing that Sukan Sports have got a new advert for a new range of gloves. Well we are taking a trip down memory lane to bring you some classic goalkeeping articles, photographs and adverts for you to enjoy. Many thanks to Dave and Robbie for their help. Enjoy. The Vault.

A classic example of how a (European) goalkeeper can promote a brand and earn some of the contract money he receives (World Soccer 1991)

the English equivalent (World Soccer 1991)

and the Germans (1991)

Alan Knight (1984)

World Soccer 1992

Who am I?

Everton v Chelsea Programme. 22nd December 1984

Leicester v Chesterfield Programme, 16th September 1998

David Seaman (1986)

Sukan Sports Advertisement (1981/82)